Chapter 1219 - Xue Mo’s Explosive Fury

In this sea of noise, Xue Mo’s voice wasn’t overly obvious.


However, everyone in the registration area inexplicably, perhaps subconsciously, cleared a path for her. Bao Jingwu, who’d been trying his utmost to entice Ye Zichen his whole time, gulped.


“Brother Ye, I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were acquainted with Senior Sister Xue,” said Bao Jingwu with an apologetic laugh. He took a few quick steps backward.


“Bao Jingwu, Xue Mo isn’t part of our Grizzly Bear Society. Why are you afraid of her?” The ravishing, enchanting beauty who’d come with Xue Mo furrowed her brows. The fear in Bao Jingwu’s eyes intensified.


He bowed to her and said, “Platoon Leader Sun.”


Platoon Leader?


This woman was the leader of the Grizzly Bear Society?


She was so pretty. Why would she chose a name like “Grizzly Bear?”  

No, wait. When Bao Jingwu introduced himself, he said he was a squad leader of the sixth platoon. It seemed that the Grizzly Bear Society’s true leader wasn’t that woman after all. However, to become a platoon leader, she couldn’t be an ordinary person.


That Platoon Leader Sun glared viciously at Bao Jingwu, then crossed her arms and said to Xue Mo, “We Grizzly Bears have obviously already started a conversation with this little brother. Xue Mo, if you want to snipe recruits, you shouldn’t be so obvious about it.”


“Hurry up and dispel your fox spirit magic. Save them for seducing Pang Zheng,” sneered Xue Mo.


“What are you saying? 


“Sun Jialing, I’m sure you of all people know just how you got your position as Sixth Platoon Leader.” Xue Mo glanced at her, then laughed wickedly. “I heard you accompanied him for two months. Was trading two months to become a platoon leader worth it?”


As she said that, Xue Mo’s gaze was utterly sympathetic. 


Everyone in Skyspan Academy knew that Sun Jialing and Xue Mo had a grudge against each other. As a result, whenever they appeared in the same location, others paid attention.


Xue Mo hadn’t disguised her words just now, either. Anyone with functional ears could hear her.


“The rumors were true? Sun Jialing really has been sleeping with Pang Zheng?”


“I always thought it was true. A rumor like that couldn’t have come out of nowhere. Now Senior Apprentice Sister Xue said it herself; there’s no way it’s false.”


“The Grizzly Bear Society’s other platoon leaders are all seventh-stage sky supremes or higher. Sun Jialing is the only exception. She hasn’t been at the academy for long, and she’s just an earth supreme, yet she’s already a platoon leader. Everyone can tell there’s something fishy going on.”  

The surrounding students all started whispering amongst themselves. When Sun Jialing heard their gossip, her face went bright red. She pointed at Xue Mo, who looked back at her unconcernedly, and said, “Quit talking nonsense!”


“I’m sure you know better than anyone that it isn’t just ‘nonsense.’” 


It didn’t matter whether Xue Mo was telling the truth or not; she’d won this spat either way.


Xue Mo rolled her eyes at the other girl, then said, “As for your accusations about me ‘sniping recruits,” that’s not even funny. I’m already acquainted with this guy. He agreed to join our Anti-Upheaval Society weeks ago, got it?”  

The sparks in the air were just a little too intense!


Ye Zichen, who was right in the thick of it, was terrified that the two arguing women would turn their attention towards him. He glanced surreptitiously at Xue Mo, and found she was looking right back at him.


“I just knew you’d show up.” Their eyes met, and Xue Mo laughed. “I ran around in circles looking for you! Don’t waste time with those Grizzly Bears. We discussed this half a months go, right?”  

“We…. we did?” said Ye Zichen guilelessly. He’d only seen Xue Mo once, back at the tavern, and the memories weren’t particularly pleasant. No matter how much he thought, he couldn’t recall any conversations about any of this.


Xue Mo’s expression instantly shifted. 


Was this guy a moron?


She wanted to scream!


Sun Jialing, who’d just suffered at Xue Mo’s hands, grinned and shook her head. “If you tell lies, others will see right through you. How could anyone trust a pathological liar like you?”


Sun Jialing said that in large part to reduce the impact of what Xue Mo had said earlier. She smiled enchantingly, then walked right up to Ye Zichen. “Join our society! Don’t be fooled; although the Anti-Upheaval society is nominally in the top five, that’s all in the past. Joining us will be better for your future development.”




“Don’t hesitate. Look at you! You’re just a new student, yet the society head is inviting you personally. How strong could they be? In just a few months, the societies will have a ranking battle, and I’m afraid they won’t even enter the top hundred. Also, let me share a bit of gossip. Do you know why the glorious Anti-Upheaval Society has sunk this low?”  

“Shut your mouth!” Xue Mo’s expression darkened. Icy winds howled around her.


Xun Jialing simply glanced playfully at her, then lit up with red light. “They’re all dead. They were a million strong, but they’re all dead. Right now, there are less than a hundred people in all of the Anti-Upheaval Society. This incident shook even the higher-ups of the Sea of Innocence. Hmph. If she hadn’t been so impulsive, how could all of her society’s members have died like that? Even the former society head died.”


“It’s really a pity. That was a full million lives! All because of her. All of them are dead and buried, but it’s strange. She made such a major mistake, yet Skyspan Academy spared her life, and even let her succeed her deceased former leader’s position. She says I slept my way into my position. Tell me, then, Society Head Xue. How did you manage to stay here despite causing such a major incident?”  

The onlookers all fell silent. This was a major incident at Skyspan Academy.


The former Anti-Upheaval Society once had close to a million supreme experts, including over a hundred thousand sky supremes. All of them had fallen in battle. Experts from the Sea of Innocence, Skyspan Trading Company, Skyspan Academy, and Northern Divine Mountain’s thirty city lords had all gathered because of it.


In the end, for some reason, the higher-ups suppressed the incident and no one brought it up anymore.


Many of the academy’s students hated Xue Mo, and this was why.


In truth, none of them knew exactly what had happened, but the way the students saw it, a million people died and she was the only survivor. Moreover, when she came back, she wept and wailed about how it was all her fault…


People couldn’t help but assume she’d caused the incident.


“So, you won’t shut up, will you?” Xue Mo’s eyes reddened. A plum blossom emblem appeared on her forehead, and an icy longsword emerged from between her eyes.


The moment the icy blade appeared, the surrounding area froze.


The crowds’ lapels fluttered in the violent, icy winds. It was as if snow demons had appeared in the registration area and stirred up fierce gusts.


Xue Mo hefted her sword and clutched its hilt.


“Senior Apprentice Sister!” Chen Guangfa’s pupils violently constricted. 


Xue Mo raised her exquisite jaw. The plum blossom mark between her eyes grew and expanded as if it were alive, spreading until it covered her entire forehead. “You want to die? Fine, I’ll grant your wish!”

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