Chapter 1208 - Arrangements

Ye Zichen made this design, in part because he could tell that Zuo Mo was reluctant to part from the people of Blue Qilin Village, and in part because he really had taken a shine to Wang Nan’s talent and temperament.


However, as soon as he said it, he regretted it. He felt like his words were a little off, so he hurriedly added, “Of course, I won’t force you to leave your home. It’s up to you to leave or not. There’s no need to consider my feelings.”


The villagers’ ancestors had lived in Blue Qilin Village for almost ten thousand years. Generation after generation had made their homes here.


Now Ye Zichen was suggesting they leave out of the blue. The villagers were a bit hesitant, especially the elderly. They had far more memories of the village and hated to part with it.


But at the same time, quite a few of the village youth saw following Ye Zichen to Raging Flame City was an extremely rare opportunity.


For a long time, the villagers said nothing. They just stood there until the major broke the silence. “How about this? Wang Nan, you and the other youngsters follow Grandmaster Ye to Raging Flame City, but this old man will just…”


As soon as they heard the mayor’s hesitation, the others chimed in.


“If the mayor won’t leave, we won’t either!”


Alright then!


After all that, they were right back where they started. 


Ye Zichen gently squeezed his right hand, then pointed towards the villagers. 


They instantly disappeared into thin air.


“Come on then, let’s go back to Raging Flame City.” 


Zuo Mo chuckled. She knew they’d disappeared because of Ye Zichen. Although is methods eluded her, this way was simplest.


“Okay, let’s go.” 


Ye Zichen arrived back at the gang’s headquarters around midnight.


This time, the immortal kings guarding the door remembered him, and bowed to him with the utmost respect.


Ye Zichen nodded to them, then went directly to the Hall of Mental Cultivation.


“You’re Excellency, you’re back.” Shortly after Ye Zichen entered, Yue Zhilan stepped inside as well and greeted him. When she saw Zuo Mo standing beside Ye Zichen, she subconsciously looked he


When members of the same sex were together, they tended to compare themselves.




Nearly a hundred people appeared within the hall, filling it to the brim. These were the Blue Qilin Village villagers. 


Their sudden appearance started Yue Zhilan. The villagers, meanwhile, examined their surroundings in bewilderment.


“Find someone to make arrangements for these people. Give them appropriate jobs based on their abilities, then find them a place to stay. Ideally, they’d stay together.”


“Yes, sir.” Yue Zhilan nodded. 


The villagers weren’t stupid, and even if they were, they would’ve realized what was going on by now. They all followed the mayor’s lead and thanked Ye Zichen. Their gratitude reverberated throughout the hall.


“This is…” Yue Zhilan glanced at Zuo Mo.


Ye Zichen hesitated momentarily, then said, “This is my dao partner. Please arrange a place for her to live, too.”


Zuo Mo’s shoulders trembled, and her eyes filled with undisguised delight. However, her gaze contained a veil of tears as well.


One hundred years. She’d waited for a full one hundred years, but this day had finally come. 


To Yue Zhilan, this was yet another shock. She hadn’t expected this woman to be the boss’s dao partner! Moreover, she was the first lover he’d introduced to them.


As for why that was the case, Yue Zhilan didn’t press for an explanation.


“Your Excellency, if she’s your dao partner, how about I arrange for her to stay in your residence?”


“That works too.” He’d already said all that, so there was no need to be shy. After a brief pause, Ye Zichen nodded his approval.


“Your Excellency, is there anything else you need?”  

“Is Wei Jie back yet?”


Upheaval had grown massive, but the bigger an organization grew, the harder it was to manage. This inevitably led to slip-ups, such as what Ye Zichen had witnessed today.


Although he’d already laid out countless regulations, some people still thought they could push their luck.


If the higher-ups let their subordinates carry on with such crass, detestable behavior, it would eventually lead to Upheaval’s collapse.


“He’s back already,” said Yue Zhilan.


“Then have him come see me. Other than that, there’s nothing else. You can return to your own affairs!”


The villagers followed Yue Zhilan out of the Hall of Mental Cultivation. Zuo Mo followed them, looking back every couple of steps, her gaze full of reluctance.


In just a few breaths of time, Wei Jie rushed inside breathlessly. “Your Excellency, you’re looking for me?”


Wei Jie was drowsy and exhausted. Normally, Ye Zichen might have left him rest, but today’s incident had to be dealt with immediately. Besides, he had no time to waste.


He summoned those Upheaval underlings from the Yao-Sealing Pagoda. As soon as they hit the ground, they noticed Wei Jie.




Wei Jie frowned, and his drowsiness faded a little. Although he didn’t recognize these people, from their uniforms, they were clearly members of Upheaval.


He disregarded them, frowned, and said, “Your Excellency, what have they done?”


Ye Zichen wouldn’t have seized them for nothing, and since he’d called Wei Jie over, it was obvious that something had happened. 


“Let them speak for themselves,” said Ye Zichen coolly. 


His dignified gaze bore down on them. Combined with Wei Jie’s authority, they explained everything that had happened in detail.


“Boss, it was just a moment’s muddle-headedness….” After explaining their mistakes, the underlings knelt and bowed for mercy.


Wei Jie’s expression was dark and unsightly. No wonder Ye Zichen had summoned him in the middle of the night, and no wonder his gaze was no unfriendly. These little jerks were trying to get him in trouble, weren’t they…?  

Ye Zichen trusted him, and left the gang’s affairs entirely in his hands, but they...


“Boss, please be at ease. Your subordinate will thoroughly investigate this matter.”


“Don’t just investigate it; I hope no such incidents occur ever again,” said Ye Zichen, his eyes as bright as torches. “If any similar incidents are occurring now, stop them. If any occur in the future, prevent them. I hope you’ll resolve this appropriately. Furthermore, I hope you’ll judge and punish any offenders appropriately. Understood? 


“Yes, sir!” Wei Jie lowered his head. 


Ye Zichen trusted that Wei Jie had gotten the point, so he nodded. “That’s all I had to say. At the end of the day, you’re the boss here. I handed the gang’s reigns over to you because I had faith in your abilities. I’m disappointed that this happened, and don’t want to be disappointed again.”


“I absolutely won’t let this happen again,” said Wei Jie determinedly.


Wei Jie could sense Ye Zichen’s anger. He couldn’t just resolve this; he had to resolve it perfectly!


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