Chapter 1288 - Gone Missing?

The ‘lady of the house’?


Based on the title alone, she was absolutely no ordinary woman.


That was no nonsense, either; for a ruler to refer to her respectfully as a “lady,” it would be weird if she were ordinary.


In Ye Zichen’s memories, only the Lady Providence was worthy of such a title….


Of course, there was also the Queen Mother from the Heavenly Court. She was called “Lady” sometimes too.


But the Queen Mother should still be in the Lower Three Realms. Could it be that the person who wanted to see him was really Lady Providence?


Although he was curious, Ye Zichen didn’t ask. He could tell that this mustached guy had no particular desire to speak with him. 


But he was surprisingly considerate; he placed a seal, blocking off the heat emanating from the red-headed man. The red-headed man deliberately withdrew his fiery aura, too. All of this was to make Ye Zichen more comfortable.


“These experts are awfully kind!” Ye Zichen thought to himself.


They took the air, the scenery changing rapidly beneath them. Roughly an hour passed.


Heavenly God City was the God Emperor’s capital, and it was forbidden to fly there. However, when the guards saw the mustached man, none of them dared stop him. They simply allowed their group to fly unimpeded. 

 They flew all the way until they reached a residence. Only then did the mustached man lower them to the ground.


“The lady is waiting for you inside. We’d best not go in, though, so we won’t see you inside.” He smiled at Ye Zichen, glanced pointedly at the red-haired man and Qiu Enhuai, and the three of them rushed off, leaving Ye Zichen there on his own. 


“Why are they in such a rush to get away?” Ye Zichen watched them fade away. He wasn’t quite sure what to say. He didn’t rush into the building, but rather, walked around it a few times first.


This wasn’t considered downtown. In such a crowded, bustling city, the residence would have been awfully difficult to find.


Especially since its perimeter was lined with high-class seals; it was completely impenetrable. Although the walls were only two meters tall, even if you jumped over them, you wouldn’t be able to see anything inside. As for who this residence belonged to, Ye Zichen had no way of knowing; the gates were unmarked.


“Everyone else left. It must be okay if I don’t go in either, right?” Ye Zichen licked his lips. But when he considered that he wasn’t familiar with the city, didn’t know where the Divine Martial Academy was, and that whoever was searching for him was undoubtedly a mighty and influential figure, he decided he’d best not wander off. He should just go inside.


But just as Ye Zichen considered pushing open the door….


He caught a glimpse of a figure out of the corner of his eye. Although he only caught the barest glimpse of her, he stopped pushing on the door, gave up any intentions of going inside, and dashed after her. 


“Xuan Ji, how about I wear this? Would that be okay?” Right on the other side of the wall, a graceful woman in a long dress asked carefully. There was another woman in front of her, dressed in white, her expression exasperated.


“You’re just meeting your son. So long as you have something on, who cares what you wear? You’ve already tried on dozens of different outfits, and gone through practically every article of clothing I have in the house. Is there really nothing you’re satisfied with?”


“Aren’t I just nervous? I haven’t seen Zichen in a hundred years!” This self-professed nervous woman was none other than Ye Zichen’s mother, Ye Rong. As for the impatient woman she was interrogated, that was the number one expert under the God Emperor, the highest leader of the Profound Pavillion, the Lady Providence, Xuan Ji.


“The Lord of Seven Stars gets nervous too? Were you this nervous when training your Saints Palace’s diviners and rulers?” Xuan Ji twisted her lips, not quite sure of what to say. “This outfit is quite good, so stop fussing. I only have so many clothes, and judging from the time, your precious son should be here any minute.”  

“Fine, as you say.” After a moment’s hesitation, Ye Rong nodded and decided to heed Xuan Ji’s words. However, even after deciding on her outfit, she found herself pacing through the courtyard.


It had been a hundred years since she’d seen Ye Zichen, but there hadn’t been a single night she hadn’t lain awake thinking of her child.

 They were just about to reunite, so she was struggling to control her excitement. 

 “The Lord of Seven Stars of all people….”


Xuan Ji couldn’t help but shake her head and sigh. However, she said nothing. She could understand Ye Rong’s emotions. It was a little like when she’d encountered the reincarnated Xia Liuli back in the Lower Realms, the current Xia Keke. She’d felt much the same way.


They were reuniting after a long separation, and they were close family! 


“Something’s not right. Mustachio should have gone to pick up Ye Zichen an hour ago. Given their speed, they should be here by now. Why aren’t they here yet?” Xuan Ji furrowed her brows.


“Could they have run into trouble on the way?” asked Ye Rong in obvious concern. 


“My esteemed Saint of Seven Stars, this is the Divine Capital. Not even the demons’ Demon Emperor the yao’s Yao Emperor would dare cause trouble here. What possible trouble could they have run into? Besides, I sent Mustache and the God of Fire. They’re the strongest of my sixteen divine generals. Even if you’re worried about your son, you ought to stay realistic.”


Xuan Ji sighed in utter exasperation, then took out her transmission slip. “While I ask Mustache where they are, you hurry up and get your emotions or control. After all, you’re a mother, and the Lord of Seven Stars at that. Quit acting like a mortal.”


Ye Rong knew she’d been overly sensitive, so she nodded and sat by the stone table.

 Xuan Ji narrowed her eyes and sent her a message. Before long, the slip flashed, but when she saw the message, she couldn’t help but knit her brows and send her divine awareness outward.


Before long, she rushed to her door and pushed it open.


“He’s not there!” She frowned, then grabbed the transmission slip and sent the mustached man another message.


He was currently eating and drinking in a restaurant. When he saw the message, “He’s not here. Where did you bring him? Where are you now? Hurry up and come see me?” he immediately leaped to his feet. 


Qiu Enhuai and the God of Fire couldn’t help but ask, “What is it?”  

“You guys stay here and eat. The Lady is looking for me!”




“Is something wrong?” Ye Rong noted Xuan Ji’s solemn look and asked.


“Mustache says Ye Zichen already arrived, but he’s not there,” said Xuan Ji. Ye Rong’s expression immediately changed. Noting this, Xuan Ji added, “Don’t worry. That kid of yours was probably just curious about the city and went wandering off. You wait here; I’ll go find him for you.”


“I’ll go with you.”  

“You just sit tight and wait. This is the capital! The capital! You’re from the Society of Saints. The Society of Saints! Do you get what I’m saying? You’d best sit here and wait. Heavenly God City is my territory. I can definitely find your precious son and bring him back safely.”


With that, Xuan Ji disappeared from her residence, then deliberately locked onto the building with her divine awareness. She was worried that Ye Rong, out of concern for Ye Zichen, would leave the premises. 

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