Chapter 124 Deal

Chapter 124 – Deal

One of the Ten Yama Kings actually sent him a friend request.

Actually, Ye Zichen had wanted to use this chance to get into the Underworld group, and save King Qinguang, in order to gain some fame in the Underworld.

But that’s great, King Chujiang added him almost instantly.

He heard that King Chujiang controlled the second hell in Hell, and he was an existence just behind King Qinguang.


Ye Zichen immediately looked at the intimacy level.


Ye Zichen instantly stopped worrying after seeing this number. At least it wasn’t Cold.


Ye Zichen thought that King Qinguang would sent a message to him, but he didn’t think that King Chujiang would directly make a group and add White Impermanence in.

King Chujiang: White Impermanence, the person that you said can save King Qinguang is him? @Only Idealism.

White Impermanence: Yes, that’s him.

King Chujiang: @Only Idealism! You are not someone of the Underworld. Just now, this king has checked through the list of all the ghost servants and ghost messengers of the ten halls, you are not on it! Who are you, you actually dared to say that you can help King Qinguang out.

It seemed like King Chujiang was a very vigilant person. The first thing he did was investigate Ye Zichen’s identity.

It seemed like he couldn’t pretend to be someone from the Underworld. However, if he said that he was someone from the Heavenly Court, then he might be beaten to death by King Chujiang, and it would affect White Impermanence as well.

Ye Zichen thought about it for a while, then answered honestly, “This little one is a mere mortal.”

“Mortal? How can a mortal know people of our Underworld!”

“That’s none of your business.”

Ye Zichen rolled his eyes at the screen.

That Yama King was so cocky, asking so many questions, he wasn’t even that pressured when he chatted with the Great Sage.

“You dare to speak to this king like that?”

“So what?”

Ye Zichen replied with complete annoyance.

King Chujiang was the one asking him to do stuff, yet King Chujiang acted like he owed him.

“I’m telling you, King Chujiang, don’t use your underworld stuff with me. It’s no good, okay?”

“Heh, a mere mortal actually dared to be so cocky, are you not afraid of me adding something onto your section on the Book of Life and Death, causing you to die earlier?”



King Chujiang sent him a question mark.

Ye Zichen squinted his eyes and replied the message.

“Don’t try to scare me here, I’ll tell you clearly right now. I can help King Qinguang get out of trouble! Do you need me to help!?”

“Why should I believe you?”

“I don’t care if you do or not!”

Oh wow, Ye Zichen offered to save King Qinguang, but actually needed to gain King Chujiang’s trust!


When the chat group fell into silence, White Impermanence suddenly sent him a private message.

“King Chujiang has the worst temper out of the Ten Yama Kings, he is also the most suspicious of people. He will be unhappy if you speak to him like this.”

“These sorts of people just got spoiled. He was a big boss for so long, he really thought that no one could deal with him. Don’t worry, he definitely wouldn’t dare to do anything to me, and would have to beg for my help.”

The moment Ye Zichen sent the news, King Chujiang spoke up in the group.

“How are you going to help King Qinguang!?”

“None of your business either.”

Ye Zichen mercilessly sent the message over, then immediately added something else.

“I’ll save King Qinguang. As for you… We have to talk about the conditions.”


“Don’t be unwilling, if the Heavenly Court really locked King Qinguang up, you guys will definitely revolt, right?”

“Brat, don’t just say things, us, the people of the Underworld have always accepted the Heavenly Court as our leader.”

It was clear that they couldn’t just say things like revolting. Especially since King Chujiang was still suspecting Ye Zichen of being someone from the Heavenly Court.

Since King Qinguang was taken away by the people from the Heavenly Court, the Underworld was in a mess.

It was possible that Ye Zichen was the spy sent by the Heavenly Court in order to get evidence from them, the Ten Yama Kings.

If they got evidence, then they could promptly lock all of them up.

“Sure, I don’t care who you people from the Underworld look to as your leader! I’m just saying that you guys will definitely pay a heavy price in order to save King Qinguang, but if I do it, then your price will be much smaller.”

“Say it, just what do you need?”

“I want to know how to revive a ghost that died before their time.”


King Chujiang replied without thinking. There was pretty much no loss for the Underworld by revealing this information.

What’s more, even if Ye Zichen was someone from the Heavenly Court, it was useless for him to know.

Everyone in the Heavenly Court were deities, so they didn’t need to use this information.

If this brat was really a mortal as he said, then knowing this information was useless, since he wouldn’t be able to gather the materials for the revival.

“You agreed so quickly?”

Ye Zichen didn’t think that King Chujiang would agree so straightforwardly.

“Agreeing is no problem, but I can only tell you after seeing King Qinguang safely return to the Underworld.”

“No problem, but a verbal promise is no use. I need a written proof.”


You received King Chujiang’s oath.

“This King promises to tell you the method of revival as well as ten thousand Heaven and Earth merits as the reward after you save King Qinguang.”

“Sure, just wait for my news.”

White Impermanence sent Ye Zichen another message after he left the chat.

“Can you really save King Qinguang?”

“You don’t trust me?”

“Of course I trust you, I’m just a bit worried…”

“Don’t worry, it’ll definitely be alright.”

If the Heavenly Court really wants to do something to the Underworld, then they definitely wouldn’t let King Qinguang go back. They might very possibly lock him up in a secret dungeon in the Heavenly Court.

But what did Erlang Shen do?

He was the head of security in the Heavenly Court. He definitely had the right to know after such a huge thing happened.

What was his relationship with Erlang Shen!

Sworn brothers.

Isn’t saving King Qinguang super simple?

Ye Zichen sent Erlang Shen a message without thinking.

“Bro, you busy?”

“Yeah!” Erlang Shen instantly replied.

“Are you busying yourself with King Qinguang’s matters?”

“King Qinguang?” Erlang Shen was clearly shocked. “Isn’t King Qinguang somebody of the Underworld? I’m advertising your products!”


Ye Zichen slapped his thigh. He was in too much of a hurry.

Taibai Jinxing had just taken King Qinguang away, how could they reach the Heavenly Court so quickly.

“Then I’ll leak a news to you first. King Qinguang should be brought to the Heavenly Court by Taibai Jinxing later. It seems like he caused some trouble, but that brat helped me out before, so I hope you can help me out a bit and directly tell me any news.”

“Bro, why do you still have contact with people from the Underworld? The relationship between the Heavenly Court and the Underworld is really tense, if someone will ill intentions find out, then you’ll be in huge trouble.”

Ye Zichen felt a lot of care from Erlang Shen’s message, causing his heart to warm up. Although Erlang Shen and him had never met, their bond was very strong.

“No worries, my identity is rather special. No matter what, King Qinguang is very important to me. So, bro, it’s on you.”

“No problem.”

Erlang Shen definitely would do anything for his bro without any hesitation.

Then, Ye Zichen quit WeChat after a simple thanks.

He touched the Dragon Eye in his pocket.

You’ll be able to be revived very soon.

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