Chapter 121 Bai Yang sought him out

Ye Zichen stood on the second floor of the supermarket and pointed at the wooden bed he got from Taobao as he said to Zhuge Kongming, “This bed is seemingly kind of crappy, but it’s enough. All the linens are brand new.”

Zhuge Kongming did not reveal any expression of disgust as he nodded his head excitedly, “Thank you, Big Brother Ye.”

Although the background of this little fellow was unknown, his personality was rather likeable.

Ye Zichen reached out his head and rubbed his head, then said, “There aren’t any problems with the supermarket, right?”

“There is,” Zhuge Kongming frowned. “Several people came in the morning to our supermarket to ask for protection fees. I beat them up and sent them running.”

“You beat the ones that came to ask for protection fees and sent them away?” Ye Zichen was stunned. He didn’t think that the little guy was lying to him. People asking for protection fees were everywhere, so he was already used to it.

He just didn’t think that this little fellow was rather fierce, and sent the ones that came to ask for protection fees away.

“Hehe, I practiced a bit with grandpa before.”

Before he finished, an intense knock sounded out downstairs.

Hearing that, Ye Zichen and co. hurried over.

When they arrived at the entrance, Zhuge Kongming frowned, “They came again.”

“It’s them? Ye Zichen’s tone was rather unfriendly.

Zhuge Kongming also stepped forward and shouted with his hands on his waist, “Do you guys still want to get beaten up?”

The people outside instantly stopped for a moment. It seems like this little fellow gave them a rather unforgettable lesson.

At this moment, Bai Yang walked out from the crowd holding the bats and snorted, “Ye Zichen, if you don’t open up, then don’t blame me for being merciless.”

“Big Brother Ye?”

Zhuge Kongming turned around. Ye Zichen smiled and opened the door of the supermarket.

“Young Master Bai.”

“Grandson, you want to submit?” Bai Yang snorted and squinted his eyes. His arm was still tied with a bandage. It was clear that the wounds at the club did not heal yet. “You took me a long time to find. I didn’t think that you actually hid here.”

“Mhmm?” Ye Zichen nodded.

Seeing Ye Zichen’s expression as if he was being ignored, Bai Yang immediately reached over to slap him.


“You can’t hit my Big Brother Ye.”

In just a flash, Bai Yang was already sent flying like a missile. Even Ye Zichen did not manage to see Zhuge Kongming’s actions clearly.

On the other hand, Blackie’s pupils contracted as he exclaimed, “Baji Explosion!”

Zhuge Kongming, who lifted his head proudly, suddenly turned over and glared at Blackie with shimmering eyes.

However, this was only for a split second, so nobody noticed this.

Ye Zichen was shocked as well. This little guy’s combat abilities weren’t just a little powerful.

“What are you guys blanking out for. Smash it!”

“This is my hard work, I can’t let you guys touch it.”

With that, Ye Zichen turned into a series of afterimages.

After a few loud sounds, the delinquents that came with Bai Yang all fell onto the floor.

Ye Zichen dusted his hands and squatted in front of Bai Yang, while the other person looked at him as if they were seeing a monster, “You better not touch me. Otherwise, I’ll make it so you can’t take it all.”

“That’s great. I love taking food away when I can’t finish it. Only then would stuff not be wasted.”


Ye Zichen slapped Bai Yang. This slap caused Bai Yang’s left cheek to swell.

“Young Master Ye, why must you do that? I said it very clearly to you the other day! What did you come here for? To take revenge?”

“You’re dead. You’re dead.”

Bai Yang pointed at Ye Zichen.


Ye Zichen snapped the finger without any hesitation, while slapping him once again.

“I don’t know whether I’m going to die. I only know that if you blabber one more useless sentence to me, you’re dead.”

With that, Ye Zichen signaled Blackie to float in front of Bai Yang.

A insufferably coldness caused Bai Yang to shiver.

He stared straight at Ye Zichen, who was smiling, and submitted like a coward, “I was wrong…”


Ye Zichen was shocked.

“Young Master Ye, let me go once.”

He changed tones way too f*cking quickly, right?

Ye Zichen thought that this grandson could hold it in for several rounds, he didn’t think that this grandson would turn into a pussy so quickly and so completely!

Ye Zichen scratched his hair and stood up from the ground. He looked down on Bai Yang and said, “A Reason.”

“If Young Master Ye lets me go, then I can compensate Young Master Ye.”


Ye Zichen lacked quite a bit of money. Without the Fiery Eyes of Truth, he didn’t have any ways to earn money recently.

It was Su Yiyun that had spent money for this supermarket. The money he had left on hand were all given to him by Xiao Yumei.

He did require money.

“How much!”

“A hundred thousand!”

Bai Yang crossed his two index fingers with a stutter. Ye Zichen directly kicked him and scolded, “Do you think your dog life is only worth a hundred thousand yuan?”

“Two hundred thousand.”


Another kick.

“Three hundred thousand!”

Bai Yang continued to raise the price. However, Ye Zichen lacked the patience to waste time with him. He directly stuck out a finger.

“A million in exchange for your life. You can also bring your lackeys away with you.”

“A million?” Bai Yang’s face was completely pale. How could he have so much pocket money on hand?

“I don’t want to repeat it. If you feel like you can’t afford it…” Ye Zichen squinted his eyes and smiled, then grabbed one of his fingers.


“I’ll give… I’ll give…”

Bai Yang nearly yelled out as he clenched his teeth. He took out his phone with a tremble and shouted into the phone, “Dad, hurry up and bring me a million yuan, I…”

Bai Yang hung up the call, and resisted the pain from his fingers, “Young Master Ye, my dad will bring money to claim me soon.”

“Is that so?” Ye Zichen squinted his eyes and smiled with eyes like a viper. “Why do I feel like your dad will bring people over?”

Bai Yang gulped. He did tell his dad through a code to bring people here just now.

Only the two of them knew about it. How could Ye Zichen know.

While Bai Yang struggled internally, Ye Zichen reached out his hand and patted his shoulder, “Don’t worry, I’m kidding.”

After half an hour later…

Bai Yang’s two broken fingers nearly swelled into little buns, but Ye Zichen did not treat him with anymore violence during this time.

It was as if he was truly waiting for Bai Yang’s dad to bring the money.

“Grandson, it’ll be your turn to cry later,” Bai Yang glared at Ye Zichen fiercely.

Liu Jing, who floated in midair twitched her mouth, “Why did you let him be? You clearly knows that he didn’t plan to give you any money.”

Blackie also nodded in agreement. With Blackie’s personality, if he didn’t beat the shit out of him, it merely meant that Bai Yang had clean intestines.

Ye Zichen, who crossed his legs and sat on the chair, suddenly smiled.

“What do you guys know, the show’s only just begun.”

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