Chapter 1296 - Reforging the Yiyuan Soul Pearl

Reforging a magic treasure.


In truth, Xuan Ji had planned this in advance. Of course, if not for Ye Zichen’s relationship with Ye Rong, she wouldn’t have cared.


But given that this was her dear friend’s treasured son and that he called her ‘Auntie,’ she naturally had to do a little something for him.


“Reforge the Yiyuan Soul Pearl?” Ye Zichen couldn’t help but frown. He’d inherited the memories of his past life as the Yellow Emperor, and he had deep feelings for the Yiyuan Soul Pearl.


Although its artifact spirit, Tenner, didn’t communicate with him as much as Xuan-Yuan Xiang did, he knew that Tenner was constantly watching out for his soul and protecting his sea of consciousness. 


If they reforged the pearl, that meant that everything about it would be wiped clean and built anew.


Naturally, that would also mean reforming the artifact spirit.


“You don’t want me to?” Xuan Ji held the Yiyuan Soul Pearl and laughed. “Don’t you know that, earlier today, that man broke through your sea of consciousness?”  

Ye Zichen naturally understood that. That middle-aged man’s spiritual attack was highly effective against him specifically because it could break into his sea of consciousness despite Tenner’s protection. Had the Yiyuan Soul power been stronger, it could never have happened.


“Someone broke through your sea of consciousness?” Ye Rong was startled. The soul and sea of consciousness were cultivators’ foundations. If someone broke past this line of defense, it put the cultivator in an incomparably vulnerable state. Enemies could even go through the spiritual sea of consciousness to seize control of your body and make you into a puppet!


Furthermore, damage to the sea of consciousness could render you incapable of comprehending the dao of heaven and earth, resulting in your cultivation stagnating.


Naturally, when she heard that someone broke into Ye Zichen’s sea of consciousness, Ye Rong was visibly horrified.   

“Don’t worry. I was there. How could I let anything happen to him?” Xuan Ji noted Ye Rong’s expression and understood her concerns, so she immediately reassured her. Next, she turned to Ye Zichen and said, “The former Yellow Emperor forged this magic treasure, but at that time, he hadn’t even become a supreme. A divine-grade soul-protecting artifact, down in the Lower Realms where he lived, was naturally invincible. But you need to understand that you do not live in the Yellow Emperor’s era, nor are you in the Lower Realms anymore. You’re now a sky supreme, and your opponents will be other sky supremes and diviners. At your level, the Yiyuan Soul Power’s spiritual defenses are no longer of much use to you.”


Ye Zichen was well aware that Xuan Ji was right. He’d long since realized that the Yiyuan Soul Power was struggling to keep protecting him.


However, although Tenner had struggled, this was his first time letting an opponent break into his spiritual sea. 


That middle-aged man’s spiritual attack had completely shattered Tenner’s defenses, putting Ye Zichen in an incomparably precarious position.


“I’m already working as hard as I can,” said Tenner piteously.


“Of course I know that,” said Ye Zichen, smiling back at him.


“This is your best opportunity to reforge the Yiyuan Soul Pearl. If you don’t, you might as well just skip using an artifact to protect your soul altogether. Relying on his meager defenses is no different from having no protection at all.”


“Listen to Auntie Xuan Ji. Defending your sea of consciousness is no small matter. If you reforge your divine artifact, you can increase its level and guarantee your spiritual sea’s safety,” chimed in Ye Rong.


In her eyes, nothing mattered as much as Ye Zichen’s safety.


Even so, Ye Zichen couldn’t make a decision right away. Instead, his gaze landed on Tenner’s floating artifact spirit. 


Tenner was looking right back at him. In the boy’s immature features and dark eyes, Ye Zichen saw unspoken hurt, as if he’d been deeply wronged. But he also saw an internal struggle.


From the moment Tenner first came into existence, he knew that his mission was to protect his master’s sea of consciousness.


He’d followed Ye Zichen throughout nine reincarnations and had never once let him down.


But now, in this lifetime, Ye Zichen’s cultivation increased without end. Even Tenner himself was aware that his power was no longer sufficient. 


Ye Zichen’s opponents were getting stronger and stronger, and their spiritual attacks were getting more and more vicious.


But Tenner was still his usual self. He…. couldn’t protect Ye Zichen anymore.


He was now unqualified to protect his master. He could no longer guarantee the safety of his master’s soul.


He’d worked really hard, but in the end, he was still too weak.


He felt aggrieved but also self-recriminating.


When Xuan Ji suggested reforging him, he was mostly inclined to agree. As a defensive divine artifact, his mission was to protect his master’s safety no matter what. He was no longer capable of fulfilling his only mission, so reforging himself was his only hope.


But reforging meant his consciousness would disappear, taking with it all his memories. 


He didn’t want to forget all he’d been through with his master, and more than that, he didn’t want to forget….


That house, and the girl with whom he’d piled up firewood. Back then, they’d been close as could be. They said they’d be friends forever. 


He’d agreed and promised to be her friend forever….


But now, it looked like he’d have to break that promise.


“....I....” After looking Tenner in the eye for a long while, Ye Zichen decided not to reforge him.


Although soul-protecting divine artifacts were rare and precious, so long as he was alive, he had hope of finding one of a sufficiently high grade to protect him. However, if he reforged the Yiyuan Soul Pearl, Tenner wouldn’t be Tenner anymore.


“I agree.” However, before Ye Zichen could open his mouth, the Yiyuan Soul Pearl’s artifact interrupted him. Tenner pressed his lips into a smile and floated up to Xuan Ji. 


“As a defensive divine artifact, protecting my master will always be more important than anything else. Right now, I can no longer guarantee your safety, and my weakness has put you in peril. I’ve failed at my mission. I am willing to be reforged and protect your spiritual sea and soul once more.” The Yiyuan Soul Pearl’s artifact spirit, Tenner, looked like a young boy, but as he spoke, he looked utterly determined. That kind of resolve looked out of place on a child so young.


Ye Zichen, who’d been just about to refuse Xuan Ji’s offer, knit his brows and tried to connect with Tenner’s consciousness.


“I’ve already decided.” Tenner flashed him a radiant smile at the sight of Ye Zichen’s distress. “Thank you for trusting me for so long and for forgiving my mistakes. You brought me into existence, and I’ve worked hard to prove that that was the right decision. Reforging is an unavoidable turning point in my life. I just didn’t expect it to happen so soon. I am your soul-protecting divine artifact, and protecting your soul and consciousness is my top priority. Please, respect my choice, and let me be reforged.”


“What a good child.” Xuan Ji couldn’t help but sigh. “While reforging you, I’ll do my best to preserve your memories, but…. I can’t guarantee I’ll preserve them.”


“No need. Please just focus on making me as strong as possible. Memories are the product of experience. After reforging, I’ll have plenty of time to form new memories.” Although Tenner smiled and sounded determined, his gaze contained a hint of despondence. “She’s the only one I can’t let go of. I’m sorry; I have to break my promise to you.”

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