Chapter 1306 - Violence Breaks Out

The bizarre situation with Ye Zichen and his friends upset the atmosphere throughout the arena.


Everyone, human, demon, or yao, was quietly watching them.


Remember, those who’d gathered around Ye Zichen were top teams, some of the strongest participants in the Battle of Geniuses. Furthermore, the factions standing behind them could directly represent their respective realms.


Many of the onlookers couldn’t help but frown. How was it possible that Ye Zichen and his companions were sitting together so amiably?


They were just chatting and smiling without any conflict whatsoever. 


 In the seats to the north of the arena, a bare-armed, pointy horned demon glared and shouted, 

“How can Her Highness, the Holy Maiden, sit with those filthy yao and devious humans? This can’t go on! If things continue like this, it’ll be dangerous for her. I have to go and save her!”


“Hey! What did you just say about we yao?” Before the demon could even stand up, he felt hands the size of prayer mats on his shoulders, and a low, gruff voice brushed past his ears.


When he turned around, he saw an enormous shadow blocking everything else from view. An enormous man at least ten feet tall was glaring down at him with eyes the size of cymbals.


“You just said we yao were filthy, didn’t you, you little ant?” 


The demon who’d just spoken was short even compared to other demons, but compared to that enormous yao, he was utterly miniscule.


“Yes, I was talking about yao like you. What of it?” Unexpectedly, the demon expert showed no signs of fear whatsoever. He stared right up into the enormous yao’s eyes, his eyes flashing with unnatural shades of purple.


The next moment, he grabbed hold of the yao’s hand, swung him in a circle, and slammed all ten-plus-feet of him into the ground.


“Filthy yao!” The demon even went so far as to spit. This immediately infuriated the yao present. Countless yao rose from their seats. 


The demon who’d started all this disregarded their anger. He even laughed, “What, don’t tell me you filthy yao dare fight with me?”


The other demons instantly rose to their feet as well and stared the yao straight in the face.


The conflict had started in an instant. The humans around them gradually realized what was going on, and realized that fighting was about to break out around them. Meanwhile, yao and demons from other parts of the arena swarmed in.


The staff were utterly frazzled. Although their ranks included diviners to maintain order, if violence really broke out like this, being a diviner wouldn’t help. 


The conflict between the two realms had increased just like that. They were completely unqualified to get involved.


“Hurry and alert the God Emperor’s Manor!”




More and more demons and yao gathered around them, while the people of the various Divine Mountains moved away, leaving the battlefield to the other two races.


That demon had said that humans were devious, and it seemed like he was right. They didn’t lose their tempers, but who would have expected the yao to be so temperamental? How could they start a fight just like that? 


“Do you dare say that to our faces?”


“What if I do? You’re nothing but a bunch of filthy beasts. Hurry up and get away from me. When you gather in groups, the stench offends my nose.” 




An icicle cut through the sky. The demon felt nothing but an icy chill brush past his cheeks, leaving a trail of purple blood that dripped down his jaw.


“If you dare say even another word, the next icicle will hit your throat instead.”


An icy warning emanated down from above, echoing throughout the venue.

 Everyone looked up and saw Su Liu’er standing there, her expression icy, her hand still in position after throwing that first icicle. She gazed down imperiously on the demons below.


“Queen of the Foxes!” the Yao shouted her name. 


Little White couldn’t help but shake his head and smile bitterly. “The Empress is still the Empress. It doesn’t matter whether we’re in the Upper Realms or the Lower Realms. She’s as domineering as she was back then.”


“This is the rumored heir of the Nine-tailed Fox Clan, the Queen of the Foxes, right? It seems the Fox Clan is really lucky!” A Dragon Race expert couldn’t help but sigh.


“What are you saying? You don’t mean that I’m inferior to Big Sister Liu’er, do you?” said a certain dragon race girl. She scrunched up her brows in anger.


“How could I have meant that? The Dragon God sent you to us himself. You’re our dragon race’s hope for the future,” said that same dragon race expert with a bitter smile.


“Hmph! Now I’m angry!” The girl crossed her arms, scrunched up her nose, and looked away. The other demons couldn’t help but grimace. Ever since this spoiled kid had arrived in Dragon Race territory, she’d been like this. They’d long since gotten used to it.


“Big Sister Liu’er lives up to her reputation as the future heir of the Nine-tailed Fox Clan, and the purest-blooded fox in recent memory. When she uses Ice Arts, it’s really… enviable.” Chi Mei tilted her head to the side and sighed with emotion, then turned to Su Yan. “Isn’t that right, Little Yan?”


“Mhm.” Su Yan nodded forcefully. In her eyes, her Big Sister Liu’er was the strongest. Furthermore, it was thanks to their big sister’s domineering nature that she and Su Zhu could rest at ease.


“How can the demons and yao start a fight so suddenly? Should we stop them?” Li Hu stared, wide-eyed and unsure of what was happening. Just now, they’d all been coexisting harmoniously, so from his perspective, this seemed to come out of nowhere.


“Stop them? What nonsense?” Jiang Yong practically spat as he glared at Li Hu. “Who do you think you are? This is a conflict between two realms, while you’re just a small fry, not even a diviner yet! Yet you want to stop them…. Is there something wrong with your brain?”


“Then are we just supposed to watch?” asked Li Hu.


“Nonsense! Given the circumstances, someone has definitely alerted the God Emperor’s Manor. Once they send someone over, they’ll naturally be able to get this situation under control,” said Jiang Yong.


“I’m just afraid that, before they get there, someone’s going to get hurt. No matter which side suffers a loss, things won’t end nicely,” said Murong Xue.


“The Queen of the Foxes!” The demon who’d started all this wiped the blood from his cheek, then licked his lips.


“Apologize to that yao you just injured,” said Su Liu’er, her icy face still showing no signs of emotion. She didn’t even open her mouth to speak; she transmitted her words directly.


Other yao had dug the injured party out of the ground. His spine was caved in, and it seemed as if his ribs and vertebrae had shattered.




Another icicle flew from Su Liu’er’s hands, landing right in front of the demon. “Apologize.”


“You want me to apologize to that filthy wild boar? You must be dreaming!” The demon laughed with wanton arrogance.


“Then you can just go ahead and die.” Su Liu’er sent yet another icicle. It was so fast that her target had no hope of avoiding it. 


Just as the crowd thought he was about to die, a black curtain suddenly appeared right in front of his throat. The sharp icicle hit it, passed right through it, and disappeared. When it reappeared a hundred meters away, it shattered. 


The crowd turned and saw the demons’ Holy Maiden. Her head was lowered and she chuckled, as if she were talking to herself. “Hey, hey, this time…. I’ll control our body, my little darling!”

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