Chapter 1280 - The Terrifying Jiang Wei

After fusing with his Earth Dragon Beast Soul, Di Long’s face and hands were all covered in hideous ironback earth dragon scales.


Vicious, bestial energy surged out of him. As it enveloped the crowd, quite a few revealed terrified expressions.


Eyes red, Di Long roared and lunged at Jiang Wei, leaving deep footprints in the earth below.


He swung his fist.


The fist stirred up howling winds, and the onlookers could dimly discern the attack’s path. Space itself seemed to crack and distort around it. 


“That’s a Earth Dragon Beast Soul! Where on earth did the Di Family find such a high-grade beast soul?” Xu Chao couldn’t help but furrow his brows. Despite knowing Jiang Wei was the one on stage, he couldn’t help but break out in cold sweats.


Jiang Wei still just stood there, unmoving, watching Di Long’s fist draw near and taking in its strength.


“Could Jing Wei lose his undefeated title here?” Although they knew the possibility was low, quite a few students were wondering this.


The way they saw it, Di Long was also one of the top five students on the individual leaderboards. The difference between two of the top five shouldn’t be all that large.


Besides, the top five had never actually duked it out. The school decided their rankings based on their calculations. 


Now Jiang Wei and Di Long were fighting for real.


Di Long’s first stirred up winds. It was utterly imposing, while Jiang Wei had still done nothing to prepare for it.


Maybe Di Long could really win!


Their reasoning wasn’t unreasonable; anyone capable of entering the top five of the individual leaderboards was a chosen of heaven. Or you could say, everyone in the top ten was roughly on the same level.


But that was only true from ranks two to ten!


“You lost.” At that moment, Jiang Wei sighed, speaking for the first time since the start of the match. He looked away from Di Long’s fist and turned around. 


Alongside his cold, aloof voice, the crowd saw a hint of lamentation in his eyes.


What was he lamenting?


Was he lamenting that Di Long was too weak to satisfy his desire for battle?


But Jiang Wei hadn’t moved a muscle since the start of the match, and his sword never left its sheathe. Why did Di Long fall in defeat for no reason?  

Everyone from student societies out of the top five furrowed their brows in confusion.


Even the heads of the top-five student societies furrowed their brows in concentration as they pondered what Jiang Wei had done. They glanced at Di Long, too, searching for clues about what had happened to him.


“What kind of joke is that? Die!” Jiang Wei’s words started Di Long for a moment, delaying his attack. However, he felt nothing out of place. He glanced at his body and found it fully intact, and his eyes flashed with a vicious light. He swung his fists at Jiang Wei’s head….




A splash of blood hit him in the face. In the blink of an eye, countless streaks of sword energy slammed into him, removing his scales one by one.


They clattered to the ground, and fresh blood gushed onto the arena’s floor. Di Long stumbled and fell several minutes backwards.


Just as he was about to collapse, a faint bloodstain appeared on his throat.


It was faint, as if the wound had just barely cut the skin around his throat. But it was obvious to everyone that Di Long was lucky: lucky this was just a school competition. If this were a true life or death battle and that slice were even just a hair deeper….


Di Long would have died. 


“What on earth just happened?” The students looked on, their eyes wide with bewilderment.


The heads of the top five student societies narrowed their eyes, their expressions grave.


“What’s going on? Did any of you see Jiang Wei attack?” Li Hu looked around, his eyes wide as dinnerplates.


Luo Zi and the others shook their heads. They’d watched the entirety of Jiang Wei and Di Long’s match. Furthermore, they feared their naked eyes weren’t fast enough to catch Jiang Wei’s movements, so they even locked onto the two combatants with their divine senses.


Even so, they caught no signs of Jiang Wei’s movements. 


“Although we’re also in the top five of the individual leaderboard, and even though it hurts to admit it, we’re far inferior to Jiang Wei.” Jiang Yong of the Aspirations Society sighed, his expression solemn. Murong Xue nodded despite herself. 


“That Jiang Wei….” Ye Zichen couldn’t help but sigh. Images of Jiang Wei’s attack echoed through his mind.


None of them had seen Jiang Wei’s movements?  

But Jiang Wei had in fact moved. However, he’d formed a sword through sheer sword intent, and his movements were so fast it was difficult to catch them even with divine sense.


“In half a breath of time, he swung his sword three hundred and ninety-four times. Jiang Wei really is scary,” muttered Xue Mo.


Ye Zichen was surprised that Xue Mo had caught all that.


He was now a peak ninth-stage sky supreme, a half step diviner. Furthermore, he was already enlightened in terms of sword intent. Otherwise, he would never have been able to catch Jiang Wei’s movements.


Xue Mo was just a third-stage sky supreme….


He glanced at her and saw an imprint on her forehead. Standing next to her, a similar imprint had lit up on Xue Beibei’s forehead.


“Bloodline power! It’s really enough to make a guy jealous!” Ye Zichen couldn’t help but butter to himself.


In any event, the experts naturally took note of Jiang Wei’s tactics. As for the ignorant onlookers, they were still at a loss. However, even they were exclaiming over Jiang Wei’s strength.


They didn’t know what Jiang Wei had done, but they knew….


Jiang Wei was strong!


“I said you lost, so you lost,” said Jiang Wei, still facing away from Di Long. “Next….”


Someone from Proud Heavens rushed forward and shoved saint-grade recovery medicine into Di Long’s mouth. When he looked at Jiang Wei, his eyes were full of terror.


“We admit defeat,” shouted one of Proud Heavens’ platoon leaders. Given the circumstances, they had no choice but to admit defeat. 


The rules allowed for Jiang Wei to stay on stage and continue fighting, but Di Long was their student society’s top expert. If even he wasn’t Jiang Wei’s opponent, the rest of them were even less capable of contending with him.


When he heard Proud Heavens admit defeat, Jiang Wei clutched his rusted sword and walked toward the rest of the Navigators without so much as sparing them a glance.


However, he did glance once at Ye Zichen on his way back. He even nodded. Ye Zichen was startled for a moment, but he nodded back.


“The Proud Heavens Society admitted defeat, so the Navigators will take their spot and go to the Central Divine Mountain in their stead. Do any other student societies wish to challenge one of the top five? If not, I’ll lead the top-five student societies’ teams to the Central Divine Mountain on the academy’s behalf.” Qiu Enhuai stood in the middle of the arena and asked calmly. As a ruler-level expert, Jiang Wei’s little tricks were nothing in his eyes, not even worth mentioning. 


But he was still extremely pleased with Jiang Wei. To accomplish that at his cultivation level was truly not easy.


“Wait!” A low voice emanated from the Proud Heavens Society. Everyone looked over and saw Di Long rise to his feet supported by his teammates. Even though he’d just taken saint-grade medicine, he was still covered in gruesome wounds, and his open wounds still gushed with blood.


His face was as white as paper, but those proud eyes were full to stubbornness. 


He glanced at Jiang Wei, his eyes ablaze. He’d lost this time, and thoroughly at that, but he was still unconvinced. 


But he was also keenly aware that he was currently no match for Jiang Wei. Even so, he still wanted to go to the Central Divine Mountain. 


“We can still initiate a challenge, right?”


“You can, but you can’t challenge the Navigators again.”  

“Alright.” Di Long grinned and nodded, then his gaze landed on Anti-Upheaval. “We challenge the Anti-Upheaval Society!”

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