Chapter 1240 - A Close Brush With Death

A dozen or so men and women appeared around Ye Zichen. All of them were yao from the second floor of the Yao-Sealing Pagoda. Even the weakest of them was an eighth-stage sky supreme.


Actually, Ye Zichen had still chosen to hold quite a bit back. Some people might call him cold-hearted or selfish, but if he had to make this decision again, he would have done the same thing.


He absolutely couldn’t reveal his ownership of the Yao-Sealing Pagoda. Summoning a dozen subordinates was already the limit of what he could accept.


Any yao capable of becoming a supreme was a divine beast. Ye Zichen and the other humans might struggle against a swarm of divine beasts, but the yao of the pagoda’s second floor were divine beasts too. Furthermore, they held the absolute advantage in terms of cultivation, so they cut through the horde like a whirlwind, chopping the Subterranean Beasts into mincemeat.

 Yes, they were yao too.


However, from the moment they entered the Yao-Sealing Pagoda, they became absolutely loyal to their master.


Even if they were the exact same variety of yao, they would have killed the Subterranean Beasts without batting an eye. This was part of why countless major powers longed to obtain the Yao-Sealing Pagoda. Obtaining it meant leading an absolutely loyal, ruthless army.


“This…” Luo Zi and Li Hu watched in bewilderment. So many eight-stage sky supreme experts had appeared out of nowhere, and they were obeying Ye Zichen’s orders. They killed the Subterranean Beasts as easily as a wolf kills a chicken.


More importantly, from their auras, it seemed like they were yao.


Even Xue Mo, who had long since mentally prepared herself for this to happen, couldn’t help but stare. She’d predicted he’d summon five subordinates at most. That would at least be enough to buy her time to use some secret technique and rescue Murong Xue and the others.


She hadn’t expected Ye Zichen to summon so many! Furthermore, the yao already had a handle on things; they didn’t need the humans’ help.

 “Let’s go! Let’s go get Jiang Yong and the others out of there!”


Despite everyone’s astonished gazes, Ye Zichen showed no sign of happiness. On the contrary, he sighed, then silently strode forth.


There were strict level differences between different divine beasts. In the face of higher-class divine beasts, low-level divine beasts could only submit.


When the experts of the Yao-Sealing Pagoda unleashed their auras, the Subterranean Beasts stopped their rampage, then obediently knelt on the ground. Even if they died, they wouldn’t dare resist superior divine beasts in the slightest.


Jiang Yong and Murong Xue were shaking and on the verge of collapse. They’d held on this long through pure willpower. Pan Sheng and the Dai sisters had already fallen unconscious. 


However, at that moment, they felt several yaos’ auras. Each was far stronger than the Subterranean Beasts. The next moment, they saw these newly-arrived yao experts slaughter their way through the beast horde.


“What’s going on?” Jiang Yong transmitted to Murong Xue.


She shook her head; she had no idea what was going on either.


“Ol’ Jiang.” Ye Zichen and the others rushed over.


Jiang Yong was still maintaining his dharma body. When he saw his companions rush over, he called out, “Don’t come any closer! There are powerful yao here!”  

“Those ones are on our side,” shouted Xue Mo. Jiang Yong and Murong Xue frowned despite themselves.


Ye Zichen added, “Deactivate your dharma bodies. These yao really are on our side.”


Although they still felt someone suspicious, Jiang Yong and Murong Xue knew Ye Zichen wouldn’t harm them.


Now that they knew the danger was already over, their taut nerves relaxed, and their dharma bodies instantly faded. 


After returning to their ordinary forms, they collapsed on the ground and gasped for breath, then stuffed their mouths full of recovery pills. 


“Are they alright?” Ye Zichen glanced at Pan Sheng and the Dai Sisters.


Murong Xue flashed him an exhausted grin. “They just overdrew their divine power. They’ll be fine after a few days of rest.”


“That’s good.” When Xue Mo heard that, she relaxed, pounded her chest, and sighed in relief. 


Before long, the yao of the pagoda returned, covered in blood. Their leader was a graceful, enchanting beauty. She was the leader of the second floor of the Yao-Sealing Pagoda, Ji Lan.


She was the strongest expert on the second floor of the Yao-Sealing Pagoda, a half-step diviner.


When she appeared, the others couldn’t help but hold their breath; her presence was far too oppressive. Even though they knew she was on their side, Ye Zichen’s companions couldn’t help but feel nervous around her.


“Master, we’ve already killed all the targets.” Ji Lan bent at the waist and greeted him respectfully.


Ye Zichen nodded. “Thanks for your hard work. Go on back for now.” 


With that, all the yao Ye Zichen summoned disappeared without a trace.


“Brother Ye, this…” Even Jiang Yong couldn’t help but ask what was going on.


“This is my secret. Please, keep this quiet for me. Don’t spread news of what happened here,” said Ye Zichen.


“Alright, we absolutely won’t tell anyone,” said Jiang Yong with a smile. The others nodded along.


With just those few, simple sentences, everyone brushed past their life and death struggle. No one brought up Ye Zichen’s mysterious yao retainers. Ye Zichen and the rest of Anti-Upheaval helped the wounded recover, and in around an hour, Jiang Yong’s exhaustion had faded somewhat. 


He leaped to his feet and brushed the sand off his clothes. “Are the two people we saved still around? Let me see them! We practically died to save them.”


Ye Zichen gestured Zhang Bairen and Dong Yue, who approached. As they drew near, Ye Zichen bowed deeply to Jiang Yong. “I’d like to thank you on behalf of these old friends of mine. Thank you for risking your life to rescue them. The two of them almost perished here.”


“Oh? You know them?” Jiang Yong let out a hearty laugh. “Then this was worth it. If they’re your friends, what need is there to even discuss this? I’m just glad they’re okay. But what were you two doing? Did you steal their kids? Or their wives? From the look of things, the entire Subterranean Beast Race was out to get you.”


The two former great and glorious emperors of the lower realms could only smile apologetically. They had no idea why the beasts were after them either.


“It’s fine. You’re okay, and that’s all that matters. Where are you from? We’ll send you back home.” 


“They’re the city lord’s personal guards.” Since Zhang Bairen and Dong Yue weren’t familiar with his friends, Ye Zichen spoke on their behalf. “When we go back to the academy, let’s return them to the city lord’s manner on the way.”


When he heard they were the city lord’s subordinates, Jiang Yong reacted much like Ye Zichen had. However, before he could ask questions, Ye Zichen shook his head. Jiang Yong immediately understood. He swallowed his questions and smiled instead. “Let’s hurry back, then! I had absolutely no desire to hang around this hellhole. I miss my Aspirations Society!”  

“Of course you miss your Aspirations Society! There, you call the shots and do whatever you want! And there are quite a few girls who’re all over you!” said Murong Xue viciously.


“Look who’s talking!” Jiang Yong grinned.


After surviving a close brush with death, everyone was in high spirits. The surroundings showed no sign of Subterranean Beasts, so they relaxed. However, just as they lowered their guards…


“Senior Apprentice Sister, behind you…!” Chen Guangfa roared. Xue Mo looked behind her, and saw a single Subterranean Beast standing in the bloodstained sands. It was many times larger than the beasts they’d just fought: it was obviously a beast king! Furthermore, it had raised its sharp claws, and it seemed to be…


Laughing at her!

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