Chapter 1248 - The Rebirth of the Red Packet Server

Xue Mo had never seen a cell phone before, so she stared at it, her gaze brimming with curiosity.


She looked it over, and when she saw the rapid-fire stream of messages….


“What is this?”


Ye Zichen licked his lips. His phone hadn’t reacted since ascending to the Divine Mountain, but now it was working again. Did this mean….


In one practiced gesture, he unlocked his phone and opened his social media app.


The very top message was from none other than the chat group Ye Zichen had founded, the Red Packet Server.


God of Thunder: I really envy you guys for ascending. I still haven’t sensed an impending lightning tribulation. Just when will I get a reunite with you guys?


Yue Lao: Aiya, there’s nothing exciting up here, just wastelands and warfare. Old Lord Taijun and I actually somewhat regret ascending.


Old Lord Taishang: That’s right. Up here, it’s every man for himself. The Lower Realms were more comfortable.


Yue Lao: Don’t pay any attention to him. Someone made fun of his pill refining and he’s been in a poor mood ever since. 


Immortality Peach Fairy: For real? How could anyone beat Old Lord Taishang at pill refining?  

Mother of Lightning: Are the people up there really that strong??


Nezha: They were pretty strong. My dad just taught their leader a lesson.


 Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li: You talk too much. I think you need a spanking.


Nezha: Impudent! Is that any way to talk to your second captain?


God of Fortune: Third Prince Nezha, it looks like you’re doing better up there than your father. @ Yue Lao, are you guys in the same place?  

Yue Lao: Old Lord and I are both on the Western Divine Mountain. What about you, Nezha?


Nezha: Dad and I are on the Southeast Divine Mountain.


King Qinquang: Are there lots of districts up there?  Is this for real? 


Ye Zichen froze as he watched the endless stream of messages. People on the Divine Mountains could connect with those below?  

Those communications experts were really capable! They’d only been here a short while, but they’d already set up a network! Ye Zichen licked his lips, then tapped out a line of text.


Only Idealism: You’re chatting away awfully happily, aren’t you?


Yue Lao: Emperor Ye!


God of Fortune: Isn’t that Emperor Ye? I’m not seeing things, am I?


Immortality Peach Fairy: Big Brother! I missed you!


King Chujiang: Emperor Ye, you’re actually here!


The instant Ye Zichen appeared, just like before, the chat group practically exploded. Quite a few old monsters stopped lurking and floated to the surface to greet him.


“I can even send messages!” Ye Zichen was shocked, but when he saw the roiling sea of texts, he couldn’t help but chuckle.


Everything was just like the start.


Nezha: Brother Ye, you’re on the Divine Mountains too, right? Which one?  Only Idealism: The Northernmost. The Jade Emperor and Great Emperor Dong Yue are there too.


King Yama: How are they doing?


How should he respond? 


Given how busy the group was, Ye Zichen thought it over and decided to help the Jade Emperor and Dong Yue save face.


Only Idealism: They’re doing pretty well. They’re both former great emperors after all! How could they not do well?  

As he said that, Ye Zichen seemed to think of something. He pulled some immortal and divine brew from his spatial ring, scanned them with his cell phone, and watched them disappear.


The next instant, a red packet appeared in the group.


Even now, his friends moved shockingly fast.


God of Fortune: Immortal Brew! Ahaha, I swiped it!


Immortality Peach Fairy: Heyyy, why is it all booze? I’m still a little girl!


Wu Gang: I was too slow. 


Everyone was either celebrating and rejoicing over snapping up treasures. After seeing Ye Zichen send red packets, Yue Lao and the others started sending red packets too. Before long, the server was a veritable downpour of red packets. 


Naturally, Ye Zichen didn’t fight over any of the treasures. Of everyone present, he was almost certainly the best off now.


Even if he tried to snatch red packets, he wouldn’t get anything good.


No, he was more concerned about the fact that sending alcohol was possible. If he could send booze, he should be able to send pills, talismans, and artifacts too. Back when Ye Zichen was still just an ordinary person, he’d relied on their red packets to rise to prominence. Now that he was doing well for himself, he ought to help out his old friends, too.


He took quite a fill pills, talismans, and demigod artifacts from the Yao-Sealing Pagoda and tossed them into the group as well.


As for snatching up treasures for himself…


If he was going to go after treasure, he wanted sky supreme and diviner level treasures!


They’d only just established their network, and it wasn’t in widespread use yet. The group only contained familiar faces. However, so long as they had enough time, if they spread their network out…

 Nevermind diviners, he might even have the chance to get red packets from the Demon Emperor, Bi’an, and the Eastern Monarch Taiyi!


If he got his hands on one of those, he’d profit big time!


The group was as lively as ever. Ye Zichen, as usual, fell silent after sending out his red packets. Of course he wanted to chat with all his old friends, but right now, he was here to lead Xue Mo to see Emperor Hades.


“What kind of treasure is that? It seems like you can chat with lots of people at once? That’s way better than the transmission slips we use up here. Could you get one for me too?”


Xue Mo swiped his phone and looked it over. The more she examined it, the more interested in it she was.


“This is advanced technology, the product of our technological research department. It’s still in the trial stage. When we get back from Emperor Hades’ secondary palace, I can have someone send you one, too.”


“Sounds good!” Xue Mo smiled.


At that moment, Ye Zichen’s cell phone buzzed once more. He fished it out and saw that this time, the message was from Zuo Mo.


“You’re in the Lower Lands?” 


When Ye Zichen saw her message, he froze, then looked around. “How did you know?”


“Someone said you participated in the group chat, but the communications experts haven’t set-up a network on the Northern Divine Mountain yet.”


“Okay then. I am indeed in the Lower Lands, by the banks of the River Styx,” replied Ye Zichen with a grin.


“What are you doing all the way over there? Why not come to Raging Flame City?”


“I have important business to attend to over here, but once everything is settled, I’ll come visit you in Raging Flame City.”


“Alright. I know you’re busy.”


He put his phone away again. Xue Mo’s eyes widened.


“Wah! You can group chat and have private chats too? Then could you give everyone in Anti-Upheaval one of those things? If everyone has one, it’ll be much easier to stay in touch regarding missions.”

 Despite himself, Ye Zichen arched his brows. That was a good idea. “Deal! Once we have enough, I’ll do everything I can to outfit everyone in Anti-Upheaval.”


“When the time comes, just tell me how much money you need,” said Xue Mo with a laugh.


“Money? Do the two of us have any need to talk about money? You didn’t ask for money when you gave me all that Black Jade, did you? If you keep going on about money, you’ll hurt my feelings.”


Ye Zichen patted Xue Mo on the head, then glanced at the River Styx. “We can talk about all that later. First, let’s head to Emperor Hades’ secondary palace.”


Xue Mo blushed, but nodded, only to hear Ye Zichen shout at the top of his lungs, “Yiyun, it’s Ye Zichen! I want to go to the palace, so come and fetch me!”

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