Chapter 1283 - The Top-Five Student Societies, Decided

Sword energy swept across the stage.


Ye Zichen’s sword energy seemed even stronger than Jiang Wei’s, stirring up fierce winds in its wake.


“What exactly is happening?” The audience put their hands over their eyes to protect them from the sharp sword intent’s powerful winds. 


However, the overflowing sword energy was so intense that anyone beneath the sky supreme level couldn’t even bear the aftermath. The winds threatened to blow them away.


For those only slightly above that level, although they could endure, it was incomparably difficult.


“Aspirations Society, Anti-Upheaval, Appearance Association, get behind me and Murong Xue.” The instant the winds appeared, Jiang Yong and Murong Xue came up with countermeasures. Their hands linked as they formed a barrier, while members of the three societies gathered behind it.


“Everyone from the Grizzly Bears, over here.” Pang Zheng’s expression grew solemn. He reacted immediately, raising his right hand to block the wings, an incomparably sinister look on his face. 


“That kid….” The Xu Brothers gulped furiously. When they next looked at Jiang Wei, their expressions contained even more respect than before.


No wonder Jiang Wei chose not to challenge Anti-Upheaval! It turned out Anti-Upheaval wasn’t as weak as they expected.


The other student societies each made their choices. Instantly, the entire venue lit up with countless lights. 


Qiu Enhuai could no longer just sit and watch. He waved his hands and sealed off the area in which Ye Zichen was fighting. No more sword intent could escape the stage. Only then did the pressure on the students decrease.


At the same time, he directly blocked what remained.


Once he dispersed it, the Proud Heaven platoon leaders, who’d been thrown into the air, slammed back to earth. Their bodies were riddled in horrifying wounds that gushed fresh blood.


The rest of the Proud Heavens Society rushed to their aid. Di Long, meanwhile, glared at Ye Zichen and roared, “Are you trying to start a feud between our student societies?” 


His subordinates turned and glared as well, their viciousness and fury practically reaching the heavens.


Anti-Upheaval did not back down, however. They gathered in front of Ye Zichen and glowered right back.


Both groups glowered murderously. A fight could break out at any moment.


“Society Head Di Long, what do you mean?” Ye Zichen, who had already turned away from them, sensed his murderous intent from behind. He turned around, his expression utterly cold as he said, “Five of you ganged up against one of me. I was at an absolute disadvantage. Would you be reacting this way if I were the one injured?”  

“This was just supposed to be a knockout fight…”


“And I did in fact knock them out,” Ye Zichen coldly interrupted him. “If this weren’t just a knockout battle, do you think…. They’d still be alive?”


Ye Zichen’s expression suddenly darkened, and he snorted, “You agreed to act as the Grizzly Bears’ dogs without first understanding the situation, now you’re trying to bite me? Do you think I, Ye Zichen, am so easy to bully? This time, you lost. If you really want to keep fighting, then…. Fine. Who’s next?”


“You damn brat! You’re seeing death!” Di Long roared and, disregarded his injuries, lunged at Ye Zichen.


However, Qiu Enhuai appeared and blocked him. “This is Skyspan Academy.”  

It was just one simple sentence, but it was enough to bring Di Long back to his senses.


That’s right! This was Skyspan Academy, not the Di Family estate. And this old man blocking his path was a true blue ruler-level expert. He couldn’t afford to act up here.


“You lost the battle just now. Five people took the stage, so you no longer have the qualifications to compete. I shall now announce the results: Anti-Upheaval won their match against the Proud Heavens Society. Do any other student societies want to issue a challenge?”  

The remaining societies fell silent. A challenge? Who could possible be that stupid?


Di Long and the Proud Heavens Society were once members of the top-five. Their comprehensive power far exceeded any ordinary student society. However, just now, all five of them had gone up at once, yet in the end….


They suffered a downright piteous defeat!


Wasn’t challenging Anti-Upheaval tantamount to suicide?


Ye Zichen’s attack had changed everyone’s view of Anti-Upheaval in an instant. He was a new student, so he wasn’t on the individual leaderboards, but after what happened today, he was sure to enter the top ten, or maybe even the top five.


After Upheaval’s disastrous loss not long ago, other people thought them easy to bully, but…


After this fight, no one dared overlook Anti-Upheaval’s status as one of the top five student societies. 


A full fifteen minutes passed. The arena was quiet. No one dared issue a challenge.


Qiu Enhuai took one last look around, then made his final decision.


“The teams chosen for our upcoming battle on the Central Divine Mountain are now settled: Anti-Upheaval, the Aspirations Society, the Grizzly Bears, the Appearance Association, and the Navigators. All of you, meat here tomorrow, and I’ll take you to the Central Divine Mountain.” After Qiu Enhuai made this announcement, a curtain fell on the entire event.


The Proud Heavens Society, who’d suffered bitter defeats twice in the row, looked like a bunch of trounced roosters. Expressions dark, they left the arena. The rest of the student societies soon followed. 


“Platoon Leader Ye!” Anti-Upheaval, meanwhile, were as excited as could be. They dashed up to Ye Zichen in high spirits. 


Ye Zichen’s attack had shown his strength in the most direct way possible, and had shown the rest of the student societies Anti-Upheaval’s strength in the most direct way possible.


Every student society needed someone whose name was enough to instill terror in people’s hearts, but in the past, Anti-Upheaval lacked such an expert.


But now, they had one, and his name was…. Ye Zichen!


Quite a few student societies took the initiative to come and congratulate them. With Ye Zichen around, no one could afford to overlook or disregard Anti-Upheaval anymore. 


He would naturally leave handling them up to Chen Guangfa. He was a bit cowardly, but he was meticulous and good at this sort of thing. 


“Brother Ye, you hid yourself awfully deeply,” Jiang Yong laughed and approached. “I never underestimated you, but after your performance today, I can’t help but sigh with admiration.”


“Brother Jiang, you’re exaggerating,” laughed Ye Zichen.


“Platoon Leader Ye, wasn’t that Jiang Wei’s attack you used just now?” asked Li Hu. “Just now, I’m afraid you were even more imposing than he was, and by no small margin either.” 

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