Chapter 1329 - The Outside’s Request

One of heavens’ two chosen emperors. 


When Han Nan said this, Ye Zichen’s eyes glinted sharply, and his hands dug uncomfortably into his thighs.


“Mayor Han, I’m afraid I don’t know what you’re talking about. The heavens’ chosen emperors? What does that mean?” 


He was playing dumb. This was all Ye Zichen could do at the moment. His status as one of the two chosen emperors was his greatest secret.


He couldn’t let the cat out of the bag just because the other party had guessed his status.


“Surely you know this already? The two chosen emperors are the two who illuminated the Emperor Star. This generally happens once per era, but your era is rather strange. It’s already happened three times.” Han Nan was nothing but smiles. He continued, “The last chosen one was the Five Elements Great Emperor, but he was unlucky. Or rather, he was too arrogant; he let Zhou Wu seize his imperial destiny and become the current God Emperor. Otherwise, he’d be the God Emperor right now.”


“But it’s a pity. The heavens didn’t choose Zhou Wu. Even though he stole the Five Elements Great Emperor’s fortune, he can’t become the ruler of the stars or take that final step. As such, the Emperor Star lit up once more. Yet this time, it chose two people. Ultimately, only one of you will become the true chosen emperor.”


Ye Zichen’s hands were already starting to tremble. Han Nan knew too much. He even knew about Zhou Wu usurping the Five Elements Great Emperor’s imperial fortune.


“What are you trying to say?” Ye Zichen’s breathing was ragged. He stared straight ahead at the pleasantly smiling Han Nan.


“Little Friend, this time, you are one of the heavens’ two chosen emperors!” Han Nan’s eyes glinted. This only lasted an instant, but Ye Zichen still noticed.



He pressed off against the ground, shoving his swivel chair several meters back.


The wheels left a black streak on the floor, which was obvious against the marble floors.


He then rose to his feet, his gaze solemn and his muscles tense.


When he saw how intense Ye Zichen’s reaction was, Han Yan couldn’t help but grimace. “Please, relax a little. We mean you no harm.”


“Fine. Since you mean me no harm, please send me home,” growled Ye Zichen. He turned to Yang Jian. “Take me home.”


The Outsiders said they meant him no harm, but he had no way to know for sure. However, he did know that they knew of his celestial fate. Staying here seemed far too dangerous.


Even more unbearably, in this place, he wasn’t even strong enough to protect himself. 


“Yang Jian, take me home!” Ye Zichen shouted, his chest heaving violently.


Yang Jian didn’t understand what was going on. They were chatting perfectly nicely just a few minutes ago. Why was Ye Zichen freaking out all of a sudden?  He instinctively looked between Han Nan and Ye Zichen. Ye Zichen could tell his friend was hesitating.


“Fine, I’ll just leave on my own.” Ye Zichen rose to his feet, but before he could go anyway, the elegant office transformed into an iron cage.


Ye Zichen was pressed back into his chair, and manacles wrapped themselves around his arms and legs.


And Han Nan now seemed like an emotionless judge, staring down in preparation to sense him. Yang Jian had completely disappeared.


“Little friend, please calm down,” said Han Nan. Ye Zichen tried to struggle, but couldn’t budge his shackles in the slightest.


“Mayor Han, what do you mean by this?,” said Ye Zichen, his gaze landing on his shackles. “You said you had something to ask of me? Is this how you ask for things?” 


“Then do you think we ought to get on our knees and beg you? Don’t forget, this is the Outside! I’m only doing this to get you to cool your jets,” said Han Nan. “Let me know one you’ve calmed down and I’ll naturally release you.”


The situation was obvious. Han Nan was trying to say that this was the Outside. Even if we’re the ones asking for help, we’re still the Outsiders, the only faction to transcend the Laws. He was using his actions to tell Ye Zichen, “You’d best behave yourself.”


As expected, they were domineering.


Ye Zichen understood his situation. He internally warned himself. This is the Outside! Even if I don’t like it, I’m just a sky supreme. He could kill me without so much as breaking a sweat.


“Release me!” After a lengthy silence, Ye Zichen cried out.


“Have you calmed down yet?” asked Han Nan?


“Yes. Release me.” When he took in Ye Zichen’s expression, Han Yan clapped his hands, and the cage disappeared, replaced by the same office as before. Ye Zichen sat back down in his chair.


“I’m sorry, Little Friend Ye, but I had no choice. I hope you can forgive me,” said Han Nan with an apologetic smile.


Just how empty was that smile? Ye Zichen was no longer in the mood to consider it, though. He leaned into his chair, sighed, and licked his lips. “Go on then, say it? Why exactly did you bring me here? What do you want me to help you with? Let me say it up front, though: if it’s overly dangerous, I won’t do it. I treasure my life, sometimes a bit too much. If you hope to force me to do something against my will, you might as well just kill me.”


He had to be clear.


Even though Ye Zichen knew his strength was nothing in the Outside, and that in front of Han Nan, he was practically an ant… well, even ants had their dignity. And gaps in power aside, Ye Zichen had never thought of himself as an ant anyway.


He could lend a hand, but if they asked for something excessive, like handing over his celestial fate, was he supposed to just smile and hand it over?


If he had to do something so pathetic just to survive, there was no point living on. It would be better to die.


Han Nan took in Ye Zichen’s gaze and seemed to realize that their guest was prepared to die if need be. “Such strong words. You’re too serious.”


He drummed the desk in an attempt to alleviate the tense atmosphere, then smiled. “I naturally won’t force you to do anything dangerous, nor will I meddle in your affairs. Actually, my request should be nothing but a walk in the park for you.”


“A walk in the park?” Ye Zichen furrowed his brows. If it were really that simple, why not ask directly? Why go in so many circles? Why resort to threats?


“Of course. For you, at least, it’ll be a walk in the park.” Han Nan repeated in response to Ye Zichen’s questions.


Seeing how certain the mayor was, Ye Zichen couldn’t help but wonder what exactly the mayor wanted to ask.


“Then go ahead and say it. If it’s really as simple as you say, I naturally won’t refuse.”


“It’s simple. We request that…. You lend the Outside a hand, and let us survive until the next great era.” 

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