Chapter 1255 - Taibai Jinxing Shows Up at the Door

All the way on the Northwestern Divine Mountain, Taibai Jinxing stared at his cell phone in wide-eyed shock.


Dozens of seconds passed before he clenched his phone and sent a video call request.


A key fragment to the divine mausoleum!


Ye Zichen’s Yao-Sealing Pagoda already came with a piece. This time, he’d obtained yet another from Taibai Jinxing.


He wasn’t sure how many pieces of the key were out there, or how long it would take to gather them all up. However, so long as he succeeded, he was certain he could receive the North Star Emperor, the former Emperor Star’s legacy. When that happened, no one in the God Realm could stop him!


Ye Zichen hummed a little ditty and left the app. However, before he could even put his phone back into his pocket, he received Taibai Jinxing’s video call request.


This geezer definitely just wants the key fragment, but I snatched it up fair and square! Why should I give it to him!


He pressed “refuse.” Next, he simply tossed his phone aside.


“I can’t believe he refused to even pick up!” Taibai Jinxing leaped to his feet and clenched his phone more angrily than ever.


Not long after, a pair of two-meter tall men dashed into the thatched hut.


“Your Excellency, are you alright?” 


Taibai Jinxing’s arms quivered, and without so much as responding, Taibai Jinxing sent yet another video chat request.


Ring! Ring! Ring….!


Ye Zichen’s phone vibrated and buzzed nonstop. Zuo Mo noticed and indicated to it, but Ye Zichen simply said, “Don’t worry about it.”


The phone buzzed for almost an hour. Ye Zichen couldn’t help but admire Taibai Jinxing’s determination. 


“Should we really just leave it?” Zuo Mo watched the buzzing phone and couldn’t help but ask.


Fortunately, a few minutes later, the phone piped down.


Ye Zichen sighed in relief. If it went on much longer, he might have caved and accepted a call.


“I’m preparing to go into seclusion.” Ye Zichen glanced at Zuo Mo. “I’ll leave the phone outside. If it rings again, just let it ring. I only just condensed my supreme dharma body, and I have to finish it up as soon as possible. Unless something important happens, don’t disturb me. Also, please finish the first round of cell phones as soon as possible. The need is rather urgent.”


“No problem.” Zuo Mo nodded.


Ye Zichen glanced at the cell phone again, then dove back into the Yao-Sealing Pagoda. 


“How infuriating!” Back in his thatched hut, Taibai Jinxing gnashed his teeth and looked at the long list of failed calls on screen. He felt a sudden urge to smash his phone into bits.


However, his cell phone was currently irreplaceable. If he destroyed it, how would he get in touch with his old friends?”


“Your Excellency.” The two stalwart men looked somewhat worried. 


Taibai Jinxing sighed, set down his phone, and closed his eyes. Two blue divine formations appeared behind him, and the center of his forehead lit up with blue light.


“Raging Flame City, beneath the Northern Divine Mountain.” Before long, Taibai Jinxing reopened his eyes and muttered to himself. A half-smile, half-scowl flashed across his face. “You go tell the people of the Western Jade Pool that I descended to the Lower Lands.”


“Yes, sir!” 


Back in his headquarters at Raging Flame City, Ye Zichen remained in seclusion for half a month. During his seclusion, Gou Yuzhuan and the others from the Parliament of Stars paid him a visit, but since Ye Zichen wasn’t available, they left without seeing him.


Ye Zichen was in the Yao-Sealing Pagoda the whole time, his divine soul practically completely immersed in the devil dharma body.


All those divine resources he’d used to construct onlys served as the foundation. The next step was to take it into his soul and nourish it with his soul and divine power.


When Ye Zichen saw the half-finished dharma body, he was speechless. He now knew why he’d only become a sixth-stage sky supreme when Emperor Hades thought he’d become a diviner.


That was because the devil dharma body swallowed up over forty percent of the seal’s energy/


This devil dharma body was practically a black hole. The divine power Ye Zichen absorbed on a daily basis was only barely enough to sustain it. If he wanted to speed up his fusion with it, he had no choice but to endlessly consume divine medicines. 


“If I keep taking pills like this, I’m afraid not even the Yao-Sealing Pagoda can keep up with the expenditure.”


After taking the last bottle of pills he had on hand, the devil dharma body swallowed up the medicines’ energy right away.


The sheer volume of power was enough to let a sky supreme go up a level, but it only increased his fusion rate with the dharma body by a single percentage.


“Get out of here! Just grow on your own, you!” When he saw how low his fusion rate was despite how much he’d invested, Ye Zichen got angry despite himself. 


High investment, high pay-off!

 He’d believed this whole-heartedly all along!


Based on the precious ingredients the devil dharma body required, he was sure that it’s future would be extraordinary. Now he needed a vast quantity of divine power, as if he were trying to fill a bottomless whole…


A dharma body was useless if he couldn’t actually use it. He’d gone to such great lengths to build it.


If he couldn’t use it, his work might as well have been for nothing.


He indignantly rose to his feet. He had already run out patience. If he stayed here staring at it any longer, he was afraid he’d destroy it in a fit of rage.


Besides, after calculating the date, he realized that it had already been two weeks. Who knew? There might be news about the Xuan-Yuan Sword!  “Master.” After leaving his private room, the yao of the pagoda greeted him. Ye Zichen nodded back, then returned to the outside world.


Zuo Mo immediately walked into the room. “Zichen, there’s someone outside looking at you.”


Ye Zichen picked his phone off the table and glanced at the messages. Most of the Red Packet Server was arguing over this and that. Some of his old friends on the Divine Mountains had sent him messages saying they should get together when they had time.


“Looking for me? Who is it?” After skimming his messages, Ye Zichen arched his brows and asked.


“I don’t know either.” Zuo Mo pursed his lips. “He arrived while you were in seclusion. I told him you weren’t available, but he said he could wait.”


“Did you ask who he was?”  

“Yes, but he didn’t say. From the look of him and his subordinates, he’s probably up to no good. I was worried that they’d cause trouble and sent for Lei Zhen, but Lei Zhen said he was probably no match for them. So I… I decided just to keep them calm and wait for you to come out.”


“Even Lei Zhen wasn’t their match?” Lei Zhen was one of the leaders of the pagoda’s first floor, a ninth-stage sky supreme divine beast. The Lower Lands were mostly immortals and immortal kings. Just who could have beaten him?  

The only possibility was someone from the Divine Mountains!


“I’ll go out and take a look.” Ye Zichen knit his brows. He and Zuo Mo walked into Upheaval’s reception area. 


Inside sat a white-mustached elder with two scrupulously attentive, tall, stalwart attendants.


As soon as Ye Zichen stepped inside, his pupils violently constricted, and he turned to run away.


“Little Friend Ye, aren’t we old friends? Why is that… you ran away when you saw me?”

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