Chapter 1282 - Deja Vu

“It’s just like the rumors say. You really are brazenly arrogant.” The Proud Heavens Platoon Leader’s expression wasn’t particularly friendly, and his voice carried a hint of a threat as he looked at Ye Zichen.


Who did he think he was? Jiang Wei?  

He was arrogant enough to challenge them all at once? 


Even if their society leader, Di Long, was too injured to fight, all the Proud Heavens platoon leaders participating in the ranking battle were seventh and eighth stage sky supremes. 


“Yinian, go find Di Long, and tell him….” Pang Zheng called Chen Yinian over and whispered a few words in his ear.


When Chen Yinian heard his orders, he was stunned. “That’s… not really okay, is it?”


“There’s nothing wrong with it. He asked for this himself. All we’re doing is adding fuel to the fire,” said Pang Zheng. Chen Yinian took in his calm smile, then after a moment’s hesitation, he did as he was told and approached the Proud Heavens’ Society.


“Look!” Luo Zi noticed and pointed at him. “Chen Yinian went over to talk to Di Long.”


“The Proud Heavens has secretly always been close to the Grizzly Bears. There’s nothing strange about them being together,” said Jiang Yong. 


“No, just now, I noticed Pang Zheng call Chen Yinian over and whisper something to him. Chen Yinian only went to visit the Proud Heavens Society afterward.” Luo Zi frowned. “I think something’s going on.”


Meanwhile, Chen Yinian approached Di Long and repeated what Pang Zheng had said. 


Di Long furrowed his brows at Chen Yinian. “Did Ol’ Pang really say that?”


“Those were the society head’s exact words.” Chen Yinian nodded.


“Got it.” 

 Chen Yinian left. The various members of the Proud Heavens Society snorted and shouted, “We don’t need to do all that just to….”  “Wait, wait,” just as the platoon leaders started yelling, Di Long raised his hand and said, “Since Anti-Upheaval’s Platoon Leader Ye said that, we’ll naturally take him up on it.”


As he spoke, the other Proud Heavens platoon leaders walked into the arena, strange expressions on their face.


Based on this, it was obvious to everyone that the Proud Heavens Society was really going to it!  

“They’re really all fighting him together. They’re still a top-five society, sort of. Don’t they have any shame?”  

“What are you saying? Didn’t that kid from Anti-Upheaval say it himself? He brought this on himself with his own arrogance. How can you blame the Proud Heavens Society for this?”


“I’m just a bystander, not a part of either society. Logically speaking, the Proud Heavens Society really is a little over the line here.”


The students chattered amongst themselves, unable to reach a consensus. Back in Anti-Upheaval’s camp, the fiery-tempered Li Hu was on the brink of explosion. 


“For god’s sake, doesn’t the Proud Heavens Society have any shame left? They’re even brazenly sending up all of their platoon leaders. In that case, why don’t we just have a group battle?”  

Luo Zi, who was comparatively steadier, narrowed his eyes and nodded. “I imagine that this is what Chen Yinian sought out Di Long for. As for Li Hu’s suggestion, I’m all for it.”


“Pang Zheng!” Xue Mo narrowed her eyes at the Grizzly Bears’ leader, Pang Zheng. Coincidentally, he was looking right back at them.


Pang Zheng chuckled  and said, “Your Platoon Leader Ye brought this on himself, so I don’t think the Proud Heavens Society is doing anything wrong. Brother Ye, why aren’t you saying anything? Weren’t you the one who asked them all to fight you at once? Acting like this is so embarrassing! You’re the one who got all full of yourself. But I trust that Di Long will be magnanimous. If you all really want to fight together, I doubt he’ll object.”


“That’s only natural,” Di Long chuckled. “If our brothers and sisters from Anti-Upheaval really want a group battle, I’ll agree.”


Di Long and Pang Zheng were in complete agreement. There was no way the Proud Heavens would fear a group battle.


After all, their comprehensive strength was superior to Anti-Upheavals by no small margin. A group match would only increase their odds of victory.


“Let’s go! If you want a group battle, you’ll get one!” Li Hu raised his axe and jumped on stage, his entire body emanating murderous intent as he faced the Proud Heavens Society. The others immediately followed him.


“Why are you here? Hurry up and go back. Do I need all of your help to take on a bunch of weaklings like them?” Ye Zichen immediately tried to send his teammates back.


Next, he turned to the Proud Heavens platoon leaders and clucked his tongue. “I’m surprised; you really did decide to fight me all at once. But this is good too. If I take you all out at once, won’t the others who’ve been eying our position give up?” 


Ye Zichen smiled at the student societies in the audience, then turned to Li Hu and the others and gestured for them to return to their seats.  “Go back. Leave me here; I can take care of it on my own.”


“Platoon Leader Ye!”


“Go back!” Ye Zichen left no further room for arguments. Li Hu and the others could only swallow their bitterness and return to the audience.


“Dean, wasn’t it supposed to be one on one? Is this really okay?” Even back in her seat, Xue Mo was still worried about Ye Zichen, so she went after Qiu Enhuai instead.


“This….” Qiu Enhuai didn’t dare agree. He was absolutely the most suffocated ruler of all.


“Xue Mo, don’t’ you trust me?” Ye Zichen glanced at her. Xue Mo’s lips quivered and she didn’t know what to say. Before she could respond, she heard Ye Zichen say, “If you trust me, just sit back and watch. Do you trust me?”


“Alright.” As Ye Zichen watched, Xue Mo bit her lip and stopped bearing down on Qiu Enhuai.


But she and her companions still tightly clenched their weapons. If Ye Zichen couldn’t take his opponents, they’d rush on stage immediately.


Qiu Enhuai immediately relaxed, and when he looked at Ye Zichen, he seemed somewhat pleased.


That kid’s not bad! He saved me twice already!


Who cares if he wants to fight a crowd? Might as well get it over with!  

Once his teammates were back in their seats, Ye Zichen’s posture relaxed, and he hooked his finger at the Proud Heavens platoon leaders. “Come on, then.”


The platoon leaders were still somewhat hesitant. Ganging up on someone was really unsightly. But in the end, they were still Proud Heavens’ platoon leaders, and they took orders from Di Long. Although they’d get no satisfaction from this fight even if they won, they still had to fight.


“My apologies,” said one of the platoon leaders, apologizing in advance as he attacked without mercy.


Ye Zichen just stood there, not moving an inch. He watched the platoon leaders charge in calmly, but just as his teammates started to sweat, the rest of the audience’s expressions changed….


Hadn’t they seen something like this before?


This was just like what happened when Jiang Wei faced Di Long. Now, Ye Zichen was doing the same against the Proud Heavens’ five platoon leaders.


Could it be?


Just as this thought appeared in everyone’s heads, a smile tugged at Ye Zichen’s lips. “You lost.”


That familiar line echoed through everyone’s ears. They watched as Ye Zichen turned and looked away from the platoon leaders, not sparing them another glance. 


He glanced at the Navigators’ Jiang Way, who nodded back at him. 




Countless streaks of sword energy whirled around the Proud Heavens’ platoon leaders, just like when Jiang Wei fought Di Long….


Exactly the same!

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