Chapter 1290 - The Amnesiac Liu Qing

Quite a few people on both sides of the streets, including the people watching from the stores’ roofs, gathered to watch the spectacle.


Ye Zichen clutched the cell phones and shouted himself hoarse. He couldn’t understand why Liu Qing was insisting she didn’t know him.


He was certain he wasn’t mistaken. Whether it was her appearance, her mannerisms, or her presence, they were all ample proof that the girl before him was none other than that little ghost girl who’d always tagged along after him. 


Back then, she’d been so anxious for Ye Zichen to come up to the God Realm to see her. She’d even told him she’d wait for him.


But why was she pretending she didn’t know him now? 


“Liu Qing, I’m Ye Zichen!” Ye Zichen couldn’t understand, so he roared once more. Liu Qing froze, and his words echoed through her mind…


“I’m Ye Zichen!”


“I’m Ye Zichen!”


“I’m Ye Zichen!”


The same words reverberated through her mind. She stared at him in a daze….


Emotions wouldn’t deceive you. Based on this stranger’s attitude, they really were acquainted, so why was it that she didn’t remember him? Why could she remember who this man who called himself “Ye Zichen” was?


“The name Ye Zichen seems awfully familiar. Why can’t I remember it?”


“No, I definitely know it. I’ve definitely heard the name ‘Ye Zichen’ before. But why? Why can’t I remember anything?”


Liu Qing lightly knit her brows, her cold aloofness now mixed with faint confusion.


The name “Ye Zichen” really did feel familiar, but she simply couldn’t remember where she’d heard it before. 


“Liu Qing!” Ye Zichen shouted again.


Liu Qing narrowed her eyes and looked up. “Ye Zichen? Who’s that?”  



“You brat, I’m going to kill you!” Before they could react, the youth Ye Zichen had tossed aside glowered hideously, his hands on his sword, and he slashed at Ye Zichen from a distance. Sword light flew towards him, but just as it was about to land on Ye Zichen, golden sword light appeared and blocked it. 


“Kid, what are you doing? You almost died just now. Don’t you know that?” Xuan-Yuan Xiang’s rebuke reverberated throughout Ye Zichen’s sea of consciousness. Ye Zichen, who’d almost been stunned out of his wits, came back to his senses. It was only then that he noticed the hideously glowering youth who’d attacked him. 


“Big Sister Xiang, thank you.” He smiled appreciatively, then seized control of his emotions. Despite himself, he glanced at Liu Qing once more.


She’d really forgotten him.


She wasn’t pretending, either. She’d truly forgotten him. 


“What’s going on?” Ye Zichen’s heart gradually sank, and his brows knit tightly together.


Had she lost her memories? 


Was this some sort of idol drama? Everyone here was an immortal, or rather, a god. How could she possibly be suffering from amnesia?

 Ye Zichen licked his lips and hesitantly stepped forward.


“Don’t come any closer.” Liu Qing’s emotions weren’t all that stable right now. 


Ye Zichen took note of this, stepped, and tried to comfort her. “Liu Qing, don’t get over-excited. You lost your memories, right? I can accept that, but let me tell you, we really do know each other. If you don’t believe me, go back and ask Brother Twelve.  Cui Twelve…. You surely haven’t forgotten him, too, right? You two were always together.”


“You know Brother Twelve?”


“Of course! The two of us really know each other too. I don’t know why you lost your memories, but I can guarantee that we really, truly, absolutely know each other.” 


“To the right!” Xuan-Yuan Xiang suddenly called out a warning. Ye Zichen turned just in time to see the youth, who hadn’t learned from what happened last time, about to attack him again.


“Scram!” He kicked the youth right in the gut. Right now, Ye Zichen was preoccupied with Liu Qing’s memory loss. Yet this moron couldn’t read the situation and stubbornly insisted on making trouble.


The youth slammed hard into the ground once more. Liu Qing saw this, but she didn’t so much as frown. 


“Liu Qing, talking more might be useless now. Once you go back home, ask Cui Twelve and everything should clear up. He knows some of what happened between us.”


“Alright, I’ll go back and ask Brother Twelve.” Liu Qing nodded.


“Then how about we exchange contact information? That’ll make it more convenient….” Ye Zichen took out his transmission slip, but before he could get any further, Liu Qing coldly cut him off. 


“No need. I’ll go back and ask Brother Twelve. It’s possible that we really do know each other. But even if we do, I don’t remember you anymore. There must be a reason for that. If part of me doesn’t want to remember you, then there’s no need for us to get reacquainted.” 


“No way…” Why was all this happening so suddenly?


Were all women’s thoughts so terrifying?


Ye Zichen wanted to explain himself, but after giving it a moment’s thought, he gave up on the idea. The current Liu Qing obviously felt repulsed by him, and he had no idea what had caused her to lose her memories. 


If he continued pestering her, he’d just make her current “affability level” for him plummet. 


“Then if it’s fated, let’s meet again.”  

“No, it’d be best if we never met again,” said Liu Qing. 


Ye Zichen trembled inexplicably, then laughed bitterly. He didn’t argue, and instead slipped his hands into his pockets and walked away.


However, before he’d taken more than a few steps, he felt a chill from behind, then heard Liu Qing’s high-pitched shout. “Zhao Sheng!”


“Die, you scum!” 


Despite taking repeated beatings, the youth had still come back for more.


This kind of relentless determination was worth learning from.


But Ye Zichen had long since run out of patience. 


Ye Zichen crouched and dodged the youth’s sword, then took hold of his ankle and dragged him to the ground. His left foot stomped down on the youth’s wrist, and when he dropped his sword, Ye Zichen grabbed it. He held the sword against the youth’s throat.


The youth felt the sharp edge of his sword against his adam’s apple, so close, he could feel it slicing through his skin. Drops of blood seeped from the shallow gash. 

 Ye Zichen glared down at him. The youth felt as if he’d been plunged into an icy abyss. He soon started shaking uncontrollably.


“If you want to die, just say so,” said Ye Zichen. “I’ll kill you painlessly. There’s no need to provoke me repeatedly like this.”


“Impudent! Who dares harm students of our Four Directions Academy?” Someone roared from down the street. The crowd turned their heads to look and saw an older man in blue robes striding towards them.


Ye Zichen took stock of the situation and removed the sword from the youth’s throat. The youth rushed up to the approaching man and ducked behind him.


“Seventeenth Highness.” The middle-aged man greeted Liu Qing first, then glanced at the youth.


The youth let out an aggrieved cry. “Second Uncle!” 


The middle-aged man took note of the youth’s injuries. His eyes narrowed. “You dare injure students of our Four Directions Academy? You’ve really got gall!”


The man’s gaze landed on Ye Zichen. He waved his hands, and a wave of heat hit Ye Zichen right in the face. 


Ye Zichen somersaulted backward and used the youth’s sword to block the heat. The sword cut through it, but the pieces still slammed into his chest. Despite his best efforts, blood leaked from the corners of his mouth. 

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