Chapter 130 Fifty years of Lifespan

Chapter 130 – Fifty years of Lifespan

Is it possible!?

King Qinguang fell into deep thoughts as he looked at the message.

The Underworld ruled over the life and death of everyone in the mortal realm, a mortal’s lifespan was set from the moment they were born, there had never been any talk of adding lifespan.

However, he wasn’t sure of the other person’s identity if he was to refuse.

Since they could release him, they might be able to capture him again.

King Qinguang answered after thinking about it or a while, “Master, human lifespans are predetermined, we’re not in the place to casually add more, doing so will break the regulations.”

“Cannot casually add more means that you can. I was just asking if it was possible!”

Even White Impermanence was shocked by Ye Zichen’s strong attitude. She had never seen anyone who dared to speak like that to King Qinguang after so many years of being in the Underworld.

“King Chujiang, who exactly is this person? Didn’t you say he contacted you before?”

Since King Qinguang did not dare to make a retort against Ye Zichen, he could only look to King Chujiang.

“I don’t know either. At the time, White Impermanence said that someone could help elder brother out, so I contacted him. He said that he’s a mere mortal and discussed the conditions with me…”

“Mortal?” King Qinguang frowned. “What are the conditions?”

“He asked me of the method to revive someone who died before their time,” King Chujiang answered honestly.

“Adding lifespan for a mortal, and a way to revive a mortal…”

King Qinguang stayed silent for a moment.


The phone of White Impermanence, who was in the operation room, rang in a timely manner. When she took out her phone, she frowned a bit, “King Qinguang messaged to ask me.”

“Give it to me,” Ye Zichen reached out to take White Impermanence’s phone and looked at the message.

King Qinguang: What exactly is the identity of that master?

“King Qinguang, don’t try to get anything out of her. White Impermanence’s phone is in my hands. Give me an answer, is it possible!?”

Ye Zichen handed the phone back to White Impermanence after sending the message.

“It’s not so good for you to speak like that to King Qinguang using my phone, right?”

“What’s wrong with it?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows. “He wanted to get you to tell him. Even if I didn’t say that, would you speak casually?”

“Of course not,” White impermanence replied quietly.

“Then what’s the issue?” Ye Zichen shrugged.

King Qinguang, who was within the first hall of the Underworld, was instantly shocked when he saw White Impermanence’s reply.

“He actually used White Impermanence’s phone. How could a mere mortal touch an item of the Underworld?”

“Elder Brother, if it’s no good, then just add it,” King Chujiang advised.

“How is that alright, it will be trouble once again if the Heavenly Court finds out,” King Qinguang was rather hesitant.

“What are you afraid of, just tell that master about the trouble in doing so. Since he’s so amazing in the Heavenly Court, there shouldn’t be any issues.”

King QInguang was stunned for a moment hearing King Chujiang’s words.

His words made quite a bit of sense!

“Master, it’s not impossible to add years to the lifespans for mortals…”

“Tell me everything.”

King Qinguang got slightly annoyed when he saw Ye Zichen’s strong reply.

F*ck, I have been a Yama King for such a long time and even the Jade Emperor doesn’t dare to speak to me like that.

“Elder Brother, don’t get angry.”

King Chujiang quickly advised when he saw King Qingung’s terrible expression.

“The Underworld is under the management of the Heavenly Court. If I casually add lifespan to a mortal, then the Heavenly Court might very well use it as an excuse to do something. Recently, the relationship between the Underworld and the Heavenly Court is very strained.”

“I’ll take responsibility if anything happens.” Ye Zichen replied without thinking. “Just add it, if the Heavenly Court really dares to seek you out for trouble, then tell me, I’ll deal with all of it for you.”

The two Yama Kings were shocked when they saw this reply.

Truly an air of dominance.

From that person’s tone, he didn’t think much of the Heavenly Court at all.

Just what sort of person could be like this!

Since they had this master’s verbal promise, King Qinguang also clenched his teeth.

“Alright, who does master want to have lifespan added to.

“Yang Yushi of Huaxia’s capital. Her father is Yang Zhen, I want to add fifty years of lifespan to Yang Yushi!”

“No problem, please wait a moment.”

King Qinguang directly went to get the Book of Life and Death. Ye Zichen let out a sigh of relief and looked at Yang Yushi, who was lying on the bed without moving, with a sigh.

“You’re so amazing, you actually got King Qinguang to submit.”

White Impermanence exclaimed at the side.

Meanwhile, the little ghost girl, Liu Qing, also floated out and eyed Yang Yushi, was was lying on the bed, “You’re about to successfully pick up a girl again.”

“Girl, why are you always focusing on me picking up girls?” Ye Zichen looked up with a playful smile. “You can’t have fallen in love with me, right?”

“Tsk, shameless,” Liu Qing snorted with a pout. “I’m telling the truth. Girls know that a hero saving the beauty is very cliché, but they still can’t help but fall for the hero. You saved Yang Yushi, adding onto the fact that you two have a story, do you think she’ll be able to forget about you after this?”

“I won’t let her know,” Ye Zichen’s expression revealed a hint of sadness. “I won’t affect her life. Since Yang Zhen has already the path that he thinks will make his daughter happy for her, I will not destroy it.”

Anyone could hear the loneliness in his words, while Liu Qing stuck out her tongue and floated obediently to the side.

White Impermanence was shocked for a bit, but did not say anything.

All of a sudden, only tension and the cold remained in the emergency room, without anything else.


Ye Zichen took out his phone after a long silence.

King Chujiang: Master, we have already added lifespan for Yang Yushi.

Ye Zichen pursed his lips with a smile as he touched Yang Yushi’s forehead, before he shrugged towards Liu Qing and White Impermanence, “Let’s go.”

“You really aren’t going to stay here? If the person she sees immediately is you…”

Ye Zichen interrupted Liu Qing before she finished, “I said it already, I won’t destroy her fate.”

When Ye Zichen left the operation room without any reluctance to part, Zu Siliang immediately walked over to him, “How is it?”

Ye Zichen immediately squinted his eyes when he saw this man, then lifted him by the collar with both of his hands.

“Take care of the woman inside properly. If she gets into any more danger, I won’t let you off regardless of your identity.”


Ye ZIchen left Zu Siliang fall onto the floor, while the surrounding  bodyguards already surrounded Ye Zichen with hostility.

“What, you’re worried about your master?”

“Back off.”

Zu Siliang roared after standing up. When the surrounding bodyguards backed off, he smiled apologetically and walked in front of Ye Zichen, “Thank you.”


Ye Zichen glanced at Zu SIliang coldly and looked around.

“Where’s Wu Deyou?”

“I already dealt with him. “Zu Siliang said softly.

Ye Zichen’s expression relaxed a little when he heard this, “I’ll treat it as you having a brain.”

“How are you speaking to Director Zu?”

“Ancestor? [1]” Ye Zichen smiled. “That’s your ancestor, not mine, move to the side.”

Ye Zichen pushed the angry-teenager-like bodyguards away, then turned around to leave. However, at that very moment, the closed door of the operation room…


  1. Director Zu (祖总) is homophonic with ancestor (祖宗)

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