Chapter 1272 - Upheaval Administrators’ Chat

“You guys take these demons back to the academy, okay?” Ye Zichen stood at the academy’s gates and handed the demons over to the others. The Great Sage and his subordinates stood behind him.


“Aren’t you coming with us?” said Xue Mo, but when she glanced at the people behind him, she laughed despite herself. “Alright, go take care of your business and leave this to up. But don’t stay out too late!”  

“I know.” Ye Zichen watched his schoolmates carry the demons off.


The Great Sage immediately dashed up to him and arched his brows playfully. “You said you aren’t together, but didn’t that girl tell you ‘not to stay out too late?’”


Wei Jie and the others laughed inwardly and stuck up their thumbs. They knew that back in the Lower Lands, their boss had a wife as beautiful as jade and flowers, yet he still wasn’t willing to be alone on the Divine Mountains!


When Ye Zichen saw their expressions, he didn’t know quite what to say. “Can you guys quit jumping to conclusions? Xue Mo and I are just bros! She told me not to stay out too late because of the school’s student society ranking competition. She’s just afraid that if I don’t come back in time, I won’t be able to participate.”


The Great Sage and the others looked at him in disbelief. Ye Zichen was in no mood to explain, though.


“Let’s hurry up and go. I’ll find a place for you to stay.”


Although he’d been in Skyspan Academy for a while, Ye Zichen actually hadn’t been into the city proper more than a few times. In the process of finding accommodations for the Great Sage and his subordinates, Ye Zichen wandered through the famous city named after the Skyspan Trading Company. To tell the truth, just seeing it broadened his horizons.


In Skyspan City, with a few rare exceptions of a few region-specific goods, you could find and buy just about anything you wanted.


Even yao servants. Ye Zichen saw quite a few shops selling them. Some of the yao up for sale were sky supremes or higher, even.


Streetside peddlers sold all sorts of interesting knick-knacks. Ye Zichen couldn’t restrain his curiosity and bought quite a few.


After making a few rounds, Ye Zichen chose a decently-sized inn for the Great Sage and his subordinates. He booked three rooms. The Great Sage had one to himself, at his request. He said he was afraid of strangers….


Wei Jie and Yue Zhilan had a room to themselves too. They were husband and wife, after all; they needed a bit of a “night life.” Living with the others would be a bit inconvenient. As for the remaining members of Upheaval, he put them in the same space. This way, they could look after each other more efficiently.


After looking it over, Ye Zichen summoned everyone to the third room. 


“Thank you, Boss.” As soon as they stepped inside, the higher-ups of Upheaval cupped their fists in gratitude.


Ye Zichen gestured for them to sit down, then pulled out his phone. “Who hasn’t added me yet? Hurry and do so now if you haven’t already. Don’t just rely on Wei Jie to contact me on your behalf; there’s no way you’ll all be together all the time.”


Everyone took out their phones and friended Ye Zichen. At that moment, the Great Sage approached. 


“Isn’t that….” the Great Sage exclaimed, his eyes as wide as saucers.


When he saw his friend’s surprise, Ye Zichen couldn’t help but laugh. “That’s right!”


“You can use them in the God Realm too?” As he spoke, the Great Sage fished out his phone and in one practiced motion, unlocked it. Before long, it started beeping and vibrating non-stop. 


“This…..” When he saw the endless flow of messages, the Great Sage just stared at the phone for a while, too shocked to speak.


“I brought the Heavenly Court and Underworlds’ communications experts up to the God Realm. We’ve already put a network in place throughout the God Realm, and you can even get in touch with the Lower Realms.”


“Are you serious?” As soon as he said that, the Great Sage entered the Red Packet Server. He didn’t know whether it was nervousness or what, but as he typed his message, his fingers trembled...


Monkey King: I, Ol’ Sun, am here!


This simple, one-line message went off like a nuclear bomb. The bustling chat group instantly fell silent. This silence was even longer and graver than when Taibai Jinxing reappeared. 


God of Thunder: Great Sage?


The God of Thunder was the first to break the silence.


God of Thunder: Great Sage, you aren’t dead?

 Nezha: Great Sage, are you still alive?


Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li: Are you alive?  

Yue Lao: I haven’t started hallucinating in my old age, have I? Did the Great Sage really send a message just now?


Everyone gasped at the Great Sage’s sudden reappearance. This couldn’t be helped; everyone thought he perished during the demons’ invasion, and in the past hundred years, they’d received no word from him at all.


Ye Zichen was the same way. He’d thought the Great Sage died back then too.


These members of the Heavenly Court and Underworld were close to Ye Zichen and the Great Sage, so they’d been devastated. When Ye Zichen reappeared, they were shocked. Now that the Great Sage had reappeared too…


Monkey King: Feh feh feh. I, Ol’ Sun, am alive and well. Why should I be dead?  

Monkey King: Don’t you know that I possess the art of Seventy-Two Transformations? I have seventy-two lives, too!


God of Fortune: Great Sage, it’s wonderful you’re alive!


Everyone in the group rejoiced. The Great Sage sat in a corner, chatting with the group and laughing in delight. 


Ye Zichen took one last look then exited the group, opened his contacts, and saw Yuan Huo and the others’ friend requests.


He added them, then pulled them into a new chat group.


Group Name: Upheaval Administrators’ Chat


Ye Zichen: If you’re here, say something in the group.


Wei Jie: Here!


Yue Zhilan: Here!  

Yuan Huo: Here!




Once he was sure everyone was present in the group, Ye Zichen put his phone away and said to them, “If you run into any problems in the future, you can discuss them directly in the group. This group is for us and future high-ranking executives. We can discuss matters both big and small here. If you want to report something to me privately, you can click on my profile picture and start a private chat.”


“Understood.” Everyone nodded in succession.


Ye Zichen continued, “You ought to be able to make groups too. Once cell phones become universal, pull all of our gang members into groups. Of course, we can’t put all of them in the same group. Everyone can be split into groups of a few hundred. Your few hundred direct subordinates can then make their own groups, and their direct subordinates can make their own groups, all the way down the hierarchy. We’ll have a multi-step administration. Do you understand?”


Everyone nodded with the sole exception of Yuan Huo. Perhaps due to age, his brain couldn’t quite seem to pick up. Wei Jie patted him on the shoulder….“I’ll explain it to you in detail later.”


Yuan Huo nodded in a daze.


Ye Zichen took out his phone once more, then a red packet appeared on screen. Everyone’s phone buzzed. Wei Jie was the first to unlock his and click the red packet.


When he opened it, he practically froze solid. 


“Boss.” Wei Jie’s jaw dropped, and for a long time, he couldn’t speak. The Red Packet he’d just received was easily worth billions. 


The others clicked too, but there was only one red packet. None of them got anything.


They gathered around Wei Jie and peered down at his phone. When they saw the information written on screen, they were astonished too.


“This is the capital I’m giving you to start a gang.”


Ye Zichen narrowed his eyes and scanned Wei Jie and the others. “The Lower Lands have Upheaval. Now, the Divine Mountains need some Upheaval too. Do you get what I’m saying?”

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