Chapter 1307 - Su Liu’er and the Holy Maiden

“Holy Maiden.” The demon expert’s eyes lit up, and his face filled with respect as he knelt on one knee.


“Use your eyes next time. You can’t afford to offend these people,” said Sun Yige from beneath her hood, a sinister smile on her face. It didn’t seem to match the smile she’d flashed Ye Zichen, when she seemed so nervous, she couldn’t even get a single sentence out.


Right now, the one in control of her body couldn’t possibly be Sun Yige. It had to be her second soul.


This was the true Holy Maiden of the demon race. 


“You’re right to chastise me.” The demon expert lowered his head. Once Su Liu’er appeared, he knew deep in his heart that he’d offended someone he couldn’t afford to offend.


The instant Su Liu’er fired that icicle, the offending demon felt death approach.


It was nothing but an ordinary icicle, yet it had completely locked onto him. He was a sky supreme expert, and in the face of danger, he could think of countless countermeasures. And yet, as the icicle drew near, he felt not even the slightest thread of hope.


Something like this was only possible when the opponent’s comprehension of the laws of heaven and earth was sufficiently high. Their attacks could fuse completely with heaven and earth.


Their entire surroundings were under their complete control. 


However, only rulers could accomplish such a feat.


Could she be…?


As soon as the thought popped into the demon’s head, he rejected it.


The nine-tailed foxes were one of the demons’ surveillance targets. If anything happened in fox territory, anything at all, the demons’ intelligence units would know about it and report back.


Su Liu’er had ascended less than one hundred years ago.


Her appearance had shaken the entire Yao Realm, her bloodline was as pure as the Nine-tailed Foxes’ Sacred Ancestor and her attainments in Ice Arts were unprecedented. She was so dazzling, few could gaze directly upon her. Becoming an earth supreme, then a sky supreme normally took hundreds, if not thousands of years, yet she did it in less than three.


The day she became a diviner, she was crowned queen.


She was now second to only the clan head, the current Empress of the Nine-tailed foxes. She was the first of their ranks to be crowned queen.


However, despite her talent, it wasn’t that easy to become a ruler. Besides, their intelligence unit had never reported anything about her having a breakthrough.


She was most likely still “just” a ninth-stage diviner.


Rulers represented the peak factions of their respective realms. The appearance of even a single new rulers could break the balance between the Three Upper Realms. 


If she really had broken through, given the Three Realm’s current status, there was no way the Yao Realm would let the foxes keep it a secret. They would want to loudly proclaim her breakthrough for all to see. This way, they could encourage the common people of the Yao Realm and intimidate the other two realms.


But that icicle just now….


“Holy Maiden of the Demons, just a few seconds ago, we were sitting together and chatting, but now you’re standing against me,” said Su Liu’er.


“I’m truly sorry, but the one you were getting along with now wasn’t me, but rather my little cutie. I wanted to give her a chance to breathe; I didn’t expect to run into a situation like this.” Sun Yige flashed her a shallow smile.


“So that’s how it is. I heard that the Holy Maiden of the Nine Li Clan had two souls in one body. It looks like that’s true.” Su Liu’er smiled faintly, but her expression soon darkened. “But you saw it too. He provoked me. Are you sure you want to oppose me for the sake of such a minor figure? At a time like this?”


“But he’s no minor figure. He’s one of our demon race’s Divine Demon Generals. How could I not get involved?”


When the Holy Maiden said that, the way everyone looked at that demon changed dramatically. Demons were roughly divided into four ranks: Warriors, Generals, Divine Demon Generals, and Demon Gods.


Warriors were the most ordinary of all, and they were generally earth supremes. Generals had to be sky supremes at the bare minimum, but they also had to rack up a certain amount of accomplishments.


As for Divine Demon Generals, they had to be diviners at the bare minimum, but the necessary record of service was many times more demanding than what was needed for ordinary Generals. 


Becoming a Divine Demon General meant he was already one of the demons’ top experts. Divine Demon Generals almost always controlled their own vast factions, and might command as many as several hundred ordinary generals.


More importantly, Divine Demon Generals were on the same level as the other realms’ Divine Yao Generals and Divine Generals.


They were already qualified to participate in important conferences and obtain classified information.


That was why that demon, despite seeing Su Liu’er’s icicle, was so sure of her cultivation and that she wasn’t yet a ruler.

 At his status, he had access to all sorts of information only available to the upper echelons of demon society.


But the Battle of Geniuses required that participants had become a supreme less than two hundred years ago. Becoming a Divine Demon General required a veritable sea of accomplishments and countless years on the battlefield. You had to contribute an enormous amount of the demon race to win such a title.


It was possible for a genius to go from a supreme to a ruler in two hundred years, much less a diviner. However, it was absolutely impossible to go from an ordinary warrior to a Divine Demon General in so short a time.


The demons were cheating!


Everyone present came to the same conclusion, including Su Liu’er. 


“You’re having a Divine Demon General pretend to be an ordinary genius?” Su Liu’er sneered. “That sure sounds like something a demon would do. Unfortunately, he ran into me. The Battle of Geniuses is only open to talents who became supremes less than two hundred years ago, yet you’re having a Divine Demon General put on an act? This is going to cause your superiors a real headache!”


The demons’ Holy Maiden laughed uproariously, her laughter filling their ears like a demonic incantation. Anyone who heard it felt their scalps go numb.


“You’re wrong,” she said. “He is indeed a genius of your younger generation.”


As she spoke, the demon wiped away his hideous face, revealing his true appearance: he was a youth, and still visibly immature.


“Let me take this opportunity to introduce you all: this is Mo Ke, a just-promoted Divine Demon General.”


As she spoke, the Holy Maiden’s expression filled with disdain. “Do you think we demons are like the gods? Only gods would use such petty tricks.” 


All the God Realm experts present couldn’t help but lose their tempers. This was slandering their entire race! They clenched their fists. If the person speaking wasn’t the demons’ Holy Maiden…


Anyone capable of becoming a Holy Maiden or Demon Son was the reincarnation of one of the last generation’s demon gods.


The day they received their type, it meant that they recovered their memories of their past lives as demon kings. Their cultivation would shoot up like a rocket, skyrocketing to insane heights. Every last one of them was unfathomably strong. Although the god race experts were angry, they dared not express it out loud.


“What’s going on? I thought they’d fight.” Although Su Liu’er and the Holy Maiden were glaring at each other, they were still using their words. Li Hu watched in confusion. Based on what had just happened, he’d been sure they were about to fight.


“Phew!” The workers sighed in relief. From their perspective, it was naturally best that things didn’t come to blows.


At this point, all that mattered was that they didn’t fight right away. Once someone from the God Emperor’s Manor arrived, the demons and yao could fight as much as they wanted. In fact, it would be great if they killed each other. That would reduce the burden on these ordinary staff members!


But why was it taking the God Emperor’s Manor so long to send someone?

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