Chapter 1326 - The More You Think About it, the Scarier it is

Yang Jian coughed, and the Howling Celestial Dog wagged its tail and ran up to his side, looking quite concerned.


Ye Zichen put down his iced soda and pounded Yang Jian on the back. “You okay?”


“I’m fine.” Yang Jian shook his head and rasped, “I was just thinking about that monkey. He must be out of his mind by now! I couldn’t help but laugh, but then I choked on my soda.”  

After a few more coughs, Yang Jian seemed to feel better. He took a few sips of his drink.


When he saw that Ye Zichen had so much as to open his sodas, Yang Jian couldn’t help but ask, “Why aren’t you drinking?”


“I don’t really want to.”


Although Ye Zichen’s Modern Realm was still sealed in ice, the Heavenly Court had already started producing products from the Modern Realm en masse. Naturally, he could go through the Red Packet Server and have them send him anything he wanted.


But he was rather curious as to how Yang Jian had gotten his hands on soda. After all, Yang Jian had only just found out about their new extended network.


Who exactly had sent him coca cola? Where had he gotten it?


Ye Zichen wanted to ask, but he was even more curious about the Supreme Treasure.


“What is that treasure you mentioned to the Great Sage? Why did he get so agitated about it?”


“You don’t know, huh?” said Yang Jian, feigning an elegant air. He leaned into his chair and laughed, “It’s a treasure from before his Journey to the West with Xuanzang. Let me tell you, it’s a shocking tale!”


Yang Jian’s expression seemed to say, “You want to know? I can tell you, then.”


Ye Zichen, however, simply narrowed his eyes. 


He’d heard of the Journey to the West’s Supreme Treasure, or rather, the Supreme Treasure in the events leading up to it. That was a tale of love and hate with the Fairy Zixia. 


Looking at Yang Jian’s face and his eagerness to gossip, Ye Zichen was stunned. “You didn’t run into Fairy Zixia, did you?”


Yang Jian’s smile instantly froze, replaced with intense disbelief. “How do you know about that? Then do you know about the Supreme Treasure too?”


“No way! I was just guessing randomly. Was I actually right?”


“You’re right, although I didn’t actually meet Zixia. I just heard a bit of news regarding her. That monkey must have understood that too, otherwise, why would he freak out like that?” Yang Jian nodded.


Zixia really did exist!


Ye Zichen blinked. He didn’t quite have the words to describe his emotions. To tell the truth, before he first joined the Red Packet Server, he was a die-hard atheist. 


He’d always thought classics like “The Journey to the West” were mere fabrications. At least, that’s what he’d thought until he first encountered immortals and gods.


Now he believed it!


Still, he’d assumed that even if Sun Wukong really existed, much of the Journey to the West had to be fiction. He’d thought that Zixia, at least, wasn’t real. 


He had no choice but to believe it! She existed too!


He felt a sudden, inexplicable panic. Why were all of these seemingly ludicrous fairy tales and myths real, down to the letter? Whether it was the characters or the events, all of them were absolutely real.


The only possibility was that someone who knew about them described the events to others, who wrote them down.


“If that’s true, that’s a bit scary, isn’t it?” Ye Zichen rubbed his lips, his eyes full of shock. 


He hadn’t realized this before, but the more he thought about it, the scarier it seemed. If all of these ancient legends were real, someone must have intentionally revealed them to the public.


He didn’t want to think about this anymore. If he did, he knew he’d have trouble sleeping at night.


Yang Jian’s cell phone buzzed non-stop. Ye Zichen couldn’t help but point to it. “Are you sure you want to just ignore the Great Sage? I’m sure you know his temper.”


“Am I afraid of him? I’m the special emissary of the Outside! That monkey whaled on me many a time. Now, I’m going to ignore him for a bit and make him reflect on his actions,” snorted Yang Jian.


“Alright then.” The two of them were old rivals, so Ye Zichen didn’t want to get between them.


At that moment, Yang Jian’s medallion flashed. Yang Jian looked at it and frowned. “They won’t even give me time to catch up with an old friend.”


He tossed the medallion into the air, then rose to his feet. “Let’s go!”  

Ye Zichen said nothing. He simply looked at Yang Jian in confusion.


“The people of the Outside want to meet you. I actually came here to bring you to see them at their request,” said Yang Jian.


“They want to see me?” Ye Zichen said in astonishment.


He’d never met anyone from the Outside, had he? Why would they come looking for him out of the blue?


He’d heard that the Outsiders were the only faction to have truly transcended the Laws. Based on the way the God, Yao, and Demon Emperors had treated Yang Jian, even the overlords of their respective realms treated the Emissary with respect, calling him “Brother.”


From this, it was obvious how high the Outside’s status was.


Why would such a faction come looking for him? He wasn’t even a diviner yet!


“Don’t look at me like that. I don’t know what they want with you either,” said Yang Jian.


“Can I refuse?” asked Ye Zichen.


“What do you think?” Yang Jian asked in return.


When he heard that, Ye Zichen gave up any thoughts of resisting. Even people like the God Emperor feared the Outside. If they wanted to see him, there was nothing he could do about it. 


“But I can guarantee that they won’t hurt you even if I don’t know why they want to see you,” said Yang Jian, picking up on Ye Zichen’s anxiety.


Ye Zichen didn’t trust the Outside, but he had absolute faith in Yang Jian.


Yang Jian had said all that, so there was no need for Ye Zichen to hesitate. He nodded. “Let’s go, then.”


A chaotic void.


Yang Jian led Ye Zichen by shoulder into this chaotic space.


There were nothing but black holes as far as the eye could see. 


They’d only just arrived, but Ye Zichen had already seen hundreds of black holes. He’d even watched one larger black hole swallow up a smaller one.


Fortunately, with Yang Jian’s protection, Ye Zichen didn’t sense any suction at all.


“Are we here?”  Ye Zichen looked around and couldn’t help but ask.


Yang Jian shook his head, his expression suddenly serious. He pounded Ye Zichen’s shoulders and said gravely, “We’ll reach the Outside soon. I stopped here because there’s something I should warn you about first.”


“Go on!”


Yang Jian wanted to talk, but paused, his eyes full of hesitation. After a while, he sighed, then continued, “When you get to the Outside, what you see might confuse you, shock you, or even make you feel like your worldview is crumbling around you. I hope that you can keep a hold of yourself. The first time I visited, I was bewildered too. That’s why I’d like to warn you in advance so that you can mentally prepare yourself.”


“What are you talking about?”


“What I’m saying is, prepare yourself. As for what exactly I’m talking about, you’ll find out soon!”

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