Chapter 1263 - The Awesome Special Privileges of Having a Godhead

The Student Society Ranking Battle, as the name suggested, was a contest between the academy’s student societies. It was through this contest that the top five student societies were decided.


Your ranking had a direct impact on your society’s resource allotments. It was a major event that absolutely every student society participated in.


“So soon? Isn’t the contest supposed to start half a year after school starts?” Ye Zichen couldn’t quite understand.


Xue Mo glanced at him in apparent exasperation. “You might not realize how long you were out, but I can tell you with absolute certainty, it’s already been a full half-year since you enrolled.”


Ye Zichen’s mind buzzed.


Half a year has passed already?


Added together, their mission in Barren Sands City and his time in the Lower Lands added up to just two or three months.


Did that mean he was comatose for a full three months or so?  

“I’m just glad you woke up now. Otherwise, not even I know who I’d sent to fight in your stead. But I still have to ask: how have you healed up? Can you participate in the ranking battle?” She looked at him, seemingly a little worried.


He instinctively stretched out his hand and sent his divine sense into his body. It was only then that Ye Zichen realized that his meridians had reconnected with no damage at all. In fact, they were far more resilient than before. Their outsides were even coated in a layer of faint golden light.


He didn’t know why, but the Divine Mountain’s divine power seemed somehow more intimate with him.


In his current state, even if he didn’t deliberately sit down to cultivate, an endless stream of external divine power coursed into his body through his pores. It gathered in his meridians, formed into streaks, then entered his divine power reserves.


“This….” After a moment’s astonishment, Ye Zichen realized what might have happened and examined his sea of consciousness.


Inside was a miniature doppelganger of himself. A golden, holy sword hovered above the miniature Ye Zichen’s head. There was a sword imprint on his forehead, too. 


A godhead!


The godhead he’d obtained from his divine tribulation had fully fused with him!


Didn’t that mean…..


He was now a god? And not just an ordinary supreme calling himself a god, either. He was a true deity who’d fused completely with his godhead.


Ye Zichen felt a surge of delight. He hadn’t realized that pushing himself to the brink, forcing a connection to his godhead and unleashing the fourth stance of the Heaven Plundering Sword would have such an effect.


Although he’d snapped his meridians, he’d benefited from this disaster. He hadn’t just obtained Xue Yang and Emperor Hades’ approval, nor had he simply held onto the Xuan-Yuan Sword. He’d even finished his fusion with his godhead!  

“Ye Zichen, are you listening to me?” Xue Mo pouted and called out to him irritably. 


“Yes, yes, I’m listening. You’re asking about the ranking battle! When it starts, I’ll definitely be ready to participate. 


Xue Mo nodded slightly. “Great, that’s one spot settled. You stay here and rest up properly. I have to go get the others ready. Logically speaking, although our society has ample numbers, we lack truly elite fighters. I’m afraid we might need to look for outside reinforcements.”


“That’s not something I can handle. I’ll have that up to you, our Grand Society Head Xue Mo.” Ye Zichen smiled, as if delighting in her torment.


“Xue Mo couldn’t help but roll her eyes at him. With one final glare and reminder to rest up properly, she left his room.


Shortly after, Ye Zichen’s gleeful smile faded. He licked his lips and despite himself, rubbed his hands together. Next, he closed his eyes and summoned his godhead. 


A holy sword emerged from his forward. As soon as it appeared, it frolicked in delight and flew around Ye Zichen’s head like a small child.


When he saw his godhead, Ye Zichen could clearly sense its connection to his bloodline.


Now that it had emerged, the surrounding divine power reacted as if it had found its rightful place in this world. It poured into his godhead like crazy.


Before long, a whirlpool of power formed above Ye Zichen’s head as his godhead madly consumed divine power.


“Hey, do you guys feel like the divine power around here is suddenly really sparse?”  

“Yeah, it does seem that way.”  “Hey, you guys are right…” The other members of Anti-Upheaval couldn’t help but chatter amongst themselves. Ye Zichen, meanwhile, had no idea about any of these. He felt like a fish in water, content as could be. He was thoroughly enjoying his “special privileges.”


When he next woke up, he was already at the peak of the sixth-stage sky supreme level.


Now that he’d summoned his godhead, the sudden surge of divine power broke directly through the shackles to the seventh stage, letting him join the ranks of upper-level sky supremes. 


“No wonder true gods have such transcendent positions on the Divine Mountains. No wonder various factions fight so hard to recruit them. With a God Head, you can just devour divine power like crazy. You don’t even need to cultivate like other people, much less actively purify divine power. If I continue devouring power like this, it won’t take me long to become a diviner at all.”


After devouring divine power for a while, Ye Zichen put his godhead away and sighed to himself.


He didn’t continue, but that was just because he was at the academy. There were lots of people, and absorbing too much power would draw the other students’ attention.


If he wanted to devour divine power without reservations, he’d have to find a place with fewer people first. 


There was no need to even consider the cities of the Divine Mountains. Ye Zichen’s only thought was to try this outside of the Divine Mountains. Could he absorb divine power at such an insane pace even in the Lower Lands?


Fusing with his godhead filled Ye Zichen with delight. He stretched lazily and got out of bed.


Spending too much time recovering in bed meant that, as he stretched, his bones cracked with each movement. He used magic water to cleanse himself, then sat in a chair and took out his phone.


He’d been unconscious for months. Zuo Mo was undoubtedly worried sick. He had to contact her and tell her he was safe right away. 


After so long without charging, his cell phone was off. As soon as he turned it back on, it buzzed and dinged nonstop.


It seemed their network had reached the Northern Divine Mountain already.


Most of the notifications were just from the immortals of the Red Packet Server, and most of them were unimportant. There were so many messages that Ye Zichen could only skim them briefly. Afterwards, he closed the group and opened Zuo Mo’s chat log.


It was nothing but messages asking what Ye Zichen was up to and why he wasn’t surprising. 


“If you see this, respond.” “Please, just say something.” The messages were simple and unadorned, but Ye Zichen could still sense Zuo Mo’s deep concern.


“Little Mo.”


As soon as he sent the message, he got an instantaneous response. “Where have you been all this time? Why haven’t you replied to any of my messages?”


Ye Zichen could sense her rebuke. He laughed despite himself, “I returned to the Divine Mountains, but due to sudden enlightenment in the Dao of the Five Elements, I went straight into seclusion. I’m sorry for not saying something earlier.”


He naturally couldn’t tell her he’d been in a coma for months. That would only worry her even further.


“You!” Zuo Mo sighed. “I’m just glad you’re okay. Right, while you’ve been in seclusion, Wei Jie and quite a few of the others ascended. I gave them your ID so they could friend you. Do you see their friend requests?”


“Wei Jie ascended?” If he recalled correctly, Wei Jie was just a sky immortal when he left. How could he ascend so quickly? Also, Zuo Mo mentioned that there were others as well. That naturally meant others had ascended alongside him.


Could it be that they’d encountered some sort of lucky chance?

 Ye Zichen closed his current chat window, and when he looked at his contact requests, there really were quite a few new ones.


The first name on the list was Wei Jie’s. The note beside the request said, “Boss, add me!” but he didn’t have a profile picture yet.


Ye Zichen clicked to approve the message, but as soon as he did, Wei Jie sent him yet another message. 


“Boss, save me!”

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