Chapter 1274 - The Ten-Thousand-Foot Dharma Body

Finishing the structure of his Devil Dharma Body gave Ye Zichen a direct, rapid cultivation boost.


Just now, he’d been a seventh-stage sky supreme. Before long, he reached the peak of the seventh stage.


Eighth stage!


The peak of the eighth stage!


Ninth stage!


The peak of the ninth stage!


As he sat on his bed, he felt as if he were leveling up in a video game. His body emanated golden light, its glow illuminating the entire room in stark contrast with the night sky.


His cultivation boundary increased until it touched the boundary of the diviner-level without stopping.


His divine power rallied and charged the wall to the diviner level three times, but it couldn’t break past the threshold.


After repeated, failed attempts, anyone would run out of steam.


It seemed that divine power was the same way. After three failed attempts to break through, his divine power gave up on advancing and started calming down.


It was then that Ye Zichen opened his eyes. His expression contained a faint hint of disappointment. 


He’d hoped to rely on that burst of power to break all the way into the diviner level. He failed, but he was still roughly a half-step diviner now. 


“Just how strong is this devil dharma body anyway?” Ye Zichen licked his lips, and his eyes flashed. He pushed open his door and dashed outside. 




A powerful figure hurtled through Skyspan City. Before long, it arrived outside the city walls. Once it was a few hundred miles away, it checked its surroundings to ensure there were no tribes or villages around, then came to stop.


It was Ye Zichen!


There was no way to know for sure how strong the devil dharma body was if he just sat around in his room. Wasn’t it better to go outside and test it? That way, he could see its strength directly.


The devil dharma body was now connected to him. Ye Zichen transmitted his intentions into it. Warmth instantly enveloped his body.


A kneeling giant appeared around Ye Zichen with a boom. It was as if his soul were forcefully separated from his body, then merged into the devil dharma body. 


He could use his soul to control the dharma body’s every move. Under his command, the dharma body rose to its feet. He immediately felt as if the world had transformed around him. It was as if he were the one true god, in charge of everything around him, his every word and deed determining the fates of all living things.


His wings flapped open behind him, stirring up fierce winds and shattering the surrounding rocks. Once he truly took to the skies and looked down at the world below….


It looked tiny and insignificant. That hill that once towered above him, those endless, ancient forests, were now so small that he could step on them.


Step on them? 


Ye Zichen paused, stunned. When he walked forward, the earth quaked beneath him with his step.


When he reached the towering ancient trees….


“What’s going on?” 


The trees shockingly didn’t even reach his waist. The forest was ten thousand feet tall!  Just how tall was this devil dharma body?


Weren’t ordinary dharma bodies only a thousand feet tall? 


Jiang Yang’s War Supreme and Murong Xue’s Fire Lady were both around that height, weren’t they?


Yet his dharma body was so tall, the ten-thousand-foot tall trees barely even reached his waist?


He took charge of the dharma body, waving its hand in front of him. This simple motion ripped the rees up by the roots. He patted the distant mountains, which collapsed, leaving a giant hand-print in the rubble.


“This power…” Ye Zichen couldn’t help but stare.


Although it was explosively powerful, the body’s height made Ye Zichen feel a bit awkward. 


If he stood beside other dharma bodies, he’d absolutely be a crane among chickens!


“Can you be a little smaller?” He sent this message to his dharma body. Shockingly, it really did shrink by quite a bit.


“Even smaller!”






It was a lot like the Ruyi Jingu Bang; under Ye Zichen’s control, it shrunk until it was “only” around one thousand feet tall.


He tested the new, condensed dharma body on the surrounding area. It was still incredibly strong, but it was weaker than it was at tens of thousands of meters tall. 


“I’d best maintain this size going forward.” Ye Zichen couldn’t help but sigh. Its strength had decreased by quite a bit, but at least it wasn’t so ridiculously, eye-catchingly huge anymore. 


Although he hadn’t seen much of its power yet, he was confident that the Devil Dharma Body wouldn’t lose to any other dharma body.


Besides, he could still return it to its former size. This could be considered a new trump card.


If in the middle of a fight, he suddenly grew to over ten thousand feet tall, wouldn’t his opponent be shocked?


However, he had to say that maintaining this dharma body took an enormous amount of divine power. Even with his godhead’s support, after an hour, he felt himself running on fumes.


He dispersed his dharma body, but when he stood on the ground in his regular form, he couldn’t help but fall into silent contemplation.


He ought to be a half-step diviner, or maybe even slightly above that.


This put him at the absolute peak of Skyspan Academy. The only other students who could compete with him were the leader of the Grizzly Bear Society and that enigmatic figure at the top of the school’s leaderboards. No one else was a match for him.


Most likely, not even Jiang Yong and Murong Xue would fare well against him.


This wasn’t just Ye Zichen being arrogant. Jiang Yong was at the high end of the ninth-stage sky supreme level. He was close to being a half-step diviner. Murong Xue was the strongest girl in school, but her cultivation wasn’t quite on par with Jiang Yong’s.


Just in terms of cultivation realms, they both lost to him. 


If he factored in his other advantages, not even Pang Zheng of the Grizzly Bears was a match for him.


Ye Zichen had poured countless materials into this Devil Dharma Body, and had put an incredible amount of divine power into nourishing it. Even after shrinking it to less than a tenth of its former height, he had absolute confidence in it. He was confident that he could face Murong Xue and Jiang Yong, even if it was two-on-one, and still come out ahead. 


Besides, his weapons were the most tyrannical thing about him, not his dharma body.


The Xuan-Yuan Sword and the Yao-Sealing Pagoda. Both were treasures capable of driving all three Upper Realms mad with desire. Of course, Ye Zichen couldn’t deny the possibility that others had also encountered lucky chances, but could their miraculous encounters possibly compete with the top divine artifact of the ancient era, the Xuan-Yuan Sword?  Or the Yao-Sealing Pagoda, with its countless unquestionably loyal yao retainers?


Even if Pang Zheng’s Grizzly Bear Society had a powerful faction backing them, if it came down to a life or death battle, would their subordinates die for them without hesitation?


These were Ye Zichen’s hidden advantages. It was just that it was not yet time for him to display his two divine artifacts in the open. He’d have to confront them with ordinary divine artifacts for now.


In any event, finishing constructing his devil dharma body had made Ye Zichen’s cultivation shoot up.


Although it was a pity that he hadn’t directly broken through and become a diviner, a half-step diviner was still enough to make a big splash at the student society ranking competition.


He was just itching to compete and cross blades with the mysterious top-ranked student, Jiang Wei. 


As for Pang Zheng….


Ye Zichen had said it long ago: sooner or later, he’d make Pang Zheng cry!

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