Chapter 128 Nine Yang Life Continuation

Chapter 128 – Nine Yang Life Continuation

Nobody saw how this box of silver needles appeared. Ye Zichen directly opened the box and took out a silver needle to start to perform acupuncture.

“Which hospital are you from? Do you have certifications?”

The male medic from suddenly grabbed Ye Zichen’s shoulder from behind. The tremble on his shoulder nearly caused the needle to pierce at the wrong location.

Ye Zichen’s heart tensed.

The acupuncture he was about to perform did not allow for any mistakes…

If one needle was in the wrong place, then the consequences were unimaginable.

“F*ck off!”

Ye Zichen’s heart nearly exploded when he nearly ended Yang Yushi’s life.

He turned around and pointed towards that male medic and yelled with blood red eyes, “Don’t touch me again, otherwise, I’ll make you die a terrible death!”

The male medic tensed for a moment, then he finally came back to his senses and reached out towards Ye Zichen’s shoulder again.


Ye Zichen put some force into his right arm and directly dislocated it. Meanwhile, he also pierced the silver needle in his hand towards the center of the male medic’s eyebrow without hesitation.


Ye Zichen’s right hand was suddenly grabbed by someone. When he looked up, he saw that the person who reached out his hand was Zu Siliang.

“You want to stop me as well?”

Zu Siliang shook his head with a solemn expression, “You’re a Chinese doctor?”

“What do you think!” Ye Zichen revealed the silver needles in his hand.

“How confident are you!”

“Thirty percent, but if I don’t, then there’s no hope.”

Thirty percent!

Although this probability was very low, Zu Siliang understood Yang Yushi’s situation as well.

She wouldn’t make it in time to the hospital.

“Okay, perform the acupuncture. How can I help!”

“Hehe!” Ye Zichen suddenly laughed coldly and looked at the frantic crowds and media, alongside the assassin that was put under control. “Do what you should do.”

With that, he ignored Zu Siliang. He believe that the brat understood what he could do with his brain.

Ye Zichen concentrated and removed all extra thoughts from his mind.


“Nine Yang Life Continuation!”

Ye Zichen called out and pierced the final needle in!

The bleeding at Yang Yushi’s chest had already stopped, while a hint of color gradually returned onto Yang Yushi’s face.

On the other hand, Ye Zichen seemed like he was completely weakened, but his face showed a happy smile.


The Nine Yang Life Continuation Needle was the strangest acupuncture therapy. There were forty-nine needle pieces used in total, but it needed to all be set within ten odd seconds.

During this process, the needles had to be precise, and could not be away from any of the acupoints or on a wrong acupoint. It was something that needed an extremely high level of concentration.

Of course, the silver needles also contributed to the success.

Ye Zichen bought it from the Treasure Shop for 2000 cultivation experience. It was a single-use item that could increase the chances of success for the acupuncture therapy by ten percent.

When Ye Zichen saw that Yang Yushi’s conditions stabilized, he raised his hand and wiped away the sweat on his forehead, before shouting unenergetically, “Zu Siliang!”

“What is it? What else do you need me to do!” Zu Siliang thought that Ye Zichen needed some help, because the duration was really too short, it wasn’t even five minutes in total.

But when he saw Ye Zichen, who seemed like he was just fished out of water, his pupils contracted.


“Send Yang Yushi to the hospital,” Ye Zichen panted heavily, then struggled to stand up. “Do no let anyone touch those needles. Absolutely nobody. Also, this concert… Never mind, I don’t want to say too much, you should be clearer about it compared to me.”

“I will give you an explanation for this,” Zu Siliang’s expression was terrifyingly dark. He was the one who organized the concert, and something like this actually happened…

“I don’t need your explanation, you just need to give Yang Yushi and her father an explanation. Remember, do not let anyone touch the silver needle on her!” Ye Zichen waved his hand towards Zu Siliang, then left under Su Yan and co.’s support.

“Zichen, are you alright?” During the way back, Su Yan and Xia Keke sat on either side of Ye Zichen as they asked how was he.

Ye Zichen could lean on a beauty’s shoulder just by slanting his head.

Wouldn’t others be super jealous of him if they found out?

“Nothing, I’m just a bit weak right now.”

“What sort of acupuncture therapy did you use just now? Why are you like this after you finished?” Su Yan asked worriedly and continuously wiped the sweat on his forehead and cheek.

“How should I reply this,” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows. “It just took up a bit too much concentration, so it got me too tired, so I feel weak.”

Su Yan nodded slightly.

Xia Keke also complained on the side, “Why was it like this? Yang Yushi is so great, why did someone act like that to her on the concert. Thank god there was Riche Bro. Otherwise, there would be one less star that I like!”

Ye Zichen’s expression darkened when he heard that, and snorted coldly, “Blame it on Yang Yushi’s father for being too arrogant.”

“Hmm? What?”


Ye Zichen knew that he said the wrong thing, so he quickly corrected what he said.

However, his heart was cold.

If it wasn’t for Yang Yushi’s arrogant father, how could she have fallen into this state?

He was always acting so high and mighty, never looking at anyone properly.

How could this sort of person lack enemies!

He did protect himself well, but Yang Yushi…


Ye Zichen’s phone rang. He took out his phone and looked.

White Impermanence.

He quickly put his phone away. Su Yan and Xia Keke were so close, he would definitely be found out if he chatted there.

Ye Zichen jumped onto his bed and took out his phone when he returned to his dorm.

White Impermanence: I’m going out to work again.

It seems like White Impermanence had a really good relationship, she would tell him even when she went to work.

“You've been troubled. Where are you going this time?”

“Bingcheng First People’s Hospital!”

White Impermanence replied.

Reapers of the Underworld like them did frequent places like hospital quite a lot. Just as he was about to reply, an unknown number suddenly called his phone.


“Is it Ye Zichen?”

The voice on the phone sounded very solemn, but this did not affect Ye Zichen’s ability to identity who it was.”

“Zu Siliang? What are you calling me for?”

“It really is you. Hurry to the First People’s Hospital. Yang Yushi, she…”

“What happened to Yang Yushi?” Ye Zichen suddenly bolted up from the bed, while everyone else in the room also stopped chatting and glanced over seriously.

“Someone pull out your silver needle…”

“F*ck!” Ye Zichen swore angrily. “Didn’t I tell you not to let anyone touch that needle? You couldn’t protect Yang Yushi during the concert, and now you can’t even guard the silver needle when you’re in the hospital. What exactly can you do!”

“I… Sorry…”

“Sorry… Sorry my ass. I’ll be right there, wait for me properly!”

Ye Zichen was about to go crazy due to Zu Siliang, he already f*cking told him not to let anyone touch the needle!

He actually let someone pull it out!

All of a sudden, he remembered that White Impermanence told her that she was going to the First People’s Hospital!

“White Impermanence, who’s soul are you going to take!”

“What are you asking this for!?”

“This is very important to me, just tell me quickly.”

If there were no surprises, the soul she was going to take is…

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