Chapter 1303 - The Clash Before the Competition

“The atmosphere in the arena’s heated up.”


Xue Mo looked at the teams of all three races as their emotions peaked, and shook her head despite herself. “Something like this ought to be lively!”


Suddenly, they heard someone speak up behind them. They whirled around and saw Qiu Enhuai had taken a seat, his gaze locked onto the arena’s entryway. “Those three represent the peak-level powers of their respective realms. According to rumor, the Four Directions Palace’s Liu Qing comprehended the true meaning of fire decades ago, and has long since become a diviner.”


The true meaning of fire.


When you mastered flame to its utmost limit, you would understand its true meaning. Ye Zichen couldn’t help but grin. To think that after all these years apart, Liu Qing had become this strong!


But then, Ye Zichen wasn’t all that surprised. Back then, when he’d reforged her body, her new body was already immortal, a peak sky immortal expert. That’s why the Six Realms Patroller took note of her and brought her to the God Realm.


That hooded woman is the Holy Maiden of the demons’ Nine Li Clan. She’s the youngest of the demons’ holy maidens, but also the most talented. She’s a diviner too,” continued Qiu Enhuai.


“As for that woman in the icy-blue robes, according to rumor, her nine-tailed fox bloodline is so pure that not even the current clan head can compete with her. She’s the most likely candidate to succeed the current clan head’s position. As for the two girls behind her, one is Su Yan. Her healing abilities are astonishingly powerful. The other is called Su Mei, but she…. Well, we have less information about her, and don’t particularly understand her.”


After Qiu Enhuai introduced the three of them, the Skyspan Academy students were too shocked to even speak.


All of these people had shocking backgrounds. No wonder the arena burst into uproar as soon as they entered.


More importantly, all three of them were diviners at the very least.


How could they compete with that?


Jiang Yong and the others’ gaze subconsciously flitted to Jiang Wei. They didn’t know his exact cultivation, but among them, he was the only one who might be a diviner.


As expected, Jiang Wei didn’t let them down. Although the three women entering the arena were overwhelmingly strong, he didn’t so much as bat an eye. He just sat there, clenching his sword and meditating.


“Hmph, what’s so special about that? If I, Big Sister Beibei, get angry, none of them could beat me!” Xue Beibei put her hands to her hips and snorted arrogantly.


After Beibei’s timely distraction, the tense atmosphere mellowed somewhat. 


The others smiled and nodded, affirming Beibei’s strength as unrivaled beneath the heavens.


“The Queen of the Foxes, Holy Maiden, I’m surprised your realms were willing to send you here.” Liu Qing stopped, ignoring the commotion from the stands, and turned to look at the other two women, a grin tugging at her lips.


“There are still people behind us who need to enter the arena, so our Four Directions Palace will go on ahead.” As she walked, Liu Qing summoned a massive wave of fire, so powerful, it seemed sure to burn the heavens and incinerate the earth.


“Hah….” For some reason, a cold laugh escaped Su Liu’er’s lips. A flurry of snowflakes materialized above her head. 


Beneath the baking heat of the flames, the ice melted into water, but in turn, it reduced the flames’ temperatures. At the same time, the ground beneath Liu Qing’s feet transformed into a stretch of ice.


On its surface were countless sharp needles. If Liu Qing hadn’t noticed and avoided them in time, she might have really hurt herself!


Liu Qing narrowed her eyes and saw that the ice was spreading from Su Liu’er’s feet. It had already encased practically the entire arena.


“The competition hasn’t even started yet. Are those three factions going to duke it out already?” Those already seated felt their hearts rising on tenterhooks. 


However, after covering the floor in ice, Su Liu’er simply turned to her companions….


“Little Sister, Mei’er, let’s go.” Her blue high heels remained completely stable despite walking on ice.


Although her way forward was blocked off, Liu Qing only laughed and shook her head. “The Queen of the Foxes is more domineering than I imagined!” 


The next moment, her gaze hardened, and a fiery dragon shot forth and melted the ice ahead of her, revealing the stone floors below. “Let’s go too.”


She’d broken through the ice so easily. The teams from the God Realm couldn’t help but shout excitedly.


Throughout this entire process, only the demon’s Holy Maiden and her teammates hadn’t spoken. Everyone present was eagerly waiting to see just what she had in store for them.


Just after Liu Qing left, the Holy Woman took action.


“How is she going to break this stalemate?” The audience wondered.


However, they were soon disappointed.


She didn’t reveal any flashy moves. She simply led her team across the ice. Even as she stepped across it, nothing unusual happened. 


Despite themselves, the onlookers were stunned. These three women represented their respective race’s top factions, and were their top geniuses. Everything they did, their every word, their every movement, had a dramatic effect on their teams, and even the entire event.


Yet she was just walking without doing anything out of the ordinary; that was tantamount to not reacting at all. Was she trying to hide her abilities?


“Your Highness Liu Qing, your seats have already been arranged.” Before Liu Qing took more than a few steps, a few Divine Martial Academy employees rushed over, gathered around Liu Qing, and guided her to her seat.


“.....” Ye Zichen was dumbfounded. Based on their direction, it seemed they were headed right towards them. 


By the time this thought occurred to him, the others noticed too. All the representatives of Skyspan Academy noticed Liu Qing’s direction.


“Isn’t she headed right towards us? But we don’t have any seats left over here, do we?” Luo Zi asked in confusion, but when he glanced around them……


“All of you, look around us!” 


The surrounding seats, which mere moments ago had been packed, were now completely empty. It was as if Skyspan Academy had monopolized this entire section of the stands, buying up every seat just for their twenty or so students. 


“What is Divine Martial Academy thinking?” Murong Xue couldn’t help but frown. Only the Divine Martial Academy, as the owners of the arena, could have arranged something like this. They’d obviously intentionally arranged for the Seventeenth Highness of the Four Directions Palace to sit with Skyspan Academy’s representatives. 


“Is it because the Divine Martial Academy recognizes our strength and thinks that, as fellow elites, we and Her Highness Liu Qing ought to sit together?” Li Hu laughed, his eyes practically popping out of his heads.


As soon as he suggested this, Jiang Yong voiced his agreement. “It’s entirely possible!”  

“Can you two quite being so stupid?” Xue Mo and Murong Xue were practically speechless, but before they could argue, the workers led Liu Qing right to them. 


“Your Highness Liu Qing, we’re Skyspan Academy’s Anti-Upheaval Society. I’m the leader, Xue Mo.” Xue Mo immediately greeted her with a smile and stretched out her hand, but Liu Qing didn’t even acknowledge her.


Instead, she narrowed her eyes at Ye Zichen. “You’re behind this, aren’t you?”


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