Chapter 131 Forgotten Original Intention

Chapter 131 – Forgotten Original Intention


The moment the door of the operation room was pushed open, Zu Siliang immediately walked up to her, followed by the bodyguards behind him and the surrounding medical staff.

After the young man entered, he actually managed to make the patient, who the hospital was about to announce dead, walk out completely fine. This was definitely a legend of the medical realm.

“Let’s go.”

Ye Zichen pursed his lips with a smile as he looked at Yang Yushi, who was being surrounded by people.

Liu Qing and White Impermanence both nodded, and followed him out of the long corridor of the emergency room.

“Ye-Ye Zichen!”

The expression of Yang Yushi, who was surrounded by people, tensed. When she finally ran out of the crowd, Ye Zichen ahd already disappeared.

“Ye Zichen saved me, right?” Yang Yushi look to the side, straight at Zu Siliang.

“Yes, he saved you twice.”


“To be honest, I’ve never looked up to anyone. Out of people that were my age, I felt like no one could be equal with me, but he…” A helpless smile suddenly surfaced on Zu Siliang’s mouth. “I’m worse than him.”

“You were worse than him from the start,” Yang Yushi said mercilessly, while Zu Siliang could only smile without denying it.

He was unable to argue against her words.

“Zu Siliang, you should reflect about how you allowed me to get into this sort of danger during the concert properly,” Yang Yushi shook her head, then prepared to leave with her team.

At this moment, Zu Siliang suddenly stopped her with a warm smile, “I won’t unreasonably demand for your forgiveness, but Uncle Yang is hurrying over from the capital. What’s more, your body also needs to be watched over in the hospital for a while.

Yang Yushi’s team also agreed on the side. Yang Yushi thought about it silently for a moment, then nodded, “I understand. But, Zu Siliang, I don’t want to see you.”

Ye Zichen sighed and sat on a long bench beside the flowerbed on the roadside after leaving from the First People’s Hospital.

Ye Zichen smoked with a depressed look, while Liu Qing floated beside him.

After a long while of watching him, she said, “Why are you so down?”

“Down? Am I?” Ye Zichen smiled.

Liu Qing instantly twitched her mouth, “You’re still denying it. Your face is so long that it’s at Mars.”

Ye Zichen rubbed his face with a dry smile, then looked up at White Impermanence, who was still beside them.

“Shouldn’t you go back now? Oh yeah, why haven’t I seen Black Impermanence with you recently?”

“Ever since you taught him a lesson that time, he got paired with another person, and not with me.”

White Impermanence replied softly.

Ye Zichen immediately gave a coy smile, “It seems like I affected the feelings between you as a couple.”

One would rather takes apart ten temples, instead of breaking apart one marriage.

The Black and White Impermanence should have been together in the Underworld for a long time. He just directly tore them apart.

That was truly sinful!

“No, this is for the best, we aren’t interfering with each other,” White Impermanence shook her head. At that moment, her phone rang. When she looked at the message on it, she continued. “I have to go back.”

“Oh, bye.”

Ye Zichen waved towards White Impermanence, then saw her gradually disappear into the silent night.

Liu Qing floated around his head twice before saying, “White Impermanence is interested in you.”

“Wow, little girl, don’t be so sensitive, okay?” Ye Zichen instantly sighed helplessly and looked up. “You will make me misunderstand that you’re interested in me when you’re always like this.”

“Tsk,” Liu Qing snorted, then frowned. “I can’t be bothered with you.”

With that, she immediately returned to the Dragon Eye to nurture her soul.


Ye Zichen slapped his thigh, he was too busy on adding lifespan that he forgot to ask about the method of revival.

Ye ZIchen suddenly felt a hand on his shoulder just when he was going to take out his phone.


Ye Zichen trembled. When he turned his head back, he saw Deng Cheng, in his white cloak, sitting beside him with a smile.

“Gramps, it’s very scary like this at night.”


Deng Cheng was briefly stunned, he truly never heard anyone call him that. However, when he thought about his age, and the fact that his beard was going completely white, being called gramps wasn’t too bad.

“If I remembered correctly, you’re called Ye Zichen.”

Deng Cheng smiled amiably, causing Ye Zichen to subconsciously move back.

This sort of grandpa wolf like smile must have tricked countless red riding hoods.

“What do you want!” Ye Zichen remained at a suitable distance and glanced at him vigilantly.

“What are you going? Do you think I’m a bad person?”

“Heh, but you aren’t like a good person either.”

Deng Cheng smiled wryly after hearing that, “I just want to ask, are you a student of the University of Medical Science? And in the Chinese medicine faculty?”



“I study veterinary science.”


Deng Cheng’s old face instantly darkened. Could they even chat properly?

“Young man, don’t be so vigilant.”

“The reason I can grow up to this age is relying on this unparalleled vigilance,” Ye Zichen was not moved at all. He only spoke up once again when he saw Deng Cheng’s awkward expression, “You came to find me in such a freaky matter in the middle of the night, what is it, just say it.”


This was the first time a person of a younger generation didn’t give him any face at all.

“I want you to come to our hospital to be a Chinese doctor. I can directly let you be a chief physician.”

“Oh,” Ye Zichen’s eyes didn’t even blink. He merely stretched, then stood up from the bunch, “Not going.”


A twenty years old chief physician, this was nearly impossible to see in the medical realm.

Deng Cheng had thought that Ye Zichen would accept happily, but…

He got rejected!

“I didn’t hear it wrong, right? You’re not willing when I offered you to be a chief physician?”

“Not willing,” Ye Zichen shrugged. “Being a doctor is indeed a job with a high salary, but I don’t lack money.”

“Being a doctor doesn’t just earn money, you cure diseases and save people and help out the world…”


Ye Zichen was sick of hearing this logic.

“If you want to cure sicknesses and save people, you can do that without being a doctor. If you purely wanted to earn money, wearing the white cloak isn’t going to make you any better. Saving people relies on your intention, not your job. Let me put it in a bad way, do all doctors become doctors to save people? I think that those are only in the minority.”

Ye Zichen turned Deng Cheng speechless. That was the truth, and Deng Cheng had no way to retort.

Ye Zichen sighed, when he saw Deng Cheng’s moving lips.

This gramps might be a kind person and a doctor that wanted to help patients. However, others were not all like this.

Ye Zichen ignored the bleakness of the gramps behind him, then left the flowerbeds with a wave of his hand.

In this era…

People looked for fame and riches!

The most important was riches. When riches was put in front of them, it would gradually cause people to forget their original intentions.

Ye Zichen will help those that he meets, who are in need of help.

But curing diseases, saving people and helping the world…

Ye Zichen’s ability was limited, he couldn’t burden himself with such a grand wish.

Some people might say that he’s viewing it the wrong way...

But in this era, just how many were viewing it in the right way?

If he had the effort, he might as well hurry home and ask King Qinguang for Heaven and Earth merits, as well as the method of revival.

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