Chapter 125 Lucy? Big Sis Liu Qianqian

Chapter 125 – Lucy? Big Sis Liu Qianqian

The next evening.

Yang Yushi’s concert was going to begin in three hours.

Every single one of the people in Ye Zichen’s dorm was a crazy fan of this public goddess.

Ye Zichen thought back to when he brought out the concert tickets…

Getting kissed by five men was truly embarrassing.

“Are you guys done yet?”

Ye Zichen stood at the door and called Su Yan. As he looked at everyone, who were doing their hair and clothes, he couldn’t help but sigh, “It seems like it’ll be a bit longer.”

“Then alright, we’ll wait for you guys underneath your dorm. Tell them to hurry up. Keke and I don’t mind, but it isn’t so good to tell the others to wait.”

“Alright, I’ll try my best to hurry them.”

Ye Zichen hung up and walked straight to Zhu Yunbai, who cared most about his appearance.

And kicked him.

“Stop dressing yourselves, the people from Su Yan’s dorm are waiting for us outside, so hurry up.”

“The people from the goddess dorm are waiting for us?”

Not only Zhu Yunbai, even the eyes of Zhang Rui, Bai Yu and Kang Peng sparkled.

“Ye-zi, look, how do I look…”

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but sigh with his hand on his forehead, it seems like what he said had made it worse.

In order to show their most handsome appearances in front of the girls, Kang Peng and co. used another ten-odd minutes before finally walking down.

The moment they went downstairs, Ye Zichen saw Su Yan, Xia Keke and Sun Yige chatting happily.


It was unknown who gulped, bit it was like a chain reaction, causing everyone else to gulp as well.

“Three school beauties…”

Zhang Rui licked his lips and his eyes shone.

The other people were like that as well, while Ye Zichen got a bit confused.

Sun Yige is in the same dorm as them?

“Riche Bro.”

Xia Keke immediately ran over to hug Ye Zichen’s arm. At that moment, he felt the jealous gaze of everyone around him.


Su Yan also greeted him with a smile. Ye Zichen smiled, then shook his head and sighed.

“Class Rep, I didn’t think that you were roommates with Sun Yan and them.”

“Mhmm,” Sun Yige maintained her introverted personality and didn’t reply as she dipped her head.

Ye Zichen looked around, it seemed like the three of them were the only ones there.

Ye Zichen thought back to Sun Yan’s words and rubbed his head.

“Did Sun Yige get the concert tickets?”

“No,” Su Yan replied. “It was our dormitory’s big sis. She went to buy water, she’ll be back in a moment. Let’s just wait a bit.”

“She’s a huge beauty,” Xia Keke also laughed lightly on the side.

“I heard that the four school beauties in school lived together, is that true?”

Zhang Rui, the gossip-lover, popped up from the side and asked.

Xia Keke nodded to confirm it, “Yeah.”

Even Ye Zichen was shocked when he heard this reply, but even more than that, he was filled with anticipation.

He had seen three school beauties, he did want to see the fourth…

Someone that could be named alongside Su Yan, Xia Keke and Sun Yige as the school beauty couldn’t be bad, right!

“Thief, stand still!”

At that moment, Ye Zichen, who was waiting for the big sis of Su Yan’s dorm, suddenly ran out.

At the same time, a girl, who was holding cold drinks, immediately ran when she saw him.

“Lucy, stop!”

“Why did I bump into him here...”

Lucy ran as she turned her head to see the distance between them. Despite them being very far away from each other at the start, a girl like her was unable to out run a man.

Thus, she stopped, then walked back as she pretended like she didn’t know anything.

“Stop,” Ye Zichen grabbed her arm and said with a playful expression. “Not running anymore?”

“Who are you? I don’t know you!”

Lucy said specifically in English, as if she wanted to get over this by pretending to be a foreigner.

Ye Zichen smiled at her, “Go on, keep pretending!”

Lucy continued to act like she was very worked up as she spoke in English, while trying to get away from Ye Zichen’s arm.

At this moment, Su Yan and co. also hurried over.

Lucy’s eyes brightened when she saw this, “Help me, someone is trying to molest me.”

“Oh? You want to cause a commotion, right? Hehe, so sorry, I called these people over.”

With that, Ye Zichen turned around and said to Su Yan and co.

“Hurry up and call the police, I caught a thief.”

Everyone was shocked!

“You didn’t make a mistake, right?” Su Yan finally asked in a testing manner after a long while. “She’s the big sis of our dorm, Liu Qianqian. What thief!?”

“Ah? Big sis? Liu Qianqian?” Ye Zichen was a bit confused.

Wasn’t this girl Lucy!?

At the same time, Liu Qianqian also ran to Su Yan’s side and said in a troubled manner, “Su Yan, hurry up and call the police. This bastard tried to molest me!”


“Qianqian-jie, he’s the Ye Zichen I spoke to you about.”


Both of them were shocked!

Liu Qianqian and Ye Zichen stared at each other for an entire minute.

“I’m a bit confused. Let’s get this straight,” Ye ZIchen closed his eyes and put his right index finger between his eyebrows.

After a long while, he opened his eyes and pointed at Liu Qianqian, “She’s the big sis of your dorm, and one of the school beauties of our Polytechnic University, Liu Qianqian, right?”

Everyone nodded.

“She gave you guys the tickets, right?”

The girls nodded.


Ye Zichen clapped loudly, shocking everyone, “Then that’s right. Lucy, why are you still playing dumb with me. Hurry up and speak the truth.”

“Riche Bro, why are you always calling Qianqian-jie Lucy?”

“This girl got drinks off me at the bar and told me she was called Lucy. Also, do you know where she got the concert tickets? She stole them from me. At the time, I…”

“Tsk, you’re shameless,” Liu Qianqian put her hands on her waist, then snorted with her chin raised. “I’ve never seen you before, don’t slander me. I’m a person with a reputation in Polytechnic University. What do you mean got drinks off you at the bar? What do you mean stole your concert tickets? Do you have proof? If you don’t, then I’ll sue you for slandering.”


Ye Zichen exclaimed.

It really was something to get as thick-skinned as her.

Her ability to push the blame was definitely top notch.

At that moment, Su Yan also pulled on the corner of Ye Zichen’s shirt to stop him from saying too much.

Ye Zichen smiled coyly, “Sorry, I got the wrong person.”

Hearing that, Liu Qianqian instantly raised her chin high, “Be careful when you speak from now on. Not everyone has as good a temper as me! Heh!”

She snorted like a tsundere, turned around, then left while holding Sun Yige’s and Xia Keke’s hands.

Hearing that, Ye Zichen nearly coughed up blood.


So speechless!

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