Chapter 1264 - Wei Jie Requests Aid

“Where are you? What’s going on?”  

“I’m on the Northern Divine Mountain. Aren’t you here too? Everyone who ascended from Upheaval chose to come here specifically,” Wei Jie’s response was lightning quick. Immediately afterward, he followed up, “We’re in a village. It was fine at first, but all of a sudden people came and attacked the village. We’re currently hiding alongside the villagers.”


“Send me your location,” responded Ye Zichen.


Shortly afterward, a shared map appeared via locating sharing.


Ye Zichen opened it, observed the surrounding area in detail, then confirmed that they were in Smoke City, to the north of Skyspan City. 


“Stay hidden as best you can. Stay in contact with me. I’m heading over to save you right now.”


Ye Zichen put his cell phone back in his pocket, changed into clean white robes, then dashed out of his room.


When other members of Anti-Upheaval saw him, they nodded in greeting. Ye Zichen gave them brief smiles in return. Before long, he saw Chen Guangfa leading some of the ordinary members as they trained.




When he heard Ye Zichen call his name, Chen Guangfa turned to greet him, his eyes filled with delight. “Big Brother Ye, you’re awake! I really have to thank you! If not for you and Senior Apprentice Sister asking Emperor Hades for help, I’d….”


Chen Guangfa looked deeply moved. Although Ye ZIchen wanted to chat longer, his friends’ current dire straits didn’t permit him to waste even a second. “Let’s talk more about this later. Where is Xue Mo?”


Although Smoke City wasn’t all that far away, Ye Zichen knew traveling on foot would waste quite a bit of time. He needed to find Xue Mo as fast as possible so he could borrow her flying vessel.


Chen Guangfa sensed his urgency. His smile faded as he said, “She’s at the Appearance Association. I heard Association Head Murong was looking for her.”


“Thanks.” Ye Zichen patted Chen Guangfa on the shoulder, unleashed his divine power, then dashed towards the Appearance Association at top speeds.


When they sensed his waves of divine power, his fellow association members froze in astonishment. A few new members said in shock, “Just now, based on Platoon Leader Ye’s divine power fluctuations, he’s at least a seventh-stage sky supreme, right?”


“It’s only been a year since he enrolled in school, right?  

“Half a year…. Was he a sky supreme when he got here? The academy’s roles state that you have to have been on the Divine Mountains for less than one hundred years or be an earth supreme. If he joined up as a sky supreme, that means he reached that level in less than one hundred years…. That cultivation speed is just too scary!”


Cheng Guangfa’s eyes were wide with astonishment too. He knew Ye Zichen personally…


When he first met Ye Zichen, Ye Zichen was just an earth supreme, while he was a sky supreme. After Emperor Hades resurrected him from the River of Time, his cultivation leaped to the third stage sky supreme level. He thought that was already awfully quick, but little did he know….


Comparing yourself to others was so frustrating!


“Platoon Leader Ye’s cultivation is profound, and his cultivation speed is monstrous. This is a good thing for our Anti-Upheaval Society. If you have time to gasp over his cultivation, you’d be better of using it to improve your own strength. The Society Leader gave you guys the best possible resources, so you’d best get your acts together.”


After his resurrection, Chen Guangfa’s personality seemed to have changed somewhat. He actually had some of a platoon leader’s authority. He glanced calmly at the surrounding society members and said, “Enough. Keep training.”




“Thank you, Momo Baby. Your big sister guarantees that, as soon as our mission is over, we’ll return your flying vessel in perfect condition.” Meanwhile, in the Appearance Association’s headquarters, Murong Xue chuckled and crossed her arms.


Jiang Yong sat beside her. He was here to help the Appearance Association complete their mission.


“I’m sorry, Big Sister Murong! I sought you out to help with my mission, but I can’t go on yours,” said Xue Mo apologetically.


Murong Xue saw this and laughed, “It’s fine. I know you’re busy with your student society’s affairs. Platoon Leader Ye suffered heavy injuries and is still in a coma, and the ranking battle is coming up soon. It’s only natural that you can’t leave now.”


“Hee, I think it’s because Brother Ye can’t leave now. If he could, Xue Mo would definitely go with him,” Jiang Yong interjected.


“Ye Zichen and my relationship isn’t what you think! We’re just good brows. You must be projecting; you haven’t left Big Sister Murong’s side since we left Barren Sands City.”


“I have to stay with her! She’s my fiancee now. If she goes on a mission, how can I relax unless I go with her?” said Jiang Yong.


Xue Mo arched her brows, but Murong Xue immediately gave Jiang Yong a vicious slap.


“Don’t listen to his nonsense! I haven’t agreed to that at all! Momo, did you know that this Jiang Yong really did go to my family to propose marriage after what happened in Barren Sands City? It really put me in quite the spot! You know the relationship between our families. I couldn’t reject him outright, so I had no choice but to agree to court him, on a strictly trial basis, of course.”


“You’re still my fiancee, aren’t you?” Jiang Yong added. Murong Xue slapped him once more, stunning him until he no longer dared talk.


When Xue Mo saw this, she couldn’t help but cover her mouth and laugh. “The way I see it, you two are rather suited for each other.”


“Then you and Brother Ye?”


“We’re just good bros. I’ve said that countless times already!”

 As they laughed amongst themselves, the Dai Sisters, the golden flowers of the Appearance Association, and Ye Zichen rushed inside.


The Appearance Association really was an all-female queendom. There was nothing but girls as far as the eye could see without so much as a single sign of a male.


“Heh, speak of the devil! As soon as we bring up Brother Ye, he shows up!” Jiang Yong let out a burst of laughter. Murong Xue’s eyes lit up, while Xue Mo turned around in surprise. 


“Why are you here?” she asked. “Didn’t I tell you to stay in bed and rest up?”  

“Everyone’s here!” Everyone in the room was an old acquaintance, his companions from his time in Barren Sands City. 


Ye Zichen nodded and smiled at them, then took Xue Mo by the hand. “Do you have your flying vessel? Can you lend it to me?”


Xue Mo’s expression froze, then she instinctively glanced at Murong Xue.


“Platoon Leader Ye, you need the flying vessel too?” Murong Xue arched her brows in surprise. “I have Momo’s flying vessel right here. I’m preparing to take it out on a mission. But if you have an urgent need for it, I can give it back to you. We can figure out other means of transportation.”


“This…” Ye Zichen’s heart sank. “Forget it. If you’re going on a mission, go ahead and hold onto it. I’ll find some other way.”


“What are you in such a hurry to take the flying vessel for anyway?” 


“A few of my friends from the Lower Lands ascended, but they’ve run into trouble over in Smoke City.” Ye Zichen furrowed his brows. “You guys go on chatting, I need to go find some other…” 


“Wait a minute. Where exactly… did you say you were going?” asked Murong Xue.


“Smoke City. Why are you… wait, are you going there too?” Ye Zichen asked tentatively.


“That’s right. We’re going to Smoke City too. That’s perfect! Let’s go together.”

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