Chapter 1287 - A Bunch of Spoiled Brats You Can’t Afford to Offend

The God Realm’s Central Divine Mountain. 


The foremost of the nine Divine Mountains, the other eight surrounded it. The Central Divine Mountain was the unquestioned heart of God Race territory.


The Central Divine Mountain had seven major cities. Each was shaped like a hexagon, and all were large enough to house a trillion cultivators.


Heavenly God City was the capital of the Central Divine Mountain, and it was located right in the mountain’s center.


The most elite of the God Race’s warriors lived here, as well as countless powerful factions. 


The relations between the various factions were complex and multifaceted, but their highest leader was unquestionably Zhou Wu, the current God Emperor. He oversaw everything from his Divine Palace.


The Battle of Geniuses at Divine Martial Academy was to be held in the capital city, where the academy was located.


Meanwhile, in the wilderness outside of Heavenly God City...


The motley ancient trees practically reached the heavens. This was an entirely undeveloped territory. The birdsong and fragrant flowers were pleasing, and animals that didn’t quite qualify as yao were all over the place, shuttling through the wounds. It seemed like this was pure, untouched wilderness the gods had deliberately left for them.


Suddenly, something seemed to startle them, and the forest animals scattered in all four directions. 


Next, the air above the wilderness distorted violently.


A pitch-black wormhole appeared overhead, and before long, a group of people stepped out. These were none other than the representatives of Skyspan Academy.


“It seems we got out of there alive after all.” When they took in the delicate fragrance of the forest, the students couldn’t but sigh.


Although the teachers accompanying them didn’t make it as obvious, it was obvious from looking at their eyes that they were relieved to be alive as well. 


Their journey through the wormhole hadn’t gone as smoothly as they’d imagined. 


Although they’d used the best, most expensive resources available to them and had even had ten diviners join forces to build it, they’d still overestimated its stability.


Halfway through, a large portion of the wormhole had collapsed. Had the space been just a little more chaotic, they would have found themselves tossed into the Outside. Fortunately, they had a ruler, Qiu Enhuai, overseeing the situation. He’d stabilized the wormhole somewhat, and no one wound up swept into the chaotic space Outside. 


Once they’d left the wormhole, Qiu Enhuai didn’t lead the students further ahead.


After a few breaths of time, the space in front of Ye Zichen and the others collapsed outright. After experiencing broken space inside the wormhole, everyone instinctively retreated several steps backward.


Before long, a red-haired, beefy man stepped out of the spatial rift. 


When he appeared, the surrounding temperature shot up, and everyone felt a wave of heat hit them right in the face.


There was also a man who looked like the Maitreya Buddha, except with a handlebar mustache. 


“Ol’ Qiu, you’ve kept us waiting an awfully long time!” The mustached man laughed and stepped forward, but his gaze was somewhat reproachful. From his tone, he was obviously long-acquainted with Qiu Enhuai.


“We encountered problems inside,” laughed Qiu Enhuai. 


“Did I ask you about that? In any event, you make me and the God of Fire wait for days. Shouldn’t you compensate us?”


“Yes, yes, yes,” Qiu Enhuai shook his head and said, “But first, you’d best take us to the Divine Martial Academy. Our students have just experienced quite a bit of trouble, and we have to let them rest up.”


“That’s only natural.” The mustached man smiled, reached into the sky, and, shockingly, plucked a brush out of mid-air.


He dipped his brush in the air, then made a few brush strokes in the sky. Several “八’s” appeared in the air, the character for “eight.” They were the exact same shape as his mustache. His brush disappeared, and he said, “Everyone, get on board. I’ll take you straight to the Divine Martial Academy, and someone will arrange residences for you.”


What kind of divine ability was that? 


Ye Zichen and the others stared at the semi-transparent “eights.” They hadn’t realized that the man who looked like  a mustached Buddha was actually a ruler-level expert too.


Qiu Enhuai nodded at the students, who knew better than to doubt him. They each hopped on board a character. 


“Excuse me, Little Friend?” The mustached man suddenly reached out and interrupted them.


Everyone looked over and saw that the man was pointing to Ye Zichen. The students arched their brows in surprise, while Ye Zichen pointed at himself in confusion. “Me?”


“That’s right; I’m talking to you.” The mustached man nodded. “I don’t have a character for you, so you stay behind. In a bit, I’ll take you somewhere.” 


“....” Ye Zichen was baffled, but he still got down. Once he stepped off, he realized that it was just as the mustached man had said: there were just enough characters for everyone….except him.


“Senior, where are you taking Ye Zichen?” Xue Mo asked in concern. 


The mustached man furrowed his brows, but when he saw the faint imprint on her forehead, his brows instantly relaxed. He wanted to laugh, but felt like that would lower his status…. “I naturally won’t hurt him. Besides, your vice-dean will be accompanying us. What is there to worry about?”


Qiu Enhuai felt the inexplicable urge to laugh. He was sure that the mustached man had realized who Xue Mo was. In truth, as a ruler-level expert, he could ignore the scions of powerful clans if he wanted.


Any ruler was an existence worthy of awe and respect. However, the daughters of the Xue Family were an exception…


It wasn’t because of their dad, but rather because the Sea of Innocence had Zhao Qianhe!


“What are you standing around for? Hurry up and send the two Xue brats off,” said the mustached man through a transmission.


Qiu Enhuai glanced back at him surreptitiously, then nodded. “All of you, go with him to the Divine Martial Academy. We have a reason to keep Ye Zichen back, but once it’s settled, we’ll send him to the academy to meet with you.”


Xue Mo nodded lightly, then obediently boarded the “eight” character and disappeared into the distant sky.


The mustached man sighed in relief. “Why are the two brats of the Xue Family here too? Ol’ Qiu, you sure have guts! Do you know what’s hiding behind the Battle of Geniuses? If anything happens to them, a certain someone is going to cut you up.”


“Would you believe if I said that certain someone insisted on this?” said Qiu Enhuai helplessly.


“Really?” The mustached man froze. 


Ye Zichen was eavesdropping, but he was totally lost. He was as curious as could be, and although he knew these were all esteemed experts and that as a junior, he ought to quietly wait for them to finish up….


“Hey, seniors. What are you talking about?”




How impudent!


Why were modern youths so ignorant of rules and propriety?  

But what could they do?  

He couldn’t afford to offend this little brat either!


The man with the handlebar mustache felt awfully suffocated despite being a ruler. He should never have come in the first place. He shouldn’t have sent someone else to deal with this brat.


“It’s nothing, little friend. Let’s go; the lady of the house wants to see you.”

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