Chapter 120 So-called Gu family

Chapter 120 – So-called Gu family

“The evil ghost has been suppressed already, why are you still following me?”

Ye Zichen was truly a bit speechless. Gu Tian followed behind him no matter where he went.

Just like a sheep, he couldn’t get rid of him even when he tried.

“Bro, take me as a subordinate,” Gu Tian suddenly said sincerely.

A subordinate.

Ye Zichen smiled wryly and shook his head, “Is there something wrong with your head? What is my identity, and what’s yours? You want to be my subordinate?”

“Mhmm,” Gu Tian nodded with certainty, while a hint of admiration flowed from his eyes. “Bro, you’re too amazing. Our Gu family have dealt with ghosts for so long, and I’ve never seen anyone suppress ghosts like you. Oh and what’s that sigil you used? Why did he turn so obedient after you stuck it on him?”

“You want to know?” Ye Zichen smiled playfully.

Gu Tian instantly nodded like a chick pecking food, “Yes.”

“But I don’t want to tell you,” Ye Zichen’s expression instantly darkened. “Hurry up and screw off, I have no time to chat with you right now. If you don’t, then Blackie!”

The evil ghost, Blackie who Ye Zichen just accepted, instantly walked over with his top bare.

Blackie was already very muscular and tall. He was just like a small hill when he stood in front of Gu Tian.

Gu Tian gulped.

Then he stepped back a few steps with a coy smile, “Alright, I’ll be going now, let’s chat over the phone.”

Blackie only walked back expressionlessly after Gu Tian left, and twitched his mouth at Gu Tian’s back, “Boss, that brat is someone from the Gu family?”

“You know the Gu family?” Ye Zichen was a bit surprised.

“I know a bit,” Blackie nodded.

“Tell me.”

Ye Zichen was always rather curious about Gu Tian’s background, especially since this Gu family could deal with ghosts. Could this mean that the wandering daoists in TV shows were real?

Blackie’s expression darkened, as he lifted his hand with his right hand and frowned, “The Gu family isn’t a modern family. Their family could be called a hidden family. They are experts in mystical and profound arts. Basically, they are like shamans and such. They can see ghosts and captures ghosts, they should be able to be categorized as being from that place…”

That place!

Blackie actually mentioned that place as well. Ye Zichen’s expression tensed as he said, ‘Where exactly is that place? Tell me everything you know.”

“Boss, actually I’m not so sure either,” Blackie shook his head and smiled wryly. “I heard captain mention it a few times when I went on missions I was alive. However, I can be certain that the people from that place are supernatural existences. Even our captain was respectful when mentioning that place, so it definitely wasn’t someplace that normal people could reach.”

“From what you just said, you have quite the story.”

Ye Zichen was a bit annoyed not being able to find out the secrets of that place from Blackie.

But from Blackie’s tone, he wasn’t a normal person while he was alive either.

“Boss, I can’t say.”

“What can’t you say after you died?” Ye Zichen shook his head with a smile.

However, Blackie replied seriously, “We signed an NDA while we were alive. I have to go along with that promise even if I’m dead. Sorry, boss. I really can’t say.”

To be fair, Ye Zichen was stunned by Blackie’s seriousness.

Although there was no wind, he truly felt a just air around Blackie, causing him to seem very majestic.

The fact that he could do that caused Ye Zichen to feel that…

Blackie should have served the country while he was alive.

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and smiled without caring about Blackie’s background, “From your appearance, you shouldn’t have been any bad person while you were alive? Then why did you go and try to capture Lucy just now?”

“Capture her?” Blackie revealed a confused expression. “I didn’t want to capture her!”

“Then just now?”

“I just woke up and was about to go out to wander around for a bit, but I met you guys.”

Blackie was completely speechless, especially when he recalled Ye Zichen’s kick.

Although he was a ghost, being kicked in the crotch did hurt.

“So it’s like that, haha…”

Ye Zichen laughed dryly. After so much, they actually misunderstood. Ye Zichen patted her Dragon Eye in his pocket and called Liu Jing out.

Blackie was immediately shocked when he saw Liu Jing, “Do you specifically collect ghosts like us that died before out time?”

“You died before your time as well?

“What do you think? If I had no time left, then the Black and White Impermanence would have already taken me away. I bumped into the White Impermanence a few days earlier and asked her to take me to the Underworld, but she refused.”

Blackie said it helplessly.

Although he mentioned Black and White Impermanence casually, he was definitely a real atheist while he was alive.

He still maintained that ideology right after he died.

But as time passed by, he noticed…

This world wasn’t quite the same as what he knew of before.

Ye Zichen nodded understandingly, the patted Blackie’s shoulder, “Don’t worry. Follow me properly. There’ll be a chance for you guys to revive in the future.”

“Really?” Blackie opened his eyes wide. “If you can really revive me, then my life is yours.”

“If it not right now?” Ye Zichen couldn’t help but snicker. When he saw Blackie’s tensed expression, he raised his eyebrows and said. “You two have to get along in the future, but due to the chronology, Liu Jing is your boss from now on.”

“Wow, I have a lackey now too!” Liu Jing flew around Ye Zichen excitedly.

Meanwhile, Blackie nodded emotionlessly, “No problem.”

Within a suite in a certain high-class hotel in Bingcheng.

The white haired Elder Hua reported the recent events that happened in the Gu family to Gu Tian.

“You said that I was removed out of the list of successors for the family, right?” Gu Tian pursed his lips and smiled. He picked up an apple form the side, while not showing any care on his face, as if he wasn’t attracted to the position of the young family head.

“Young Master Lil’ Tian, do you have no ambition at all?”

Elder Hua sighed on the side. This Young Master was already excluded while he was in the family.

Elder Hua had thought that he came to Bingcheng as a way of advancing while taking a step back, but from the looks of it, Gu Tian didn’t seem to be interested in the position of the young family head at all.

“Of course I have ambition,” Gu Tian sighed with smile. “But I have to have power, right? Within the family, both my eldest brother and my third brother are above me in terms of talent and abilities. What am I supposed to do?”

“But you can’t just give up,” Elder Hua sighed. “Young Master Lil’ Tian, if you want the position of the young family head, the this old fellow will definitely use all his final energy.”

“Elder Hua, no need,” Gu Tian shook his head with a smile. “Do you still remember Ye Zichen?”

“Of course, that brat…”

Gu Tian raised his hand to stop Elder Hua, and smiled.

“I decided, I will ally myself with him!”

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