Chapter 1304 - What’s going on? Why is everyone here?

He just knew it….


When he took in Liu Qing’s irritated expression, Ye Zichen couldn’t help but sigh to himself.


She definitely thought that Ye Zichen had borrowed Xuan Ji’s authority to arrange for her to sit next to him.




Would Ye Zichen really try such an obvious ploy?


This wasn’t like arranging to sit next to your crush at school in hopes of gradually growing closer. This was just a competition’s lot-drawing ceremony. 


The other Skyspan Academy students watched Ye Zichen and Liu Qing. It seemed they’d completely overlooked the awkwardness of Liu Qing totally ignoring Xue Mo’s attempt to greet her.


“If I said I had nothing to do with this, would you believe me?”


“Hah…” Liu Qing just forced a cold laugh, the look in her eyes saying far more than words ever could.


Little did she know, as one of their fiercest rivals, the Holy Maiden and Su Liu’er had been watching Liu Qing this entire time. 


That’s why, then the staff led her to Ye Zichen, Su Liu’er and the others noticed him right away.


“Ye Zichen.” Su Liu’er couldn’t help but frown. As for Su Yan, her hands trembled, and she lowered her head.


It was actually Chi Mei who was the first to react. She flashed a radiant smile and, disregarding everyone else, dashed up to Ye Zichen.


“Mei’er!” Su Liu’er could only watch helplessly as she ran to Ye Zichen. She sighed, then desired to lead her team over.


At the same time, the demons’ Holy Maiden changed directions and headed towards Ye Zichen.


Ye Zichen and Liu Qing weren’t speaking. Liu Qing just sat there, arms crossed, all the way in back.


While they weren’t paying attention, the dragons’ team entered the arena as well and slowly drew closer.




“Guess who!” A pair of tender white hands appeared out of nowhere and covered Ye Zichen’s eyes. Skyspan Academy’s representatives watched in a daze. They had no idea where this girl, whoever she was, had come from.


But they did nothing to intervene, because based on her behavior…


She knew Ye Zichen, and they weren’t just ordinary acquaintances either. 


Ye Zichen couldn’t see her, but at the sound of her voice, he froze. Even though a hundred years had passed, he couldn’t possibly forget….




“Sweetie, I missed you to death!” A petite body suddenly flung itself into Ye Zichen’s arms, loosing the hands clasped around his mouth.


When Ye Zichen opened his eyes, he saw Chi Mei grinning like a cat and rubbing her head against his chest repeatedly.


“What’s going on?”


Xue Mo, Jiang Yong, Murong Xue and the others glanced at each other in bewilderment. Wasn’t this woman with the fox queen just now? Why had she rushed over too?


And based on how intimate she seemed with Ye Zichen….


“Ye Zichen!” Xue Beibei put her hands on her hips and shouted furiously. She knew about Xue Honghong and Ye Zichen’s ten-year promise, after all.


When he heard Beibei’s rebuke, Ye Zichen hurriedly pushed Chi Mei away. “Are we that close?” 


“Sob….” Chi Mei instantly burst into fake tears. She looked at him, her gaze aggrieved. “You don’t want me anymore? Big Sister Liu’er, he’s playing with my heart!”


Chi Mei covered her face and flung herself into Su Liu’er’s arms.


Ye Zichen looked up and saw Su Liu’er glaring back at him, her gaze full of killing intent. Beside her, Su Yan was looking at him too, but she seemed a little… disappointed? 


“Big Sister Liu’er, I’m so upset!” Chi Mei feigned sobs in Su Liu’er’s embrace.

 Su Liu’er patted her gently on the back, then glanced coldly at Ye Zichen….. “Mei’er, Little Yan, let’s go.”


She was in no mood to have any contact with Ye Zichen. To her surprise, however, Chi Mei wriggled free of her arms and ran back to Ye Zichen. “I don’t want to! I want to stay here! I have to keep an eye on all these fox spirits swarming around Ye Zichen! I have to see what kind of magic potion they fed my sweetie to make him not want me anymore!”  

As she spoke, she wept again, but Xue Beibei put her hands on her hips and shouted, “You’re the fox spirit, not us!”


“Hee hee, you’re awfully smart, aren’t you, little sister? That’s right, I am indeed a fox spirit, and a nine-tailed fox at that!” Chi Mei instantly stopped feigning tears. She let out a burst of crafty, strange laughter.


Xue Beibei didn’t quite know how to respond. She turned to Ye Zichen and glared at him. “She can’t stay here!”  

“Big Sister Liu’er, let’s stay here. Little Yan, you want to stay here too, don’t you?” laughed Chi Mei. 


“I….” Xu Yan hesitated, but said nothing. Suddenly, she received a transmission straight into her sea of consciousness. She froze, looked up, then nodded. “That’s right.”


When she saw Su Yan nod, Chi Mei reached out and patted Xue Beibei victoriously. “Little girl, this isn’t your Sea of Innocence. We can sit wherever we want.”


“Then we won’t be here. Come on guys, let’s go!” Xue Beibei’s temper flared. She got up to leave.


Ye Zichen felt like his brain was about to explode, but this was only just the start….


“How about we sit here too?” said a warm, feminine voice. The group turned to look and saw it was the demons’ Holy Maiden and her team.


“What’s going on this time?” Xue Mo and the others looked at each other, even more baffled than before.


“What are you doing?” Xue Beibei wanted to fight to protect her big sister’s romantic interest. Having Chi Mei was bad enough, yet now, the demons’ Holy Maiden had shown up.


“Oh? You’re here too?” said Chi Mei. She snorted, but didn’t seem all that surprised.


“You….” Ye Zichen felt like his brain couldn’t quite keep up with all that. That hooded woman’s voice, it sounded like….


“Long...Long time no see! You… have you been well?” As she spoke, the demons’ Holy Maiden lowered her hood, revealing a nervous, embarrassed face. 


Sun Yige.


As Ye Zichen looked at her, Sun Yige’s cheeks turned even redder.


She gnashed her teeth and averted her gaze. “Then… I’m sorry to bother you.”


Naturally, when she took a seat, she chose one near Ye Zichen.


“Interesting. Two souls?” Chi Mei chuckled, then followed Su Yan and took an unoccupied seat.


“Ye Zichen, I don’t like it here!” Xue Beibei seemed like she was about to cry. Her eyes brimmed with tears; she seemed utterly aggrieved.


Xue Mo reached out and patted Xue Beibei’s little head. “Enough, Beibei, don’t make a fuss. Switching seats at a time like this would be inconvenient for us too.”




Cup Mo relentlessly tried to soothe Xue Beibei’s emotions. At the same time, Chi Mei and the others surrounded Ye Zichen.


He felt as if his heart were being pricked by countless needles. He felt an inexplicable sense of disappointment. 


He almost thought she’d come back.


Her mannerisms were just like Sun Yige’s.


Ye Zichen looked at her sadly, his heart full of grief, but as soon as he turned away, he froze. He saw another young woman, smiling and waving at him.


“Hi! It seems your luck with women is as good as ever, huh?”

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