Chapter 1224 - A Swarm of Recruits


You coming?  

It was just a simple, two-word invitation, but it was enough to completely snap Bao Jingwu’s lingering attachments to the Grizzly Bear Society.


He’d never had much of a presence in the Grizzly Bear Society. Why stay any longer?  

In terms of name-brand recognition, Anti-Upheaval was once of the top five wealthiest student societies. Although they’d gone downhill, Bao Jingwu trusted that with the support of so many resources, they’d soon recover their former glory.


Bao Jingwu made up his mind. “I’ll join you.”


With that, he tore off his Grizzly Bear emblem, crushed it, clenched the Supreme Pill, and stood beside Ye Zichen. “Platoon Leader Ye Zichen, I’ll be counting on you from here on out.”


As he spoke, he glanced longingly at the mountain of treasure and gulped.


“Don’t look at it anymore. Work hard for our Anti-Upheaval Society, and we’ll treat you well.” Ye Zichen patted Bao Jingwu on the back. “You’re just in time; we’re still developing, so I don’t have many subordinates. I won’t give you some empty position; how about you act as my assistant?”


“Sounds good!” Bao Jingwu nodded without even thinking. Ye Zichen was in control of the finances, so acting as his assistant was absolutely better than any other position. 


“Bao Jingwu, you’re really leaving the Grizzly Bears?” Sun Jialing was so shocked, her eyes widened, and her words came out as high-pitched screeches. 


“That’s right! I’m leaving!” Bao Jingwu snorted back.


“You’ll regret this sooner or later, you short-sighted jerk! This is nothing but Anti-Upheaval’s reserves; they pulled it all out at once in one final gasp for breath. To think you’d fall for it! What will you do once they use up these resources?”


“That’s my problem, not yours. It’s none of your business.”


When she sensed his cold gaze, Sun Jialing’s fingers quivered. She glared intensely at him, then looked back at Ye Zichen. “Fine! I’ll actually be curious to see just how many people you can recruit!”


“Alright.” Ye Zichen was too lazy to argue with her, so he simply waved her away. “Don’t just stand here getting in my way. I’m about to start.”


With that, he closed his eyes, gathered his strength in his diaphragm, and poured his divine power into his voice. “The Anti-Upheaval Society is recruiting! Everyone who leaves the Grizzly Bear Society to join us will receive a Supreme Pill, no exceptions!”


When Ye Zichen first took out his mountain of treasure, he’d attracted quite a bit of attention. When he shouted, countless new students rushed over. Some older students came as well.


When they saw the heap of glittering treasures, their eyes widened.


“Did you mean what you said just now?” asked a member of the Grizzly Bear Society tentatively, his eyes full of disbelief. “If a member of the Grizzly Bears joins you, will you really give them a Supreme Pill?”


“Of course. Once you join us, the pill is yours,” said Ye Zichen. After hearing that, the student didn’t ask any more questions. He crushed his Grizzly Bear emblem, then signed the society admission form.


As soon as he set down his pen, a pill landed in his hands. 


“Stand behind me. In a bit, I’ll take everyone back to our society’s headquarters to set up your living quarters.”


The new student seemed overcome with disbelief even after receiving the pill. He nodded blankly, then dashed off. 


They really were giving away Supreme Pills!


The onlookers instantly exploded into uproar.


Everyone with a Grizzly Bear Society emblem pinned to their chests crushed it and scrambled to sign the society admission forms.


The Grizzly Bear Society’s Sixth Platoon Leader, Sun Jialing, was practically purple with fury. She wanted to do something about the temptation of the Supreme Pills, but her voice was so weak, it was practically inaudible. “Fine, just you wait!” Sun Jialing glowered viciously at Ye Zichen, shoved the mad-with-greed students away, and left. 


Ye Zichen simply chuckled, but he didn’t take her threats seriously at all. Instead, he turned back to the new students. “There’s no rush. Take it easy! There’s enough for everyone.”


Meanwhile, back in Anti-Upheaval’s camp, Xue Mo sat beside a lotus bond. She held a transmission device and was staring intently at it. 


“Should I call someone from home after all?” Xue Mo muttered to himself. She’d been in the same spot for almost an hour, and from her expression, she was obviously conflicted.


“I’ll lose face if I say something, but if I don’t…. I’ll definitely lose!” She fidgeted restlessly with the transmission device, her internal conflict becoming increasingly obvious, 


“Senior Apprentice Sister!” At that moment, Cheng Guangfa came rushing over.


Xue Mo put away the device, then frowned at him. “What is it?”  

“Ye Zichen, he….”


“What did he do? Didn’t I send him to go recruit new students? The results are pitiful, right?” Xue Mo could imagine it now; in terms of reputation, they paled before the top-five student societies, and they couldn’t compete in terms of resources.”


“That guy’s crazy!” After a while, Chen Guangfa gulped and shouted, “He didn’t just bring in new recruits; he even targeted Grizzly Bears in particular! In just an hour, over a thousand of their members have left their society and joined ours instead.”


“How on earth did he pull it off?” asked Xue Mo in confusion.


“Go take a look and you’ll see. He’s too vicious! I just bumped into Sun Jialing, and her face is practically green with fury!”  

“Alright, I’ll go take a look.” 


Within an hour of Ye Zichen making his announcement, news that “anyone who left the Grizzly Bears for Anti-Upheaval would get a Supreme Pill” spread throughout Skyspan Academy. An increasing number of Grizzly Bears rushed over, as well as many unaffiliated students.


Before long, the other societies’ recruitment centers were pitifully empty, while Ye Zichen’s was bustling. 


“Don’t rush, don’t rush! Take it easy. There’s enough for everyone. So long as you’re from the Grizzly Bear Society, whether you’re a new recruit or an old hand, you can join our Anti-Upheaval Society.”


The students he’d already recruited had started maintaining order among the crowd. They scrupulously organized the application process and helped students fill out the forms. 


Of course, most of those who left the Grizzly Bears were new students.


Long-time members all had accumulated contribution points. If they left, that meant they’d lose all the points they’d earned. Some of them refused to switch societies outright, while others adopted a “wait-and-see” approach.


Anti-Upheaval really had brought out a shocking number of resources, but this was just for now…


Whether they could sustain this level of expenditures remained to be seen. They needed to consider the future, too.


“Hey, Brother, what about those of us who joined other student societies? Or who haven’t joined any society yet?” shouted one of the onlookers.


Their hearts itched with desire. Those were Supreme Pills…..!


He was just tossing them around as if they were worthless. Who wouldn’t be tempted?


To tell the truth, some of them considered outright stealing the treasure, but due to concern for the academy’s rules, they didn’t dare.


“Look at me; my memory’s terrible! I almost forgot.” Just now, Ye Zichen had been so focused on irritating Sun Jialing that he’d forgotten to even consider what to do with other potential recruits. “Everyone else, if you’re a sixth-stage earth supreme or higher, you will also receive a Supreme Pill. Everyone beneath that level gets one hundred aureus.”


“No way! The difference is way too huge!” Some of the crowd complained.


“Bro, it’s true that the difference is stark…. But I guarantee that if you join our Anti-Upheaval Society, you’ll get a Supreme Pill as soon as you become a sixth-stage earth supreme. Right now, you might be beneath that level. Missing out on a Supreme Pill is rough, but once you’re strong enough, you can apply for one. As the former leader of the top-five student societies, we absolutely won’t deceive you!”

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