Chapter 126 Zu Siliang

Chapter 126 – Zu Siliang

Ye Zichen was certain that this girl called Liu Qianqian was definitely the Lucy he knew.

During the entire journey, Ye Zichen’s gaze has never left her and vice versa.

“Ye-zi, you guys came way too slowly. I’ve been waiting here for ages.”

Su Yiyun immediately walked over with a smile when they got to the venue. When Liu Qianqian saw him, she subconsciously took a step back.

“Why did Lucy come as well…”


Liu Qianqian was in a terrible mood.

Why was she so unlucky recently? The two people she got drinks from at the bar were actually both from Polytechnic University and knew her roommates.

All of a sudden, Su Yan and co. started looking at Liu Qianqian rather weirdly.

Ye Zichen also took the opportunity to stab her.

“Don’t say that, this girl is not the Lucy, who was asking for drinks from us at the bar, she’s the school beauty of our school, Liu Qianqian.”

When he said that, he put very heavy emphasis on the important words like “bar”, “drinks” and “Lucy.”

Liu Qianqian rolled her eyes and shrugged, “Alright, alright, I’m Lucy, alright? Seriously, why did I meet such a petty man like you.”

“I’m petty!?”

Ye Zichen was furious. If he didn’t guess wrong, he seemed to have helped this woman out more than once.

She actually said that he was petty.

“Alright, alright, we’re all friends here,” Sun Yige, who did not speak until now, suddenly spoke.

Ye Zichen rolled his eyes at Liu Qianqian and snorted, “Since our class rep said that, then I’ll leave some face for you.”

“Tsk, petty,” The moment she said that, she went over to Su Yan and muttered. “Su Yan, this guy is too petty, you can’t be with him!”

“Woman, there’s something wrong with you, right!?”

Liu Qianqian made a face at him and stuck her tongue out.

“None of your business!”


Everyone in the surroundings quickly held Ye Zichen back. Since there was nothing he could do, he could only maintain his dark expression and shake in anger.

“Yang Yushi is here!”

A black van stopped outside the entrance of the stadium, while a group of boys and girls with flowers surrounded it.


At this moment, a random firework was shot outside the stadium.

A few words also surfaced on the LED screen of a high class office building opposite the sports stadium.

“Yang Yushi, marry me!”

“Wow, so romantic!”

Xia Keke exclaimed as she supported her face with her hands, while the other girls also looked at everything enviously.

All girls loved romance. Meanwhile, Ye Zichen and the other guys twitched their mouth.



“Useless as shit, a waste of money!”

It was as if Yang Yushi was already used to all of that, she she gradually walked out of the crowd under the protection of ten-odd bodyguards.

However, a handsome man in a blue suit stood stark straight as he held up a bouquet of roses and waited.

“You came.”

Yang Yushi smiled with a comforting look in her eyes, while the man, who had been waiting in front, walked toward her with a smile.

“I came.”

However, Yang Yushi, who just got out of the car, directly walked by him.

The expression man, who was ignored by Yang Yushi, tensed up. When he turned his head back, he saw that she had already walked in front of Ye Zichen.

“I thought you wouldn’t come.”


A soft commotion spread out from both the people that came with Ye ZIchen and the surrounding fans.

Kang Peng subconsciously moved aside, while Su Yiyun also pulled Su Yan and co. away.

All of a sudden, only Ye Zichen and Yang Yushi were left in the protective circle of the bodyguards.

“Speak, you’re not stupid!”

Yang Yushi’s tone carried a faint anxiousness. Ye Zichen licked his lips and raised his eyebrows.

“Ai, did I see it wrong? Is he Ye Zichen?”

“He seems to be.”

“Ye Zichen could be said as a rather popular internet celebrity recently. He even knows Yang Yushi…”

The video of Ye Zichen singing during the school anniversary gala was truly too popular on Weibo. It made it to the top of the charts of a whole two weeks, so it was hard for him not to get famous.

The surrounding fans gradually recognized him and some of the people that enjoyed gossip even found the information on them secretly meeting in a coffee shop.

“Let’s get to know each other. I’m Zu Siliang!”

The man that wanted to propose to Yang Yushi suddenly popped up and reached out his hand towards Ye Zichen.

The man’s voice was full of charisma, while his deep eyes caused the female fans around Yang Yushi to scream.

“You don’t need to know me. I’m just a small fry.”

Ye Zichen laughed softly. Then he nodded towards Zu Siliang and looked back towards Yang Yushi.

“I wish your concert to be a success.”

With that, he turned back and return to the side of Su Yan’s group.

“Let’s go.”

Yang Yushi pursed her lips and watched them leave. Meanwhile, Zu Siliang also retracted the hand that was left hanging.

He turned around and handed the bouquet of roses in his hand to Yang Yushi.

“Zu Siliang, put away your favor, we really aren’t suitable for each other. Even if my dad is interested in matching us, I still won’t accept you.”

“No problem, I won’t force you. You’ll accept me one day.”

Zu Siliang casually handed the bouquet of roses to one of the bodyguards, then smiled, before stepping back to open the way to the venue.

Yang Yushi directly left without looking to the side. Zu Siliang also called his subordinate over.

“Young Master!”

“I want to know the relationship between Yang Yushi and the man just now.”


When his bodyguard left his side, Zu Siliang twisted his head and smiled.

“Ye-zi, what is your relationship with Yang Yushi?”

“Why do you know Yang Yushi? It seems like your relationship isn’t that simple!”

“What exactly is Yang Yushi’s relationship with you!?”

“Hurry up and speak!”

The surrounding people all had their interest of gossip fired up with Zhang Rui in the lead.

Ye Zichen was slightly angered by their questions, “Why do you guys have so many questions? Do you want to watch the concert or not? If you don’t, then just go back to the dorms!”

Everyone stopped when they felt that Ye Zichen was truly angry.

Ye Zichen looked back at the entrance to the venue. If there was no surprise, the man should be the business marriage partner that Yang Yushi’s father chose for her.

Not bad, at least he looked okay.

The tickets Yang Yushi gave him were for the first row of the infield seats, in other words, it was the seats closest to the stage.

Ye Zichen looked at the stage dumbly, while the images of their past played in his mind.

How could I not feel terrible!

I loved her, yet I had to let her go with a smile.



As Ye Zichen was reminiscing of the past, his phone suddenly rang.

He quickly took out his phone and saw that Erlang Shen had sent him a message.

Could it be that there was information on King Qinguang?

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