Chapter 132 Method of Revival

When Ye Zichen snuck back in to the mansion, since it was already really late, the lights in the living room were all turned off.

At that moment, a ghastly green light shone out from the darkness.

“You’re trying to scare me, aren’t you? Turn off your lighting effects.”


The green light in the darkness was stunned for a moment, then disappeared, while Ye Zichen turned on the living room lights.

“Why aren’t you sleeping properly in the middle of the night, and instead wandering around? If it wasn’t because I’m rather strong mentally, I would have been scared to death by you.”

Lil’ White smiled, revealing it’s little dog teeth, then wagged its tail and started to rub itself against Ye Zichen.

“Isn’t it just because I’m worried that a thief broke into our home!”

“Sure, you’re pretty vigilant. But how did you do those special effects just now, show me.”

“This isn’t special effects, it’s scanning eyes!”

Lil’ White wagged its tail proudly, while a green light emitted from its eyes once more.

“Oh wow!”

Ye Zichen smiled.

This is really pretty interesting.

Not long later, Lil’ White turned off its scanning eyes. Ye Zichen sat onto the sofa with his legs crossed, while Lil’ White ran over happily.

“Boss, how is it?”

“It looks pretty cool, but how useful is it?”

“Our scanning eyes have tons of functions…”

“Do tell,” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows in interest.

Lil White frowned for a while…

“I’m not too sure either!”


Ye Zichen raised his hand and slapped Lil’ White’s head.

I knew it, this dog was just a money-losing thing.

“Boss, why did you hit me again?”

Lil’ White revealed a troubled expression.

Ye Zichen sighed helplessly and said, “The heck kinda use is it for you to develop these useless skills. It feels rather amazing, but aren’t actually useful.”

“Isn’t it because I’m still young!”

“Whatever, go stay in the side.”

Ye Zichen sent Lil’ White away in annoyance. Then took out his phone and leaned on the sofa as he found King Chujiang.

“King Chujiang!”

When King Chujiang, who was listening to music in the second hall of the Underworld, saw this, he was shocked.

Why did this master find me?

Could he have more requests for the Underworld? Or did this master come to cause trouble…

All of a sudden, that Yama thought about a lot of things.

“King Chujiang!”

Another message appeared on the screen, causing King Chujiang to gulp and send the music player in the hall away. He held his phone for a long time, then finally replied.


“I thought you were asleep.”

King Chujiang blanked out for quite a while when he saw this message. How could they, the Ten Yama Kings, find time to sleep. Wandering ghosts would come every day, and they have to judge causes as well as give orders, so they were always short on time.

But how would he dare to retort against that master’s words.

“I’m not sleeping. I wonder what orders do you have for me?”

This time, Ye Zichen was shocked. No matter what, this was one of the Ten Yama Kings of the Underworld, why was he so respectful?

But since he was like that, then so be it, the heck does it have to do with Ye Zichen.

“There aren’t any orders, I just wanted to tell you that you should tell me the method of revival, and send me those merits.”

Although Ye Zichen didn’t know what the merits would be useful for later on, they were definitely going to be useful.

“Sure, I’ll immediately send you the merits.”


King Chujiang sent a red packet over, which Ye Zichen clicked on.

You received King Chugiang’s red packet.

Heaven and Earth merits x10000.

Your official position in the Underworld has been promoted. Current position: Level 4 Ghost Servant.

His position in the Underworld was promoted again.

Ye Zichen ignored this. He immediately replied after receiving the red packet.

“Method of revival.”

“The method of revival for a person, who died before their time, isn’t hard, nor is it simple.”

“Tell me about the main points.”


King Chujiang wiped away the cold sweat on his forehead within the Underworld. This master was truly impatient.

“If you want to revive someone who died before their time, you need a Nine Heart Lotus Root, a thousand year Dragon Eye as well as the Holy Water of Yiyuan. At the same time, those ingredients need to be used with the Celestial Leveled Pill, the Three Striped Soul-Clearing Heaven-Returning Pill within the Reincarnation Pool inside the sixth hall of the Underworld.”

Hearing that, Ye Zichen immediately noted down everything and searched the Treasure Shop.

No Nine Heart Lotus Root.

No Thousand Year Dragon Eye.

No Holy Water of Yiyuan.

Most importantly, he needed to go to the Underworld for revival.

This is essentially the same as not telling him. Could a mere mortal like him go to the Underworld?

“King Chujiang, are you messing with this sovereign!?”

Cold sweat instantly flowed down King Chujiang’s face within the Underworld.

“No, everything I said was the truth.”

“Sure, then tell me, how is a mortal like this sovereign supposed to go to the Underworld?”

“That’s no problem, if you collect all the necessary items, then I can help you open the pathway between the mortal realm and the Underworld.”

Ye Zichen got a lot less angry after seeing this message.

Since King Chujiang could open the path, it means that it was possible.

But lotus, holy water…

“Tell this sovereign where you’re supposed to get stuff like Nine Heart Lotus Roots and Holy Water of Yiyuan.”

“Immortal Lady He of the Heavenly Court should have a Nine Heart Lotus Root, the Thousand Year Dragon Eye is the eye of a dragon with a thousand year of cultivation. Old Lord Taishang of the Heavenly Court should have the pill, as for the Holy Water of Yiyuan…”

“What about the Holy Water of Yiyuan?”

King Chujiang, who was sitting on his throne, licked his lips. You couldn’t find this Holy Water of Yiyuan at all.

But from the looks of the master, he seems to be determined on reviving a person who died before their time.

If he said it…

“This sovereign is asking you a question!”

F*ck, stop hurrying me.

King Chujiang shouted in his heart, then clenched his teeth.

“Holy Water of Yiyuan can be gotten from soaking the Soul Pearl Yiyuan within the rootless water [1] outside of the Moon Palace for forty-nine days.”

Soul Pearl Yiyuan.

“King Chujiang, tell me, are there still any Soul Pearl Yiyuan in this world!”


Cold sweat instantly flowed down from King Chujiang’s forehead. He knew that this master definitely knew about the information on Soul Pearl Yiyuan.

“Master, what I said were the truth. However, it isn’t impossible to find Soul Pearl Yiyuan.”

“Then tell me how would you find it!”

“Soul Pearl Yiyuan was in the four seas and both the place of extreme north as well as the burning hells of our Underworld, you can try…”

King Chujiang didn’t dare to say anymore.

F*ck, even he didn’t believe that they could be found.

Ignoring the four seas, just how were they supposed to find that fragment in such a large place like the place of extreme north.

However, Ye Zichen reacted differently when he saw the message.

The Underworld had a fragment as well.

Ye Zichen opened his Treasure Chest of his WeChat. He had five fragments of Soul Pearl Yiyuan, the only piece he lacked was the Underworld’s piece.

“You said that your Underworld has a fragment as well.”

This master can’t be wanting it, right?

To be honest, King Chujiang didn’t want to give it either.

Even if it was just a fragment of Soul Pearl Yiyuan, it was an unmeasurable treasure. What’s more, the fragment wasn’t in the hands of them, the Ten Yama Kings.

“Our Underworld does have one.”

“Give it to me.”

Ye Zichen finally felt what it was like to be a bandit by directly asking for it!

King Chujiang cried.

“It isn’t in my hands.”

“Then who is it with!”

Ye Zichen’s mood was a bit bad. This King Chujiang kept on giving him hope, then disappointing him. Was he trying to hurt him!

“It’s with Ksitigarbha…”

“Sure, go and ask Ksitigarbha for that fragment for me. If you don’t manage it…”

Ye Zichen sent a row of emojis with a bloodied knife.

“Do as you see fit.”

  1. Rootless water (无根水/无根之水) is a term used to refer to rainwater that has not yet fallen to the ground

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