Chapter 1316 - The Domineering Xuan Ji

The rosy light came out of nowhere, so no one noticed it until it was right over their heads.


It bore down on the demon god relentlessly, trapping his purple smog and reducing its area. At the same time, it reduced the pressure on the god race elites.


“Lady Providence.”


When the gods saw who had arrived, they knelt just like the demons had when they first saw the demon god.


“Greetings, Lady Providence.” 


The one above the rosy light was none other than the Profound Pavilion’s Lady Providence.


She stretched lazily, as if she were only half awake, and yawned repeatedly. 


One of her hands lifted the kneeling crowd to their feet. They didn’t know when it had gotten there, but there was suddenly a divine fruit in her other hand. She opened her mouth and took a bite, her eyes full of disdain. A playful grin tugged at her lips as she looked at the Demon God. “You demons are awfully thick, huh? You came all this way to the God Realm’s capital city. Didn’t you know my Profound Pavilion was here too?” 


Based on her words and tone, it was clear she’d fought with this Demon God before. Moreover, she’d won, too.


He was a glorious Demon God, yet to Xuan Ji, he was nothing. She indifferently took another bite of her fruit, then glanced at the Demon God’s nether regions.


Within the purple smoke, the man’s pupils constricted, and he instinctively clenched up.


This was a dark shadow over his life. Back then, Xuan Ji had kicked him right between the legs so hard, that part of him almost lost its function permanently. Despite his status and cultivation, it had taken hundreds of years to fully restore his “vital root.”


Xuan Ji noticed the gesture, and sneered despite herself. “At least your memory is still working, but who exactly do you think you’re trying to intimidate? Do you dare oppose me? Is it that your injury has recovered, so you want me to give you a new one?”


The Demon God dared not delay even a second. He obediently withdrew his cloud of purple smog.


Both demons and gods quivered, full of newfound respect and awe for Xuan Ji. 

 A single rebuke was enough to terrify a Demon God into submission. Just how had she injured him to instill such terror? 


“Good, nice and obedient.” Xuan Ji laughed, then looked away.


The Demon God’s face was practically green. He felt utterly humiliated. Still, he dared not voice any objections. In his heart, he was truly terrified of Xuan Ji.


Still, that word, “obedient” made him gnash his teeth in fury. 


The rest of the demons felt utterly disgraced as well!


A Demon God!


Demon Gods were ultimate experts of the demon race, second only to the Demon Emperor. All demons worshipped them! And yet, their revered demon god was now being praised as “obedient,” as if he were a small child!  

The Demon God knew he’d just embarrassed himself, so he reached out and dispersed the purple smug.


He landed on the ground, beside the Holy Maiden. 


But Xuan Ji was still floating in the sky. She wasn’t the slightest bit worried that the Demon God would threaten Ye Zichen.


For one thing, in terms of raw strength, the Demon God was her inferior.


For another, she’d left a deep, dark shadow on his heart. There was no way he’d dare try anything in front of her.


Although the other demons weren’t as afraid of her, but even the Demon God wasn’t even a threat worth considering. 


“Hey, you! Quit hiding and come on out. Or do you want me to ‘invite’ you myself?” Xuan Ji suddenly turned towards the south and shouted.


“There’s someone else too?” The god race diviners couldn’t help but furrow their brows. Despite their strength, they sensed nothing at all in the south.


Before long, as the other god race representatives watched out in awe, a voice emerged from the north. “I dare not trouble Lady Providence in such a way.”

 The space violently distorted, and a mustached man in long yellow robes walked out of the rift. His hands were behind his back.


“Greetings, Yao King!” The Yao instantly knelt, all save for a few transcendent and primordial divine beasts. They showed no obvious reaction.


For instance, Chi Mei didn’t so much as look at the Yao King.


In an instant, three mighty experts, representatives of their respective realms, had appeared. However, based on the current situation, it seemed that Xuan Ji had an absolute advantage.


“You watched for quite a while, too. But you, too…. Have lost to me before! I just don’t get it, though. What were you superiors thinking? They ought to know that I live in Heavenly God City, yet they chose to send the two of you? Are you people full of yourselves? Or did you think I wouldn’t dare take action?” Xuan Ji glared at them out of the corner of an eye. She spared neither the Demon God nor the Yao King.

 There’s no need to even mention how awkward they both felt!


“Spit it out. What are you two doing in my territory?” Xuan Ji tossed away her fruit, then narrowed her eyes at them both.


The Yao King smiled obsequiously. “I’m not here for any particular reason. I just saw the two of you, and I just thought I’d help my fellow yao oversee the situation.”


“Are you capable of ‘overseeing the situation?’” Xuan Ji’s rebuke silenced him. All the Yao King could do was laugh drily.


“Esteemed Yao King, the Yao-Sealing Pagoda and the Xuan-Yuan Sword…”


“Shut your mouth!” The Yao King viciously rebuked him. He didn’t dare provoke Xuan Ji.


Years ago, she’d given him an explosive whack, sending him flying all the way back home. That said, compared to that Demon God, he was actually quite lucky. 


He’d merely suffered bodily injuries, while the Demon God’s injuries reached his very soul.


The Yao King’s dry smile set the yao elites on edge. Despite their agitation, Xuan Ji was famous among yao, too. All they could do was try and soothe themselves.


“I….” The Demon God paused. Xuan Ji really had left far too dark a shadow over his heart. “I’m just here to find that black dog!”


After a moment’s hesitation, the Demon God’s gaze landed on the dog.


“Esteemed Demon God, weren’t you here for the Xuan-”


“Silence!” The Demon God viciously rebuked his subordinate. It was true; he’d come here for the divine artifacts, but Xuan Ji….

 He really didn’t dare provoke her. 


Xuan Ji looked at the Yao King and Demon God playfully. She was, of course, fully aware of why these two had come here.


But since they’d given her excuses, she was in no mood to bring about unnecessary trouble. 


The Demon God was pitiful indeed. He didn’t dare offend Xuan Ji, so he used the dog as an excuse. 


She sneered to herself, then taunted, “Sha Ke, aren’t you a Demon God? How is it that the more time passes, the more pathetic you get? In the past, you at least dared stand up to me. Now you’ve sunk to playing with dogs?”


“Xuan Ji, don’t push things too far!” The Demon God summoned all his courage and bit back. How could he let her disgrace him in front of so many demon elites?


“Fine, fine, I’ll say no more. Go on and have fun hunting that dog!” Xuan Ji pressed her lips into a smile, but inside, she felt a hint of silent pity. 


He wants to find that dog?


Does he really think that dog is so easy to bully?

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