Chapter 1268 - Celebrities of the Lower Lands, Famous even on the Divine Mountains


Everyone else jumped off the ship as well. When they saw the demon corpses strewn about as well as the half-head baldy, their eyes widened with unconcealed shock. 


“Why are there so many demons here? Xue Mo covered her mouth and gasped. “After the incident in Barren Sands City, the Divine Mountains have been many times more cautious about demons. How did they still manage to get up here?”


“As you can still, they still managed to break into human territory.” Ye Zichen sighed and shrugged. “Did you gather up all your smoke grass?”


“The range of the Smoke Grass was awfully broad, and there were quite a lot of people there picking it already. When we said we were from Skyspan Academy and only needed one hundred stalks, the guards flat out gave them to us and had us leave.” Xue Mo pursed her lips.


Murong Xue crossed her arms and walked in a circle around the demons. “Let’s give them to the academy to deal with.”


“I thought the same thing.” Ye Zichen nodded. “You weren’t here at first, but the demons could hide their presence completely, and even pretend to be human. From the outside, no one could sense their demonic energy at all. If we give them to the academy, they might be able to make a breakthrough.”


“Demons can even do that now?” Jiang Yong couldn’t help but gasp.


Perhaps the baldly could hear their conversation and grew concerned that humans would discover their technique for hiding their presence. He forced his demonic power to circulate in reverse in an attempt to self destruct.


“Behave yourself for Ol’ Sun.” A staff collded with the demon’s head, dispersing his circulating demon power. At the same time, he sealed the demon’s demonic sea, preventing him from accessing or manipulating his power at all. 


In truth, Xue Mo and the others had noticed the Great Sage right from the start.


Although he was a yao, back when they fought the Subterranean Beasts, Ye Zichen had summoned quite a few ninth-stage yao sky supremes too.


They just subconsciously assumed the Great Sage was one of Ye Zichen’s subordinates.


However, when the Great Sage’s staff appeared, Jiang Yong’s eyes glinted, and he took a few steps forward… “Isn’t that the Stabilizer of the Four Seas?”


Jiang Yong’s eyes widened as he looked the Ruyi Jingu Bang up and down. When Murong Xue heard that, she hurried over as well and examined the Great Sage’s staff. “It looks like it really is the Stabilizer of the Four Seas! It’s ranked ninth on the divine artifacts ranking board!” 


She gasped, bit her lip, and added, “Wasn’t the Stabilizer of the Four Seas in the eastern seas of the Lower Realms? Then Sun Wukong took it… You…. you aren’t the Great Sage, Equal of Heaven, Sun Wukong, are you you?”  

“That’s me, Ol’ Sun!” The Great Sage banged his staff into the dirt proudly.


“Really! Wow, to think I’d meet the Great Sage in the flash! Let me tell you, even though you’re from the Lower Realms, you’re awfully famous even on the Divine Mountains!” Murong Xue pinched his cheeks and rubbed his head.


The Great Sage’s face practically when green with fury, but he never hit women with his staff, so he endured his displeasure. 


It was Ye Zichen to laughed, then turned to Xue Mo and asked, “Do you people of the Divine Mountain know about our Lower Realms’ affairs?”


“I wouldn’t say that, but there are a few people from the Lower Lands who are famous up here.” She purchased her lips. “One of them is the Fighting Buddha Sun Wukong. His fame is due to his origins as a transcendent divine beast born of heaven and earth itself. The entire yao race values him deeply, which is why he’s famous even here.”


“Him aside, there’s also the three Su Sisters of the Nine-tailed Fox Clan. They’re all true nine-tailed fox descendants with extremely pure bloodlines. That said, they’re famous on the Divine Mountains primarily because of the Yellow Emperor.”


“Of the citizens of the Lower Realms, the Yellow Emperor is the most famous. He’s a human, and carries the top divine artifact of the ancient area, the Xuan-Yuan Sword. However, he’s famous more for disobeying the orders of the Divine Mountains. In the end, the Liches and Gods forced him into the cycle of samsara. Back in the day, this news shook all the Divine Mountains.” 


Ye Zichen’s heart clenched despite himself. The Yellow Emperor? Wasnt’ she talking about him?  

“You know all that? Were you alive then? Ye Zichen asked tentatively. 


“What are you thinking?” Xue Mo didn’t even know how to respond to that. “I was born less than a hundred years ago. How could I have been alive back then? If I were, would I still just be a sky supreme now? I learned that all second hand, of course! Really….” 


Xue Mo glared at him, then continued, “I don’t know where the Yellow Emperor is in his reincarnation cycle now, but he’s been my idol since I was a kid. He didn’t back down even in the face of power and authority, and even when the liches and gods teamed up against him, he didn’t compromise. He chose to reincarnate rather than submit. He’s so cool!”


Your idol is right in front of you! Ye Zichen thought this to himself, but didn’t say it out loud. 


“Bro, could you get this woman to give me some space? It’s taking all I have not to whack her.” The Great Sage suddenly sent a transmission into Ye Zichen’s sea of consciousness.


Ye Zichen looked over and saw the Great Sage’s ashen glare. That furry face looked like it couldn’t hold back much longer. The sage’s hands were clenching his staff, and the veins bulged on his hands. 


“Great Sage, calm your fury.” Ye Zichen rushed to alleviate the Great Sage’s rising anger. He reached Jiang Yong and Murong Xue in just a few steps, and pulled them away from the Great Sage. “I understand you’re excited about having met an idol, but shouldn’t we hurry back to the Academy? No matter how I look at them, it seems this demons are on the verge of death.”


It was only then that Jiang Yong remembered that they still needed to bring the demons back. He nodded despite himself. “Alright, let’s go back now. The Great Sage is coming with us, right?”  

“Of cours! He’s my bro!” said Ye Zichen.


However, just as the words left his lips, the Great Sage sent him a transmission. Naturally, it was to tell Ye Zichen he didn’t want to travel with Jiang Yong or Murong Xue.


Ye Zichen glanced at the Great Sage as if to say “don’t worry.” Then he grabbed the bald demon by the collar and tossed him onto the flying ship. After a moment’s thought, he gathered up the other demons’ corpses and put them on board too.


After getting everyone on board, Ye Zichen took his identity token and tossed it to the surviving villagers. “You can take this to Smoke City and request aid. If the City Lord asks who sent you, tell them it was Skyspan Academy.” 


The flying vessel gradually took to the skies. Jiang Yong took the rudder, while Ye Zichen and the Great Sage plopped down in a corner.


“Bro, you’re quite lucky in love, aren’t you? You’re always surrounded by beauties! I look a quick look with my fiery eyes of truth, and none of them are the real deal…”




You could even use the Fiery Eyes of Truth for that? Ye Zichen didn’t quite know how to react.


“They don’t have that sort of relationship with me. We’re just friends.” Ye Zichen sighed in exasperation, then furrowed his brows. “Great Sage, why is it that your Fiery Eyes of Truth could see through the demons’ disguises but mine couldn’t?”

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