Chapter 1279 - Earth Dragon Beast Soul

Proud Heavens’ comprehensive strength was ranked fifth, while the Flames of War were ranked sixth.


Although they were fifth and sixth respectfully, the gap between the top five and all other ordinary student societies was like that of heaven and earth.


In the past, there was no way Xu Chao could have spoken the name “Proud Heavens” so lightly.


But things were different now!


Now that Jiang Wei had joined them and changed their name to the Navigators, they had strong enough foundations to challenge any student society they wanted.


Although Xu Chao didn’t understand why Jiang Wei would choose Proud Heavens, he wasn’t even the slightest bit concerned that something would go wrong with their challenge.


“The Proud Heavens Society!”


When they heard Xu Chao’s announcement, practically everyone present froze.


Everyone had just assumed that the Navigators would target Anti-Upheaval. After all, amongst the current top-five student societies, they were the softest, easiest target. And yet, Jiang Wei had gone out of his way to choose the Proud Heavens Society, who were no pushovers!  

They didn’t even need to think to know that this was Jiang Wei’s choice.


Could it be that, as the academy’s number one student, he didn’t want to bully the week? So he chose a tougher target?


Or did Jiang Wei have some sort of grudge against the Proud Heavens Society? 


All the onlookers thought the same way. It wasn’t just the non-combatants who’d just come for the spectacle; even the rest of the top-five student societies thought that way.


“I’m surprised he didn’t challenge us!” Chen Guangfa gasped, his eyes wide with shock. Just now, when Xu Chao walked on stage, his heart practically leaped into his throat.


“Does Jiang Wei have some sort of grudge against Proud Heavens?” Luo Zi couldn’t help but ask.


Xu Chao stood on stage in the challenger’s spot. He took in the crowd’s baffled expressions, and couldn’t help but grimace to himself. You think you’re confused? I’m confused too!


When Jiang Wei told him to challenge Proud Heavens, Xu Chao didn’t understand why either.


He figured Anti-Upheaval was naturally the easiest to deal with. They could just take Anti-Upheaval’s spot and head to the Central Divine Mountain. For Skyspan Academy, that would be the best arrangement too. 


He couldn’t for the life of him understand why Jiang Wei had made this choice.


However, despite his befuddlement, he showed no signs of objecting. Xu Chao simply walked on stage and called out Proud Heavens’ name.


“Did any of you offend Jiang Wei in private?” When Di Long of the Proud Heavens Society heard Xu Chao’s challenge, he froze for a moment, then turned to his companions.


His assumption was the same as anyone else’s: under these circumstances, it was inevitable that the Navigators would occupy one of the five spots, and Anti-Upheaval was their best choice of targets.


Yet Jiang Wei had intentionally overlooked them to target their Proud Heavens Society instead. This was tantamount to stepping all over their dignity, so he naturally assumed that someone among them had offended Jiang Wei.


“Society Head, you really think too highly of us. That’s Jiang Wei! Would any of us dare offend him?” said one of the platoon leaders.


Half a year after Jiang Wei entered Skyspan Academy, he made it onto the comprehensive strength leaderboards. 


In a year, he’d entered the top ten.


In three years, he’d become number one.


From then on, he’d held onto his position. No one could shake his number one position. When he entered the academy, he was classified as an unparalleled talent.


Just hearing that was enough to scare off most people. His talent and list of accomplishments were even more impressive; people were terrified, and only dared watch him from afar.


Offend him?  

Who had that kind of courage?


When he saw his teammates’ bitter smiles, Di Long’s expression darkened.


The way he saw it, none of his allies would dare offend Jiang Wei. In that case, Jiang Wei intended this as a deliberate slap in the face.


Or could it be that he himself had somehow offended the mighty Sword Immortal?


“Proud Heavens Society, what are you doing? If you’re afraid, just give up your seat. We Nagiavotrs will go to the Central Divine Mountain in your stead and save you the trouble of embarrassing yourselves in the outside world.” Xu Chao narrowed his eyes and roared irritably.


Di Long took control of his emotions and set those trifles aside. He was one in the top four of the individual student leaderboards, even stronger than Murong Xue.


Jiang Wei’s reputation shook the world. He was a proud son of heaven, but Di Long was too!


“What are you shouting about?” Di Long snorted, waved his sleeves, and took the stage. “How will we compete?”  

“One one one, one point for victory. First to three points wins,” said Qiu Enhuai.


“Can the victor carry on to the next round?”


“They can!”


Di Long’s heart instantly sank. His gaze instinctively landed on the cold youth with the rusted sword. After a brief pause, Di Long agreed. “Alright.” 


Although Jiang Wei put an enormous amount of pressure on him, if they really backed down just like that, would they have any face left? Besides, he wanted to see just how strong this mysterious number-one student really was.


“Then I’ll be the first to represent my society in battle. Who will you send up?” Di Long narrowed his eyes at Xu Chao.


“Of course, it’s….” Xu Chao waved his sleeves and took a step forward, but at that moment, a youth in green floated forward and landed in front of him.


“I’ll fight for the Navigators.” This new arrival carried a rusted sword and had a wisp of white hair on his forehead. His sleeves fluttered about, and he seemed utterly cold, distant, and aloof.


When he appeared, everyone present gulped. Xu Chao shouted, “Society Head, there’s no need for you to fight this small-fry in person.”  

“I dislike trouble, and my time is limited. It’ll be best if I do it myself and get it over with as soon as possible,” said Jiang Wei. It was hard to say if Jiang Wei had low emotional intelligence or if he was doing this on purpose. Either way, he clearly didn’t take Di Long or the Proud Heavens Society backing him seriously at all.


“Hah, I like the way he talks!” Jiang Yong burst into laughter.


“He sure is aggressive!” Li Hu nodded.


Jiang Wei’s disdain was obvious to everyone who heard him speak, but no one thought he was overestimating himself. 


Because he was Jiang Wei!


His words immediately infuriated Di Long, who grinned viciously, his eyes practically spitting flames. “Fine. Let’s see just how skilled the Sword Immortal is!”


“Go on, then.” Jiang Wei smiled, but he stayed where he was, just quietly holding onto his rusted sword. He glanced coolly at Di Long, but showed no signs of readying his defenses. He was unguarded and full of openings.

 “Brazen!” Di Long roared, and draconic scales appeared over his arms.


“The Di Family put an enormous amount of resources into Di Long! To think they’d find him an Earth Dragon Beast Soul!” Jiang Yong crossed his arms and laughed.

 Ye Zichen furrowed his brows and asked, “What does that mean?”


“Brother Ye, you might not know this but, while Di Long and his family are human, they’re also half-yao. Members of their family clan can use a secret art to absorb beast souls and obtain the beast’s former power. The scales currently climbing up Di Long’s arm belong to a high-class divine beast, the iron-armored earth dragon. Both its defenses and offenses are pretty terrifying.”

 “How terrifying, exactly?” 


Jiang Yong hadn’t expected Ye Zichen to ask that question. He paused, then after some hesitation, said, “I’m not his match at all unless I use my dharma body.”


“That strong!” Li Hu exclaimed, while Ye Zichen now had a sense of the beast soul’s strength.


However, it was now time for Di Long to face Jiang Wei.


“I just don’t know how Jiang Wei will handy Di Long fused with his beast soul!”

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