Chapter 129 Adding lifespan, is that possible!

Chapter 129 – Adding lifespan, is that possible!

Within the emergency operation room of the First People’s Hospital.

When the pacemaker lost all its use, and when the wave on the monitor turned into a straight line, everyone in the emergency room turned silent.

“I want to know who pulled the silver needle from this girl’s body,” Elder Deng’s expression was black as he scanned everyone in the room.

“Is no one going to own up?”

The atmosphere turned even more tense. After a long while, Wu Deyou walked forward tremblingly, “Elder Deng, it was me!”

“Great,” Deng Cheng nodded towards him and said. “The only reason this girl could hang on was because of that silver needle, you did great…”

“Elder Deng, I…”

“No need to say anything to me, go and explain it to her family members.”

With that, the lights in the operation room dimmed down, while Elder Zheng walked out from the operation room first.

“Zu Siliang!”

Ye Zichen rushed to the outside of the emergency room with red eyes.

Zu Siliang’s instantly lowered his worrying face when he saw Ye Zichen, “Sorry…”


Ye Zichen directly punched Zu Siliang’s face with enough force to cause blood to gush out of his mouth.

“Sorry, you only know how to say sorry. Just what can you do?!”



The door to the operation room opened, and Elder Deng walked out from within.

The face of this titan-class person was filled with depression since the operation failed.

He was already prepared to endure the curses of the family’s members, but when he lifted his head, he saw hope instead.

“Lil’ Ye.”

Ye Zichen looked up and saw Deng Cheng’s surprised expression.

This geezer was truly unfortunate.

If this continues, then his title of being a genius might get ruined.

“Your operation failed, right?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and walked in front of Deng Cheng. “With your medical ability, you shouldn’t have made that sort of low-leveled mistake. Tell me, who was it that pulled my silver needle out.”

“The person who did the acupuncture was you.”

Deng Cheng’s eyelids jumped. He had taken a look at the acupuncture therapy when Yang Yushi was brought over.

Nine Yang Life Continuation Acupuncture Therapy.

This was an acupuncture therapy that he had only seen in medical books.

At the time, he had wondered which master performed it, he didn’t think that it was actually this young fellow.

“What do you think?” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes. “Just who pulled it out!”

At this moment, Wu Deyou also walked out of the operation room with a tremble. When Deng Cheng glanced over at him, Ye Zichen immediately understood.

“Supervisor Wu.”

“Why are you here?”

Wu Deyou and Ye Zichen had a small grudge, causing his eye to jump a bit when they met.

“You are the patient’s family member?”

“I am the person that did the acupuncture!”

Ye Zichen’s eyes reddened, then immediately punched his nose.

As blood flowed out down from Wu Deyou’s nose, Ye Zichen glared at him and cursed, “You don’t know shit, you’re just a doctor that knows about ‘unspoken rules’, I’m telling you, Wu Deyou I’m not done with you…”

With that, Ye Zichen turned around and walked towards the operation room.

Under Elder Deng’s signal, none of the hospital staff blocked Ye Zichen’s path. Right before he entered the operation room, he turned around and shouted at Zu Siliang, “Do what you should do!”

“Understood!” Zu Siliang nodded, then walked towards Wu Deyou.


Wu Deyou’s legs weakened and kneeled onto the floor.

He understood. His future was over.

When Ye Zichen walked into the operation room, he saw that the situation was different from that of Elder Su’s. He didn’t see Yang Yushi’s soul within the operation room.

“You finally came, I waited for you for a long time,” White Impermanence suddenly popped out form the wall. She should have reaped Yang Yushi’s soul ages ago, but Ye Zichen told her to wait, and she wanted to see him quite a bit, so she didn’t do anything.

“Yang Yushi’s soul…”

“It’s still within her body, I didn’t start to reap it yet,” White Impermanence said softly. Of course, Ye Zichen could not tell whether she was smiling or not since she wore a large white hat.

“Her time is up?”

“Mhmm,” White Impermanence nodded. “I already checked the Book of Life and Death before coming here. Her lifespan is indeed up.”

Lifespan is up.

This meant that she was fated to get into this trouble.


Ye Zichen swore silently in his heart, if it wasn’t because that piece of crap, Zu Siliang, couldn’t protect the silver needle; if Wu Deyou didn’t touch it like a bitch, she wouldn’t have ended up like this.

He could ask from the Great Sage for Peaches of Immortality to lengthen someone’s life, but he needed Nine Soul Reincarnation Pills from Old Lord Taishang for a deceased soul.

Great Sage was already, but Old Lord Taishang…

Their relationship was truly tense.


King Chujiang: King Qinguang has returned safely. Thank you.


Ye Zichen looked up at White Impermanence, “King Qinguang has returned to the Underworld. Don’t reap the soul, just stay with me here for a bit, this person will have a longer lifespan later.”

“King Qinguang returned?” White Impermanence was shocked. “You really saved him!?”

However, Ye Zichen already stopped talking to her, and instead started chatting with King Chujiang concentratedly.

“I want to speak to King Qinguang.”


After King Chujiang replied, another message appeared in the chat not long later.

“I am King Qinguang!”

“I am the person that aided you in returning to the Underworld!”

Within the first hall of the Underworld, King Qinguang looked at King Chujiang as he looked at the message on the phone.

“Big bro, this person did contact me and said that he can help you out.”

Thinking back to what Erlang Shen had said to him at the South Heaven Gate in the Heavenly Court. King Qinguang’s expression tensed up, then replied.

“You and Erlang Shen…”

“I told Erlang Shen to release you.”

Ye Zichen deliberately replied in a cold manner.

“Thank you so much.”

King Qinguang definitely said it sincerely. Although the Heavenly Court didn’t manage to get any dirt on him, if Heavenly Court really wanted to lock him up for several hundred years…

He really couldn’t do anything.

Especially when the Heavenly Court and the Underworld were in a very tense relationship. If he became the fuse and the two sides fought…

Recently Kṣitigarbha [1] was in closed door cultivation, while the Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heaven and the Ghost Emperors of the Five Directions were also in closed door cultivation.

Since he was in charge of the Underworld right now, if something really happened while he was in charge…

Then he would be in huge trouble.

“No need to use excessive words of thanks.”

Ye Zichen deliberately portrayed himself to be colder and more mysterious. Meanwhile, King Qinguang also felt a sense of awe when he saw the reply.

“Understood, I wonder if you…”

“I need you to help me out right now!”

“Please speak.”

King Qinguang and King Chujiang were unsure of who exactly the other person was, especially since he had such close ties in the Heavenly Court.

They really didn’t dare to act arrogantly.

“Who is in charge of the mortal realm’s Book of Life and Death in the Underworld?”

“That would be me.”

“Good.” Ye Zichen made up his mind, “I need you to add a bit of lifespan for a mortal in the mortal realm, is that possible?”

“Add lifespan?”

King Qinguang was surprised, this was a situation that hadn’t appeared in the Underworld for at least ten thousand years.

“Yes, add lifespan, I’m just asking you if that’s possible!”

  1. A bodhisattva who swore to never be able to achieve Buddhahood until every single layer of Hell was emptied

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