Chapter 1300 - Who is Jiang Wei?

Jiang Wei was coming back at this late hour, and in such suspicious attire at that.


Despite himself, Ye Zichen was stunned.


Ye Zichen flared his nostrils. From Jiang Wei’s body, he caught a hint of demonic energy.


“You…” When Jiang Wei entered and saw Ye Zichen, he froze despite himself, then turned and shut the door. His eyes glinted with sharp light. “Ye Zichen.”


“Jiang Wei.” 


They called each others’ names. Instantly, Jiang Wei, who’d always been as proud and aloof as could be, smiled. However, his smile contained a hint of icy sharpness. “Actually, I quite like you, but you just saw something you shouldn’t have…..”




Jiang Wei’s rusted sword suddenly left his side and revolved around him, formed a three-foot sword barrier.

 Ye Zichen frowned and pushed off the ground, retreating explosively, but soon found himself surrounded by sword light.


His thoughts raced like mad. 


Jiang Wei stayed out this late!


His body even emanated yao and demonic energy…..


“It can’t be!” Ye Zichen looked at Jiang Wei once more, only to find that the Sword Immortal was grinning with wanton arrogance, his rusted sword standing upright before him.


Instantly, countless fragments of sword energy knit together. They fused together, turning pure blue before Ye Zichen’s eyes.


Ye Zichen’s pupils constricted. He’d just realized that the interconnected sword energy was rushing towards him. 


“This is Skyspan Academy’s dormitory! Why would Jiang Wei dare attack me even here?”


Ye Zichen’s expression was grave. It was as he thought; Jiang Wei really did contain traces of yao and demonic energies.


He actually wanted to kill Ye Zichen right in the dormitory!


“I’ll activate my godhead and disperse the sword energy.” Ye Zichen roared to himself, but as soon as he tried, that deep blue sword energy flowed into him like a river of stars, piercing right through his godhead. 




“Brother Ye?”


“Zichen, wake up!” Voice after voice echoed through his ears. Ye Zichen slowly opened his eyes. The first thing he saw was Xue Mo’s anxious face. Jiang Yong, Murong Xue and the others were all watching him nervously.


“He’s awake!” Everyone instantly gathered around him. Ye Zichen frowned and looked around, then realized that he was lying in bed, incapable of rousing any power at all. His head ached like crazy.


Hadn’t he crossed blades with Jiang Wei? Then, why……


Ye Zichen suddenly saw Jiang Wei sitting out on the balcony, his rusted sword still in hand. He leaned against the railing and smiled back at Ye Zichen. 


  “He’s already awake, so let’s not just stand here,” said Jiang Wei. “We have to go to the lot-drawing ceremony soon. If we don’t go, we’ll lose our qualifications to compete. Really, you’re practically a diviner, yet you fainted. How pathetic…..”


Jiang Wei shook his head and left the room. Ye Zichen’s eyes widened. He shouted Jiang Wei’s name, but Xue Mo stopped him. “It’s okay. Although Jiang Wei’s words are a bit off-putting, he and the Navigators brought you here and healed you.”


“He….. healed me?” Ye Zichen knit his brows.


“That’s right! When he and the Navigators’ Xu Brothers came downstairs, they saw you lying on the floor looking as pale as can be. Your soul had practically shattered, and was on the verge of leaving your body. Jiang Wei fed you a Soul-Condensing Pill, then called us downstairs and went looking for Qiu Enhuai. It’s only thanks to him that your soul didn’t dissipate altogether,” said Xue Mo.


Murong Xue and Jiang Wei nodded along. “When we got here, your soul was severely damaged. Even with the Soul-Condensing Pill’s support, it showed signs of collapse. If not for Jiang Wei pouring divine power into your body, you wouldn’t have survived long enough for the vice-dean to show up.”


“So you’re saying that Jiang Wei saved my life?” Ye Zichen didn’t quite know how to take that. 


“That’s right.” Xue Mo and the few others remaining in the room nodded. 


“What a bunch of dog farts!” Ye Zichen couldn’t help but curse. He knew better than anyone whether Jiang Wei was his “savior” or not.


Jiang Wei was the one who’d attacked him! He’d practically shattered Ye Zichen’s godhead! Ye Zichen lost consciousness, and now, he woke up to this?!?


“Let me tell you, actually….” Ye Zichen was just about to tell them everything that had happened last night, but halfway through, he swallowed his words. 


Last night, Jiang Wei had tried to kill him. He had no doubt about that.


Furthermore, he’d sensed traces of demonic and yao energy on his person. If Jiang Wei left him alive, he had to have known what the academy would do to him. They might not kill Jiang Wei outright, but they’d at least take him in for investigation.


And yet, he was still alive, and Jiang Wei had even given him a Soul-Condensing Pill.


You had to be a class-twelve pill refiner to produce one. Jiang Wei had used such a precious medicine to preserve his life. Why go through such trouble just to put on a show? There was no need at all, was there?


Wouldn’t it have been better just to kill Ye Zichen outright? That would be simpler and cleaner.


Furthermore, just now, Xue Mo and the others had said clearly that he’d fallen into a coma due to a damaged soul. In that case, Jiang Wei’s attack should have targeted his sea of consciousness.


And yet, Ye Zichen clearly recalled it landing on his godhead.




In truth, Jiang Wei had used a spiritual attack. It attacked his spiritual sea directly. The attack on his godhead had only been an illusion. Ye Zichen was suddenly sure of it.


He furrowed his brows and asked, “Is Jiang Wei skilled at spiritual attacks?”


“That…” Jiang Wei looked at Murong Xue.


She frowned and said, “I’m not really sure, but I’ve never seen him use a spiritual attack. He’s always relied wholeheartedly on his sword. I’ve never heard of anyone else seeing him use a spiritual attack either!”


“Then do any of you know where Jiang Wei was last evening? And when he went out? Or rather, do you know where he was before he found me in the morning?” asked Ye Zichen.


“I know that one!” said Dai Xiaoyan, one of the Appearance Association’s golden flowers. She blushed and continued, “Yesterday, he went into seclusion around noon, and stayed there all day.”


“Are you sure?” Ye Zichen frowned. 


“Mhm. After lunch, he went straight into seclusion, and stayed inside until early in the morning. Until then, he didn’t take so much as half a step outside,” said Dai Xiaoyan confidently. 


“You can definitely trust that girl’s word about this. She’s secretly madly in love with Jiang Wei. If you want to know Jiang Wei’s whereabouts, I’m afraid she knows better than anyone.” Murong Xue teased her gently. Dai Xiaoyan’s face reddened in coquettish anger. 


When the others saw this, they couldn’t help but laugh. However, Ye Zichen’s eyes widened.


Jiang Wei had never gone out!


Then who was that Jiang Wei who’d showed up last night? A ghost?

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