Chapter 127 Only I can save her

Chapter 127 – Only I can save her

Ye Zichen opened his WeChat and saw Erlang Shen’s message.

Erlang Shen: Bro, you really got it right. Taibai Jinxing brought King Qinguang over to the Jade Emperor.

Directly meeting the highest leader. It seemed like the situation was severe.

Ye Zichen licked his lips and replied.

“What’s the situation right now!?”

Within the Cloud Palace of the Golden Arches. [1]

King Qinguang, who wore an old-fashioned rectangular hat [1. ], stood straight in the Cloud Palace of the Golden Arches. All sorts of great deities with Erlang Shen and the Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li stood on the two sides without speaking.

“Jade Emperor, King Qinguang of the Underworld ignored the regulations set by the Heavenly Court and held a birthday feast in private.”


Jade Emperor, who sat on a higher spot opened his eyes wide, while the Queen Mother’s expression also tensed up.

“King Qinguang, is what Taibai said true?”


King Qinguang raised his eyes and replied with a firm gaze.


Jade Emperor looked to Taibai Jinxing once again.

“King Qinguang, you hurriedly finished the birthday feast when I got there. You actually dare to argue when this sovereign caught you in the act!?”


“King Qinguang, to be honest, this Emperor will not blame you. Recently, this Emperor did have the wish to change the regulations, you can speak the truth!”

The Jade Emperor smiled meaningfully.

King Qinguang looked up and held his hands out in front of him, “Jade Emperor, this king did not have any birthday feast.”

“King Qinguang, This Emperor understands, you guys work hard in the Underworld, having a birthday feast to relax a little is normal.”

“Jade Emperor, this king did not have any birthday feast!”

“Good!” Jade Emperor nodded, then stared at King Qinguang sullenly with a snort. “Put him in the Heavenly Dungeon!”

“Jade Emperor, this king is innocent…”

The Heavenly Soldiers in the surrounding instantly went to take him down, while King Qinguang raised his head and yelled at the Jade Emperor.

At this moment, the Jade Emperor, who was standing up, sat down again and smiled, “King Qinguang, you dare to lie to this emperor and you say that you’re innocent. If you had a birthday feast, then you did. If you didn’t, then you didn’t. This emperor said that no crimes will be held against you. Do you not believe this emperor!”

“This king didn’t have a birthday feast!”

“Erlang Shen!” The Jade Emperor called.

Erlang Shen, who was wondering how to reply to Ye Zichen on the side, quickly stepped forward, “Your servant is here!”

“Take King Qinguang away.”


Erlang Shen took King Qinguang out of the Cloud Palace of the Golden Arches.

Then, the Queen Mother said softly, “How are you preparing to deal with King Qinguagn!”

“How else!” The Jade Emperor sighed. “This emperor had tested him like that in the Cloud Palace of the Golden Arches, yet he didn’t admit it. If he didn’t admit it, then he’s innocent, was I supposed to forcefully pin a crime on him?”

He shook his head, then looked down from the dragon throne, to Taibai Jinxing, who was standing below, “Taibai, you have to get the evidence next time. You can’t be so rash!”

Erlang Shen immediately released the hand he was using to hold King Qinguang when they left the Cloud Palace of the Golden Arches.

“Wait here for a moment. Don’t run, okay? You can’t outrun me anyways,” Erlang Shen snorted towards King Qinguang and took out his phone to reply to Ye Zichen.

“King Qinguang is in my hands. The Jade Emperor didn’t get anything on him, he seemed to just leave it at that.”


Ye Zichen, who was holding the phone and not paying attention to the concert, shook. Then, he immediately replied after seeing the message.

“Then can you just directly let him go?”

“Directly let him go?”

Erlang Shen was stunned for a moment. Although he was certain that King Qinguang wouldn’t be in much danger, if he directly let him go…

“Sure, I’ll let him go.”

Who cares, this King Qinguang had aided his brother, he must do it!

“Then thanks, but don’t tell him my identity.”

The Underworld didn’t have any good will towards the Heavenly Court. If King Qinguang finds out that he is Sky Sovereign Nameless, then it might cause unnecessary trouble.

Erlang Shen nodded and directly pointed towards the South Heaven Gate after Ye Zichen sent the message, “Go back to the Underworld!”

“What?” King Qinguang was stunned. Why was he being let go just like that?

“Don’t think too much into it, a respected person wants to aid you,” with that, Erlang Shen pointed at the South Heaven Gate again.

King Qinguang nodded, then bowed towards Erlang Shen, before leaving.


Ye Zichen showed a satisfied smile as he looked at the message on his phone.


“No problem, let’s have a drink when you get back to the Heavenly Court.”


Ye Zichen closed his WeChat, since King Qinguang would take a while to return to the Underworld.

At this moment, Yang Yushi, who was on the stage, stood beside a host.

“Area C, 4th Row, Seat t16.”

“Why is it Area C!”

“Why didn’t she choose from the first row!”

The moment the host finished their words, Xia Keke and co., who were beside Ye Zichen, twitched their mouths sadly.

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows, “What was the seat number just now for?”

“To go on the stage with Yang Yushi. Have you been paying attention to the concert?”


Seeing the hostile gazes of the people around him, Ye Zichen quickly shut his mouth. If he continued to speak, then these people might even hit him a few times. That really wouldn’t be worth it.

Not long later, a glasses-wearing slightly otaku-looking boy with long hair appeared on the stage alongside the security guards.

The boy’s face was filled with excitement and nervousness when he got on the stage. However, Ye Zichen, who sat near the stage, suddenly bolted up and shouted, “Yang Yushi, run!”

Ye Zichen’s sudden stand shocked all his friends and the surrounding fans, while Yang Yushi, who was on the stage, also blinked in shock.


Ye Zichen, who was in the audience, quickly jumped towards the stage. At the same time, the excited and nervous look on the boy’s face suddenly turned incomparably dark.


A dagger suddenly appeared from his sleeve.


“Yang Yushi!”

Ye Zichen’s eyes jumped, as he saw the boy stab into her heart!

The white knife entered, and a red knife came out!


The eyes of Zu Siliang, who was standing underneath the stage, suddenly twitched as he roared to the people around him, “Call the ambulance!”

“F*ck you!”

Ye Zichen’s eyes were instantly red. He kicked the boy. The moment the boy fell down, seven or eight bodyguards instantly suppressed him.

“Yang Yushi!”

The heart of Yang Yushi, who was lying on the floor, was still beating. Ye Zichen squatted down and looked at her pale cheeks, then took out his phone.

“What are you doing, put the patient down.”

Zu Siliang appeared behind Ye Zichen alongside the medics.

“Put down?” Ye Zichen looked up. His dark eyes were covered with blood vessels. He scanned across the people coldly. “Hand her to you guys? Do you think she can even make it to the hospital to be saved?”

With that, a box of silver needles appeared in his hands.

“Only I can save her!”

  1. The Jade Emperor’s Palace

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