Chapter 1312 - Ye Zichen’s Identity is Revealed

Ye Zichen couldn’t command the demons’ Holy Maiden.


The Fox Queen’s affairs were not of his business.


But this involved Sun Yige. Even if he knew it wasn’t his place, he had to intervene.


A reason…..

 He couldn’t think of one. 


But he wanted to do this.


In the face of Ye Zichen’s words, the Holy Maiden wasn’t all that surprised. 


Her lips curled up, and those purple eyes bore silently into Ye Zichen. She took note of his fearless expression. “What do you want to say? Speak clearly!”


“I want you to let Sun Yige go,” said Ye Zichen firmly.


The Holy Maiden stared straight at Ye Zichen and his serious expression, as if trying to discern whether he was joking or not. Before long, she was absolutely certain: he wasn’t joking. He really did want her to release Sun Yige.


“Pfff.” She couldn’t help but laugh. She shook her head and burst into laughter, as if she’d heard the funniest thing in the world. “You want me to spare Sun Yige? Do you think you know our relationship? Letting her go….”


The Holy Maiden didn’t continue. She just stood there, shaking with laughter and taking in Ye Zichen’s confusion.


Her impression of Ye Zichen was that he was relatively rational and reserved. At the very least, he shouldn’t be the type to spout such nonsense so recklessly.


Just what was he thinking to say something like that out loud? 


Release Sun Yige….?  

The idea was so ridiculous, all she could do was laugh.


“I’m not quite sure what your relationship is, but I know a little.” Even in the face of the Holy Maiden’s derisive laughter, Ye Zichen remained unmoved. He continued seriously, “You are two souls sharing one body. To use an expression from the Modern Realm, you’re like roommates or co-tenants sharing the same apartment. Since you’re two independent souls, Sun Yige’s soul ought to be able to ‘move out,’ right? I can convince her to yield her body to you and forge a new one for her.”


“You’ve known Sun Yige for so long, you ought to understand what kind of person she is. If you have even the slightest capacity for pity, please, let her go. This way, you won’t have to fight for control over your shared body, and you won’t have to worry about her causing trouble and trying to seize control in the middle of a fight, either. This will make you safer too. Isn’t it a win-win?”


When the Holy Maiden said that Sun Yige wanted to die, Ye Zichen made up his mind to intervene.   


He couldn’t let Sun Yige go on like this. Her body was like a shell, a cage, that she had to fight for control over.


It would be kinder to just separate her soul from the Holy Maiden’s. With Ye Zichen’s protection, even if she became an ordinary mortal like she was back in the Modern Realm, she could live well even in the strength-obsessed God Realm.


“Well said. You’ve thought this through!” The Holy Maiden nodded despite herself, but soon, her expression darkened. “But I refuse!”


“Our relationship isn’t as simple as you think. I urge you to think twice. Don’t recklessly get involved in matters that don’t concern you. When you do, it makes you look awfully ignorant.” The Holy Maiden’s purple eyes flashed with sharp purple light. Although she was smiling, it was so sinister, just looking at it made people tremble. 


She stretched, revealing her slender, graceful figure. “But it’s not impossible, either. If you hand over your Xuan-Yuan Sword and Yao-Sealing Pagoda, I might very well agree to your request to free Sun Yige’s soul.”


Xuan-Yuan Sword!


The Yao-Sealing Pagoda!


Everyone watching from the sky, regardless of race and cultivation, gazed down at Ye Zichen. Even the diviners.


If they weren’t mistaken, she’d just said he…..


The demons and yao looked at each other, then gave up on their current opponents and rushed at Ye Zichen. 


“Stop them!” As soon as they took action, the god race rulers stepped forth as well. The skies instantly started rumbling.


However, the three races’ ordinary participants weren’t paying attention to the rulers. Instead, the Holy Maiden’s words were echoing through their minds.


The Xuan-Yuan Sword and Yao-Sealing Pagoda!


Both of these unparalleled treasures were in Ye Zichen’s hands!


“So that sword my dad had me give him was the Xuan-Yuan Sword!” Xue Mo froze in astonishment. “Also, those yao he summoned weren’t his attendants, but rather, denizens of the pagoda!”


“Did she just say Brother Ye has the Xuan-Yuan Sword and Yao-Sealing Pagoda? My ears aren’t playing tricks on me, are they?” exclaimed Jiang Yong. 


Murong Xue and the other Skyspan Academy students’ eyes widened with shock, too. Even Jiang Wei knit his brows as he looked at Ye Zichen.


“So that guy has the Yao-Sealing Pagoda and Xuan-Yuan Sword!” Even Liu Qing’s eyes filled with surprise. However, for some reason, she had the vague sense that she already knew about him carrying the Xuan-Yuan Sword.


“The Xuan-Yuan Sword! The Yao-Sealing Pagoda!” When Pang Zheng and Di Long of the Grizzly Bears, their gazes grew serious.


In short, the demons’ Holy Maiden’s words sent waves throughout the venue.


When she said that all out loud, Ye Zichen froze. “You….”


Little did he know, the Holy Maiden was stunned too. She absolutely wasn’t faking either; she really was stunned. 


Actually, she hadn’t planned to say that out loud either. She wanted to send him a transmission!


She knit her brows as she sensed the violent collisions overhead as well as the complex gazes the geniuses of the Upper Three Realms were throwing at Ye Zichen.


Forget it! If I spilled the beans, I spilled the beans!


Before long, the Holy Maiden recovered her usual smile. She tilted her head aside and tittered at Ye Zichen. Her gaze seemed to say: what will you do this time, you pitiful fool?


Ye Zichen’s eyes were bloodshot. He never would have guessed that the Xuan-Yuan Sword and Yao-Sealing Pagoda would be revealed to the world in such a way.


And now, all the top factions of the Upper Three Realms knew his secret!


“You have the Yao-Sealing Pagoda?” This time, even the aloof Su Liu’er was visibly shocked.


Ye Zichen shook his head. He didn’t want to admit it. It was still not the right time to announce all this to the masses.


At that moment, three voices exclaimed in unison: 

“Big Brother Zichen!”


“Ye Zichen!”  

“Big Sister Liu’er, look at Ye Zichen!”


Just as everyone was focused on Ye Zichen, a black shadow hurtled straight through the crowd, charging relentlessly towards Ye Zichen.


“The Xuan-Yuan Sword and Yao-Sealing Pagoda belong to us demons!” Ye Zichen heard a burst of wanton laughter from behind. Ye Zichen turned and, out of the corner of his eye, saw a dagger glinting with cold light. It was aimed right for his back.


“Stay your hand!” the demons’ Holy Maiden shouted.


When she heard Su Yan’s alarmed shout, Su Liu’er finally took note of that dark shadow.


“You’re seeking death!” An icicle instantly condensed in Su Liu’er’s palm, but, before she could throw it, a black dog flew in out of nowhere, arrived behind Ye Zichen, and bit the attacking demon’s arm.

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