Chapter 1309 - Breath of Ice

“Hey, is it just me, or is the wind a lot colder than before?” Luo Zi took his folding fan and put it back in his pocket, then wrapped his arms around himself and shivered.


Li Hu laughed. His arms were still uncovered, and he felt fine! He was just about to pat Luo Zi on the shoulder and tease him for his wimpiness, but as soon as he reached out, he couldn’t help but rub his hands together for warmth.


His eyes widened, and when he breathed, he saw his white breath clearly. “It really is colder!”


It wasn’t just them. Everyone in the arena felt that something wasn’t quite right. At that moment, Chi Mei grabbed Su Yan and the other foxes, then rushed over. “Sweetie, why are you just standing there? Hurry up and run! When Big Sister Liu’er gets mad, she’s terrifying!”  

It was only then that Ye Zichen realized that Su Liu’er was stirring up icy winds. They were so cold that the air itself seemed to condense around her somewhat.


Li Hu, who’d pulled warm clothes from his spatial ring, was still shivering. “From the look of things, she’s going to fight!” 


“If that’s what you say.” Su Liu’er laughed indifferently, her beautiful eyes betraying no emotion whatsoever. She raised her hand slightly and stared at the demons’ Holy Maiden as frosty currents billowed around her. “Apologize!”  

The Holy Maiden faced the howling wings head on. An eerie grin flashed across her beautiful face. Her tiny tongue licked her lips, and her fingers spread out. The icy wind passed right through her palm. “He’s a Divine Demon General of the Demon Race. Why should he apologize to the likes of you?”


“Have you thought this through?” asked Su Liu’er.


“This isn’t about ‘thinking things through.’ It’s obvious I’d react like this. If you can’t swallow his insults, then conquer me with your own two hands. I’ve always longed to be conquered, you know.” 


“Happy to oblige.” Su Liu’er smiled an icy grin, her cold words reaching every inch of the venue. “All yao, retreat one thousand meters.”  

“All demons, retreat one thousand meters,” echoed the Holy Maiden.


The yao and demons instantly retreated like mad. The gods present weren’t stupid either. They hadn’t gotten any orders, but when they saw their competitors retreat, they weren’t moronic enough to stick around.


In just a few breaths of time, the area within a thousand meters was abandoned save for Su Liu’er and Sun Yige.


Chi Mei was still standing in place. She couldn’t help but pull in her neck. She watched the other treats retreat, then tugged on Ye Zichen’s arm. “We should go too. Big Sister Liu’er is really mad this time. If we don’t hurry up and leave, we’ll wind up trapped here. Her Breath of Ice is a non-discriminatory attack. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have called for the yao to retreat. Don’t think she’ll hold back out of consideration for us, either.”


“I have to stop them….” Ye Zichen furrowed his brows. 




Just a few seconds later, Su Liu’er’s icy waves of power intensified, becoming dozens of times stronger. 


The sharp chill froze the surrounding air, making it difficult to breathe.


Ye Zichen and the others were still in range. It was just as Chi Mei had said; when Su Liu’er went all out, she spared no concern for their well-being at all.


In fact, throughout the process, she didn’t so much as look over at Ye Zichen and her companions.


With a roar, a faint layer of ice formed over every vacant seat.


“Quit dreaming! Can’t you see the situation? Based on the sheer cold alone, do you really think you can stop them? Besides, she has reason to be mad. I’m afraid the only one capable of stopping them with mere words is the Four Directions Palace’s Liu Qing. But do you see her intervening? No, you don’t! I know you’re familiar with both of them and don’t want to watch your friends fight amongst themselves, but you need to know your place. Hurry up and run….” Chi Mei tugged on Ye Zichen’s sleeve, stopping only when they were a thousand meters away.

 Little did they know, Su Liu’er had actually been walking out for them. Or rather, she’d been watching out for Su Yan, who hadn’t yet retreated either.


Although she didn’t seem to care, once Ye Zichen, her sister, and her team were out of range, she let loose completely.


Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh….!


The Breath of Ice grew even colder.


Even from a thousand meters away, the various contestants felt the cold wind smacking them right in the face. They hurriedly retreated until they were even further away.


They had to retreat another thousand meters before the chill was bearable.


Remember, these were almost all sky supreme experts. Even after retreating thousands of meters, the lingering chill made them shiver from head to toe.


The demons’ Holy Maiden was right in the thick of it, but she smiled radiantly as if there were nothing out of the ordinary. “So, this is the Fox Clan’s Breath of Ice. It’s a bit weak, isn’t it?”


The Holy Maiden stood in the sky, doing nothing to block the Breath of Ice’s chill. She was taking it head-on. 


After a moment, she waved her right hand. Soon, the area in front of her cleared for a hundred meters; the chill could no longer enter.


Su Liu’er didn’t so much as blink. Suddenly, the billowing icy winds condensed into nine frigid tornados mixed with ice and snow. They whirled and howled around Su Liu’er.


After the tornadoes appeared, the icy winds picked up speed and grew even colder.


The Breath of Ice broke through the Holy Maiden’s hundred meter barrier and slammed into her with a bang.


“Wah…!” It was only then that surprise flashed across the Holy Maiden’s face for the first time. “No wonder this ‘Queen of the Foxes’ is second only to the current empress in rank.”


Qiu Enhuai and the other god race rulers stood one hundred meters away. As they watched Su Liu’er fight, they couldn’t help but praise her. 


“This Su Liu’er…. The seat of clan head should go to her after all. I admit it.” As Chi Mei watched, her eyes glinted sharply, but she spoke and sighed only to herself. 


Although Chi Mei was a fox clan member too, and although she called Su Liu’er “Big Sister,” her status was somewhat special.


When the current empress decided to pass on the title of clan head to Su Liu’er, Chi Mei had resented it somewhat. Of course, she had no actual interest in the position. Still, if she got it, it’d be fun to play around with it.


But now…. Her lingering stubbornness faded away.


“That Holy Maiden is impressive too. That black curtain she just used was a simplified version of the Night’s Sorrow. If I recall correctly, of the demon kings, the only one capable of using Night’s Sorrow is… hmph, I never would have guessed someone so proud would choose to reincarnate.” Chi Mei laughed, then gazed down at the Holy Maiden. “A fox with blood almost as pure as our sacred anscestor’s versus the reincarnation of the demon king who almost became the Demon Emperor….. This should be quite the show!”


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