Chapter 1286 - You Must Walk Through a Wormhole

“You’re all here.” 


Qiu Enhuai stood in front and looked at the gathered student societies. When he noticed that Di Long was among them, he still said nothing. He simply turned to the teachers behind him and nodded.


Six of them immediately stepped forth. 


An endless stream of materials appeared out of thin air. Before long, they started circulating their divine power in unison.


There was no need to even imagine how strong the combined might of over a dozen diviners was. The students could only watch the flashing lights in a daze. 


When the lights dispersed, a pitch black worm home stood before them. It seemed intent on devouring its surroundings. 


Just as the students were wondering what it was for and why the teachers had made it, Qiu Enhuai said, “We’ll be taking this wormhole to the Central Divine Mountain.” 


They froze. “We’re taking a wormhole?”


Wormholes formed connections between distant realms, but they all knew that wormholes were unstable. If they broke in route, you’d get lost in the Outside, beyond the scope of the Upper Three Realms. 


If you wanted to travel within the Divine Realm or between Divine Mountains, you could take a spatial transfer formation. Those were, naturally, far more stable.


Wormholes, whether you judged based on their speed or their stability, were thoroughly inferior to transfer formations. Especially a wormhole like this one, which had only just been formed. Who knew if the space inside was in chaos or not? Now they were supposed to give up on the transfer formations and go through the wormhole to the Central Divine Mountain?


If this weren’t Skyspan Academy’s main campus, they might have suspected that Qiu Enhuai was an imposter. 


“Can’t we use our Divine Mountain’s spatial transfer formation? Why should we risk going through a wormhole?” Pang Zheng of the grizzly bears knit his brows. He couldn’t for the life of him understand what Qiu Enhuai was thinking.


Wormholes were just far too unstable and unpredictable. He didn’t want to get stuck in turbulent space if the connection broke, doomed to wander the Outside forever.


“I can’t explain, but if you want to go to the Central Divine Mountain, you must go through this wormhole.” Qiu Enhuai glanced at Pang Zheng flatly, then walked right into the hole.


“Hurry after me. We only just formed this wormhole, so the entire isn’t entirely stable. If you fall behind and the space shatters around you, I can’t take responsibility. Of course, if you don’t want to go, you can back out. No one will stop you.”

 With that, Qiu Enhuai stepped into the wormhole, and a few of the teachers followed. A few remained behind, most likely to carry up the rear.


None of the students had moved. Finally, Jiang Wei of the Navigators was the first to step up and go inside.


“You must go through this wormhole.” Ye Zichen recalled Qiu Enhuai’s earlier words, especially that “must”.....


“Let’s go, then. With the vice-dean around, there shouldn’t be any problems. He won’t play games with our lives,” said Xue Mo. 


Jiang Yong and Murong Xue smiled in response. “Let’s go then. If Momo isn’t afraid, we’ve got nothing to fear either.”


There weren’t many people in Skyspan Academy who knew of Xue Mo’s true status, but Jiang Yong and Murong Xue were among the lucky few. Their families were on good terms with the Sea of Innocence, and Murong Xue had even played with Xue Mo as a child.


Murong Xue had said that just now because Xue Mo was the second daughter of the Sea of Innocence’s Xue Family. If she wasn’t afraid, what did the others have to fear?


It was only natural that she’d say that after considering Xue Mo’s status. 


Everyone from Anti-Upheaval, the Aspirations Society, and the Appearance Association went inside, one after the other. Finally, only the Grizzly Bears remained in the arena. A long time passed, but they were still hesitant.


“Are you coming with us to the Central Divine Mountain? If not, we’ll go on ahead,” said the teachers remaining behind. Their tone was somewhat unfriendly; this wormhole was the product of their joint efforts. While they didn’t dare say it was one hundred percent stable, they were still confident in their work.


Everyone had gone in by the Grizzly Bears. That meant they didn’t have confidence in the wormhole.


Or did they think they were too good for this?


Were they too afraid to die?


“Society Head, are we going on?” a member of the Grizzly Bears looked at the wormhole and gulped continuously. 


It wasn’t just Pang Zheng; the others didn’t want to go in either!


You could say that birds of a feather flock together. The people who gathered around Pang Zheng were all the same type as him.


“Are you going in or not?” the teacher pressed them once more.


Pang Zheng stared intently at the wormhole, gnashed his teeth, and said, “We’ll go through the spatial transfer formation.”  

“Hmph. Why didn’t you say so earlier? You just wasted all that time. If you want to go that way, go ahead. If you make it to the Central Divine Mountain, we’ll see you at the Central Divine Mountain’s Divine Martial Academy. I wish you luck.” With that final remark, the last remaining teacher went into the wormhole.


Pang Zheng watched them disappear into the wormhole, his expression unsightly. He knew that his choice would leave a poor impression on Qiu Enhuai and the teachers, but….


“Traveling by wormhole? My life isn’t so cheap.” Pang Zheng muttered to himself, then turned to his companions, including Di Long. “Let’s go to the transfer formation.”


The teachers all disappeared into the wormhole. Once they’d gone inside, it started sealing up. This wormhole was one-time-use only. After this journey, they’d never use it again.


When the teachers entered, the students inside were stunned, and Qiu Enhuai knit his brows. “What’s going on?”


“That kid from the Pang Family wants to go to the Central Divine Mountain through a transfer formation. He’s not willing to enter our wormhole,” said the teacher with a cold laugh.


“Then just let them go,” said Qiu Enhuai.


Based on their conversation, the spatial transfer formations were still usable. However, everyone had already gone inside, so it was pointless to object even if they wanted to leave. Still, Jiang Yong asked without thinking,  “Vice-Dean, why did we have to go through a wormhole?”  

“That’s right, Vice-Dean, tell us! In any event, we all already went inside,” chimed in Li Hu.


Qiu Enhuai sighed and said, “It’s best you don’t know too much, but I can tell that going through the wormhole was Senior Apprentice Brother Cui’s decision.”


The “senior apprentice-brother” Qiu Enhuai was referring to was none other than the true dean of Skyspan Academy, an expert even stronger than Qiu Enhuai. 


However, he was typically wandering outside the academy. That meant that Qiu Enhuai was in charge of most of the academy’s affairs, both big and small.


After hearing that it was Dean Cui’s decision, Jiang Yong and the others arched their brows despite themselves.


Ye Zichen, who’d been pondering this all the while, couldn’t help but ask, “Then will we encounter danger?”


Qiu Enhuai didn’t try to hide it. “We might, or we might not. Either way, traveling by wormhole was the most appropriate decision.” 


Qiu Enhuai stabilized the space around them alongside the teachers, then looked over the student society representatives. “Forget it. Let me warn you, though: once we reach the Central Divine Mountain, you must proceed with the utmost caution. This battle of the Three Realms’ geniuses isn’t as simple as you imagine.”

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