Chapter 1289 - I Don’t Know You

Ye Zichen frantically rocketed through the streets of Heavenly God City, his gaze involuntarily fixed on where the woman up ahead had disappeared. 


Just now, right as he’d prepared to go inside, he caught a glimpse of Liu Qing walking past the alleyway. There was no way he’d been mistaken. He was certain that this really was Liu Qing.


That’s why he gave up going inside Xuan Ji’s residence and instead dashed after Liu Qing.


However, when he emerged from the alleyway, Liu Qing had already disappeared without a trace.


“Where on earth did she go?” Ye Zichen had gone looking for her. He had already lost track of how many alleyways he’d passed. There was a sea of people everywhere, and no matter how hard Ye Zichen tried, he couldn’t locate Liu Qing. 


“That pearl is awfully pretty.”  

“Miss, you’ve got good eyes. Grandmaster Gan produced it. It’s called the Divine Accumulation Pearl. If you were it on your person, it can increase your affinity for divine power. This our….”


“You’re selling an item that good at a place like this?” 


Although the streets were bustling, Ye Zichen still heard every word of this conversation. He whipped his head around and saw a girl in a blue, flower-print dress holding a crystalline peal.


If the pearl was really as the storekeeper said, it was an impressive divine artifact.


It wouldn’t necessarily wind up at auction, but at the very least, a street vendor like this shouldn’t have such a treasure in its inventory.


When she saw through his lies, the storekeeper’s expression froze awkwardly. He’d assumed this girl was the young lady of some prominent family, ignorant of the world, so he’d decided to see if he could squeeze a fortune out of her. 


“Then, miss, what do you say….”


“Why should I have to say anything? You’re the one selling it. Naturally, you’re the one who has to name a price. If I think it’s suitable, I’ll buy it. If I don’t, I’ll leave. That’s all there is to it.”


“Three thousand aureus.” The vendor gnashed his teeth and spat out a price.


The girl chuckled and put the pearl back on the counter. 


“Wrap that pearl up for me.” As soon as she put it down, the handsome youth beside her strode forth.

 The vendor, who thought he’d failed to make a sale, was stunned to realize that someone else had taken the bait instead. He didn’t hesitate, and hurriedly did as his new customer asked.


This was nothing but a decoration. At most, the pearl would give off cold energy. But it was still nothing but an ordinary cold-absorbing device; selling it for three thousand meant an enormous profit.


“Your Divine Accumulation Pearl, Sir.” The vendor handed it to the youth with an obsequious smile. 


The youth then passed it onto the girl. “Qing’er, for you.”


“Apprentice Brother Zhao, this is a treasure worth three thousand aureus. You’d best keep it for yourself,” said the girl. She opened her folding umbrella, then left the stand without so much as looking back.


When she turned around, Ye Zichen caught a glimpse of her profile….


“Liu Qing.” Ye Zichen dashed forward and took her hand. Shocked, she dropped her folding umbrella to the four, then whipped around. Their eyes met.


Her eyes were full of shock. Ye Zichen couldn’t help but laugh. “I’m here for you.”


A hundred years ago, Ye Zichen had promised to go looking for her in the Divine Realm, but so much had happened since then. As a result, this was his first time seeing Liu Qing since they’d last parted.


Still, Ye Zichen trusted that given the depths of their shared feelings, there was no need for words. 


He spread his arms to embrace her, only to see her surprise gradually change to terror, then disgust. 


She pulled her hands away from him, retreated several steps back, and glared at him. “Who are you?”


Those three, short words seemed to plunge Ye Zichen into the abyss. He looked intently at her eyes. They were full of confusion and bewilderment. 


I knew it. She must be mad that it took me so long. I can’t blame her either. It was a full hundred years! Furthermore, I only met her by coincidence thanks to the upcoming Battle of Geniuses.


Just how precious was one hundred years to a girl? Ye Zichen knew how important that time was.


“Enough, don’t be angry. I know I’m late, and I’m really sorry, okay? How about this? I put up a cell network around the God Realm not long ago. I’ll give you a phone. Here, see what kind you like best!”


Ye Zichen took out a few phones he’d set aside for her and handed them over. When she saw them, Liu Qing’s gaze frosted over. She reached out and slapped Ye Zichen viciously across the cheek.  “Hooligan!”


At the same time, the youth who’d tossed good money away to buy a “treasure” for Ye Zichen walked over and stood between them. He pushed Ye Zichen several steps back.


“Who exactly are you?”


Liu Qing’s slap had completely stunned Ye Zichen. He clenched the phones gently, and despite the youth now standing between them, his gaze never left Liu Qing. 


“Liu Qing, what are you doing? This… back then, you used to lie in my bed and play with these all day, didn’t you?”




The youth’s expression instantly darkened. Out of the corner of his eyes, he glanced at the phone screens. “You’re saying that my Junior Apprentice Sister is interested in such filthy things?”  “Who are you? This has nothing to do with you. Scram!” Ye Zichen pushed the youth away. 


The youth’s expression darkened as he emitted a wave of silvery light, pushing Ye Zichen back. Quite a few passersby felt there was something off about the situation, and many had gathered around to watch the show. 


“Come here and beat him up!” 


As soon as the youth gave the word, four men appeared in front of him. Based on their divine power fluctuations, it was clear to onlookers that they were all at least sky supremes. 


That youth’s attendants were all sky supremes. He obviously had an exceptional background. 


“Liu Qing!”


“Hit him!”


The youth and Ye Zichen spoke practically simultaneously. The attendants’ expressions grew serious and they rushed at Ye Zichen.


“Scram!” A few sky supreme attendants were nowhere near enough to threaten Ye Zichen. He waved his arms and sent each flying with a slap. Their faces were swollen, and they’d even lost a couple of teeth.


Ye Zichen paid them no heed. He continued forward, step by step.


“You, stop right there!” The youth grabbed Ye Zichen’s shoulder.


Ye Zichen’s expression darkened, and he seized the youth’s arm. The youth instantly sensed his extraordinary power. 


“Scram!” Ye Zichen shouted and flung the youth down the street. He continued walking until he was roughly thirty feet from Ye Zichen, then stopped, his eyes full of confusion. “Liu Qing, have you had enough of this yet?”


“I don’t know you,” said Liu Qing seriously. 


“What nonsense is this?” Ye Zichen glared, eyes wide, and roared, “I’m Ye Zichen. Don’t tell me you don’t recognize me!”

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