Chapter 1314 - The Most Tragic Divine Demon General in History




That black dog was absolutely outrageous.


Pretty much everyone welcome at this event was a sky supreme at the very least, and to have reached such heights, they had to be at least a few hundred years old. Yet they’d never run into such an outrageous dog before.


Nevermind attacking before its opponent was ready. Now it was even peeing on a Divine Demon General’s head?


That dog’s owner had to be absolutely ‘extraordinary,’ too. 


“Jeez, isn’t that dog a bit too outrageous?”  Li Hu couldn’t help but laugh to himself. The others were speechless.


Luo Zi was the first to break the silence. “Quit talking nonsense. No matter how outrageous that dog is, it’s capable of instantly killing a Divine Demon General. Sure, it was an ambush, but it’s still undoubtedly much stronger than the likes of us. At its level, even if it’s just some expert’s war pet, it’s not our place to comment on its behavior. Also, consider who is capable of raising such a powerful pet. How strong must its owner be?”


As soon as he heard that, Li Hu wiped the silly smile from his face and shut his mouth. He even pantomimed zipping his mouth shut.


The others were still looking at the dog. When it finished peeing, it even shook its leg.


Finally, it lifted its other leg from the demon’s body and ran proudly in two circles around his corpse. Its gaze was locked onto the demons, as if to say: “You’re nothing but a bunch of trash.”


The demons were furious. That was one of their Divine Demon Generals! He represented their entire race; how could they bear to see him suffer such humiliation?


Even the Holy Maiden couldn’t help but knit her brows and gaze intently at the gleeful pooch.


“Look at that Divine Demon General’s face,” muttered Jiang Wei with a frown. Xue Mo and the others looked over and saw that, after the dog did its business, the demon’s face was rapidly dissolving.


His youthful face gradually disappeared, replaced by one as aged as could be.


“Kui Han!” The rulers floating overhead saw this play out as well. Qiu Enhuai knit his brows and called out the general’s name. Next, his gaze landed on the demon ruler he’d just been clashing with.


Kui Han was a long-famous Divine Demon General.

 He’d been famous for tens of thousands of years, but he lacked the fate needed to become a ruler, so he’d never break through his shackles and take that final step.

 Still, he’d consolidated his power for tens of thousands of years. Amongst diviners, almost no one was a match for him.


In fact, you could say he was unmatched beneath the ruler level!


But the Battle of Geniuses made it quite clear that only those who’d become supremes within the past two hundred years could participate. Kui Han was obviously well past that limit, yet the demons had intentionally disguised him and even introduced him under a fake name.


“Demons, what do you mean by this?” 


The demon rulers said nothing. They simply attacked with all their might to break free of Qiu Enhuai and other god race rulers’ barricade.


Hui Had had died, but all they could say was that he got unlucky. 


He really was unlucky. He’d reached the peak of the diviner level tens of thousands of years ago, but had never been able to take that final step.


He’d planned to disguise himself as a young talent and participate in the Battle of Geniuses as a mission on all demonkind’s behalf.


And now, he’d died at the hands (or mouth, rather) of a random black dog. 


There was nothing left to say. The owner of the Xuan-Yuan Sword and Yao-Sealing Pagoda had appeared, so all that mattered now was the divine artifacts.


“He really was a fake!” Xue Mo knit her brows. “I’m afraid that general has lived for tens of thousands of years already, yet the demons disguised him as a young genius. Just what were they up to?”


“Do you remember what Vice Dean Qiu said to us before we arrived?” Jiang Wei didn’t so much as avert his gaze as he addressed the others. “He said, ‘this Battle of Geniuses isn’t as simple as it appears.’ All we’ve seen so far is just the tip of the iceberg.” 


“The demons are really shameless! No wonder my dad hates them so much,” snorted Xue Beibei.


The other Skyspan Academy representatives couldn’t help but furrow their brows. Chen Guangfa gulped and said, “Aren’t we overlooking the key point?”  

“What key point?” 


Before Chen Guangfa could answer, they felt a monstrous, furious aura reach the heavens.


“How could it be him?” The Holy Maiden had furrowed her brows as well. She had no idea that Mo Ke was Kui Han in disguise either.


The higher-ups had just told her that Mo Ke was to accompany her to the Battle of Geniuses. She never would have guessed that they’d trick her!


The other demons were stunned too, but that didn’t matter. It didn’t matter whether the deceased was Kui Han or the “Mo Ke” the Holy Maiden had introduced him as. Either way, he was still one of their Divine Demon Generals. 


“Holy Maiden, please, do something!” All the demons present were bowing on the ground.


Their general’s humiliating death was an insult to the entire demon race, yet they were keenly aware that they weren’t strong enough to defeat that black dog. Even so, only blood could wash away this insult. 


Their only hope was to plead with the holy lady in hopes that she could punish the dog on their behalf.


“What’s going on out there?” Ye Zichen’s friends and allies surrounded him on all sides, so he couldn’t see what was going on. He couldn’t use his divine awareness either for fear that others would exploit it and launch a spiritual attack.


He narrowed his eyes and peered through the gaps, only for Chi Mei to roll her eyes at him.


“What do you care what’s happening outside? Have you considered my earlier offer?” 


“Seeking refuge with you?” Ye Zichen looked her over appraisingly. “Honestly, your status is quite confusing. Su Mei’er of the Nine-tailed Foxes and Chi Mei…. which one is the real you?”


“They’re both real!” said Chi Mei earnestly. “You must know that the Five Elements Great Emperor’s wife was the head of the Nine-tailed Fox Clan. As his descendant, isn’t it obvious I’d belong to the Nine-tailed Fox Clan too? If you haven’t realized that by now, all I can say is you’re stupid.”


When she insulted him, Ye Zichen’s expression darkened. But it was true; he’d never so much as considered that!


“Then what should I call you in the future? Chi Mei or Su Mei’er?” 


“Whichever you like! All I care about now is your future plans. Will you seek refuge with me or not?”


“Didn’t you say that I could wait and see before….”


“I changed my mind! You have to decide now!” This woman really changed her tune in the blink of an eye. 


Ye Zichen looked at Su Mei’er, who was on the brink of explosion. He couldn’t help but facepalm and sigh, “I refuse.” 


If Chi Mei hadn’t said she was a nine-tailed fox, Ye Zichen might have suspected she had an even more powerful organization backing her. In that case, he might have agreed.


But, while the nine-tailed foxes were a powerful race, and although the Fox Clan was huge and influential, they weren’t strong enough to disregard the God, Yao, and Demon Emperors. If they were, the Five Elements Great Emperor would never have died, and Zhou Wu could never have sat upon the God Emperor’s throne without fear of reprisal.


Besides, Chi Mei wasn’t even the nine-tailed foxes leader, and while his situation was dangerous, it wasn’t so dangerous that he couldn’t find a way forward.


“Please, Holy Maiden, do something!” The demons shouted once more.


The Holy Maiden still stood in place, her gaze locked onto that black dog. 


The dog seemed to understand what the demons were asking. It glanced at the Holy Maiden, and when their eyes met….


It bared its fangs and charged right towards her.

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