Chapter 1273 - Devil Dharma Body, Complete!

Ye Zichen had long since planned to establish Upheaval on the Divine Mountains too.


His grudge against the Xiao Family meant that, sooner or later, they’d wind up fighting. If he wanted to shake such a mighty and imposing clan, he had to take things step by step.


Wei Jie stared at the resources written onscreen. His heart was practically ablaze.


Yue Zhilan and the others had only just ascended. They might not have a clear sense of what these resources represented. They gasped too, but their gasps were primarily due to the sheer number of materials.


But Wei Jie was from the Divine Mountains….


His family had kicked him out, expelling him to the Lower Lands. He had a basic familiarity with the Divine Mountains, so he had a much clearer understanding of what this degree of resources represented.


So long as they had even a few sky supremes on their side, these resources were enough to create a medium-to-large sized organization. Unfortunately, the problem they faced now was that they didn’t have any sky supreme experts.


Wei Jie and the others were only Earth Supremes. In all of Upheaval, the only sky supreme was Ye Zichen. 


But from the way he spoke, it sounded like he didn’t plan to get directly involved with forming their new base. That meant that they had no one capable of acting as a deterrent.


With just a bunch of earth supremes, nevermind establishing a gang…


With so many resources on hand, they’d be in constant terror.


This was a billion aureus worth of resources! Even a diviner’s eyes would light up with greed!


“Boss, I’m grateful for your trust and confidence in me. However, I must say, with just the few of us, it’ll be difficult to establish ourselves on the Divine Mountains. As for these resources, in our hands, they’ll just attract trouble. I… I’d best just return them to you.” Wei Jie started returning the red packet, but Ye Zichen reached out to stop him.


“I’ll naturally provide you with the necessary experts.” As he spoke, two eighth-stage yao sky supremes appeared in the room.


“Master.” They both bowed to him in greeting. 


“From now on, you are no longer under the jurisdiction of the Yao-Sealing Pagoda. Going forward, you’ll follow Wei Jie and attend to his affairs,” said Ye Zichen.


“Yes, Master.” They nodded in absolute submission.


It didn’t matter what you asked of them. Even if you sent them straight to their deaths, they wouldn’t hesitate to obey.


Ye Zichen turned to Wei Jie and said, “These two will follow you for now. You don’t need to establish the gang overnight. For the near future, get a handle on the complicated structure of the Divine Mountains. Then, when the time comes, we can make suitable long-term arrangements for establishing Upheaval up here.”


The two yao sky supremes were naturally from the Yao-Sealing Pagoda. The only reason he didn’t offer Wei Jie all of them was that he feared so many yao would attract too much attention. After all, the relationship between the Yao and God Realms was anything but harmonious at the moment. 


Wei Jie’s former worry was based entirely on their lack of experts to keep things under control. With two eight-stage yao sky supremes, his concerns vanished.


“Alright, leave it all up to me.” 


When he saw Wei Jie’s confident nod, Ye Zichen nodded and smiled back.


If you hire someone, trust them. If you don’t trust them, don’t hire them.


He’d just offered Wei Jie a whole mountain of treasure, but he didn’t wonder whether Wei Jie would run off with them or not. In the Lower Lands, Upheaval had always been under Wei Jie’s command. Leaving forming a new base on the Divine Mountains up to him made sense; after all, he was familiar with the process already.


“Huh? When did these two show up?” The Great Sage, who’d been fiddling with his phone all this time, looked up at the two yao and arched his brows.


Beneath his intense gaze, both divine beasts’ pupils flashed with terror.


“Yao?” After looking them over carefully, the Great Sage cracked his neck and asked Ye Zichen.


“They’re my subordinates.” Ye Zichen chuckled and explained their identities, then gestured at the Great Sage’s phone. “Why aren’t you talking with your old friends anymore?  

“It’s no fun.” The Great Sage pouted grumpily.


“What do mean, it’s no fun? Isn’t everyone we knew back then still in the group?” asked Ye Zichen.


“Yang Jian isn’t there.” As soon as the Great Sage said it, Ye Zichen’s heart trembled.


The Great Sage continued, “In the past, so long as he was in the group, we could argue with and insult each other. Although I detest the sight of him, the group is much more interesting with him around. I don’t know where he’s run off to.”


“Who’d argue with that?” Ye Zichen nodded. “The demons’ invasion tore our world apart. Some of our old friends died. Others suffered heavy injuries, while some dispersed and disappeared… The demons are really hateful.”


“That’s right! They’re hateful!”


By the time Ye Zichen returned to the academy, it was nearing the middle of the night. However, there were still quite a few students wandering around campus, and many others sitting cross-legged absorbing the essence of heaven and earth.


Ye Zichen went straight to his rooms. Images of the Great Sage’s battered body and undying spirit during the demonic invasion filled his thoughts.


They both had been through the horrors of a demonic invasion, so they both knew full well just how vile demons were. Both of them scorned their own weakness and urged themselves to grow stronger. Furthermore, the demons had left scars in both their hearts, scars nigh-impossible to erase. 


When Ye Zichen first arrived on the Divine Mountains, he turned up his nose at the “peaceful coexistence” treaty between demons and gods. 


Was it worth trying to peacefully coexist with demons?  

Perhaps some of them were worth the effort, but most were too ambitious to be content with what they had. Another war between demons and gods was inevitable.


The only variable was just when the battle would start. But once that day came…


Ye Zichen would definitely pay them back with interest. 


He set aside his scattered thoughts. Whenever he thought of demons, Ye Zichen lost control of his emotions. 


He let out a deep breath, then sat cross-legged atop his bed.


A long time had passed since Ye Zichen checked up on his devil dharma body. When he looked inside himself, he discovered a twelve-winged youth. The youth’s hair was as white as snow, and his eyes were closed as he sat on the ground.


It was almost complete!


The dharma body’s foundations were almost completely formed. All that was left were some details. Based on Ye Zichen’s conservative estimates, if he let it continue on its own, it would take about a week to finish forming. 


However, Ye Zichen had waited long enough already. He didn’t want to wait any longer.




Ye Zichen summoned his godhead into his sea of consciousness. Even without deliberately trying to absorb anything, as soon as it appeared, the surrounding divine power surged and gathered around him like crazy.


Once he exerted his will, the power formed a whirlpool above his head.


It absorbed the surrounding divine power like crazy.


As it frantically took in divine power, the devil dharma body progressed at a pace visible to the naked eye. Its finishing touches took shape until finally, the last wisp of divine power entered its body. 


His dharma body was now complete!

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