Chapter 1198 - For My Sake

“A diviner soul?” He took the soul pearl into his hands. It was warm, but when it touched his palm, he felt the ferocious thunder energy rampaging within. “Xiao Hu turned into this?”


“That’s right! He was just a wisp of the original’s soul to begin with. After absorbing his soul, Uncle Liu condensed him into this size of a soul pearl,” said Chi Mei, looking a little disappointed.


“Then can I ask you a question?”  

“Go right ahead!”


“Just now,  a rift seemed to appear in the sky. What exactly….” Ye Zichen wanted to ask a question but stopped halfway through.


“You wanted to ask about that? I don’t know either!” She said, twisting her lips to the side. “I saw the rift knit together, and asked Uncle Liu, but he said he didn’t know what happened either.” 


She shrugged, then smiled sweetly. “Alright, no need to worry about all that!”


She doesn’t know either? 


 Ye Zichen considered that this might be a ruse. If it were, Chi Mei was absolutely involved. However, her explanation left no holes at all. Even if he wanted to suspect her, he wouldn’t know how to begin.


“Alright then. I’ll give this diviner soul back to you. You’re the ones who absorbed it, so it’s rightfully yours.”


He attempted to place it back into her hands, but Chi Mei put her hands behind her back and retreated several steps. “I gave it to you. Don’t try and return it. Besides, it’s just a diviner soul; it doesn’t mean much to me. If I leave it with you, who knows? It might be useful to you later.”


“It’s true what they say; you don’t see someone for a few days, and they come back an entirely different person,” said Ye Zichen pointedly. “Last time I saw you, you were begging for food and drink, and you wheedled me for a whole month just to get a Sea Condensing Pill. Look at you know! You don’t even care about a diviner soul.”


“Hee hee…” Chi Mei didn’t rise to be bait. She simply grinned at him, looked at the bewildered sky supremes, and changed the subject. “What do you intend to do with them?”


It’s our turn now!


The sky supremes had long since mentally prepared for this turn, but when it really happened, they still felt a surge of trepidation.


Despite his vast strength, they’d absorbed Xiao Hu and condensed him into a diver soul power. They were just sky supremes…


“How do I intend to deal with them? Isn’t that up to you, Lady Chi Mei? Take the yao, for instance… I definitely can’t touch them, right?” 


Chi Mei arched her brows. “Did the yao bully you?”  

“My Lady, I, Yin Hu, swear on my life that we never laid a finger on Master Ye. Capturing his friends was Chen Jiannan’s idea, and in the end, Chen Jiannan was the one to attack master Ye, too. We weren’t involved.”


Yin Hu pounded his chest with a resounding thud.


“Is that so? Then why is it that I seem to recall the few of you, right at the start…..” Ye Zichen’s gaze landed on a few of the yao, who immediately lowered their heads and averted their gaze. “All of them attacked me. If I didn’t have my ultimate techniques to defend myself…. Hmph….”

 Yin Hu’s face instantly turned purple as a pig’s liver. He scratched his head, but didn’t know what to say. It was true; the yao and demons had joined forced to attack Ye Zichen at first. In the end, though, they were the ones who got bullied.


“Forget about it. I have to give Chi Mei face, after all. Besides, you’ve performed admirably over the past three years, so I won’t make a fuss about this.”


“Thank you so much, Master Ye.” Yin Hu and the other yao supremes bowed at the waist.


“And then…” Ye Zichen’s gaze landed on the dogs next. He examined them for a few seconds, snorted coldly, and shook his head. “I’ll settle the score with you last!”  

The god supreme’ hearts quivered. When they heard Ye Zichen’s words, they knew he wouldn’t let them off lightly.


When they considered what had happened over the past three years, it was no wonder Ye Zichen would respond like this. The gods had attacked him most often, and their behavior was by far the worst.


The main problem was Chen Jiannan. He’d kidnapped several of Ye Zichen’s friends, and had implicated his subordinates, too. 


They cursed Chen Jiannan, but not long ago, they’d celebrated his decision, and when he put it into action, none of them had so much as tried to stop him.


People were always like that!


Ye Zichen paid the gods no further heed. Instead, he put his hands behind his back and approached Jackdaw and the demons. “As for you…” 


While the yao and gods joined forces to overpower him, the demons never once laid hands on him. When Chen Jiannan and Yin Hu wanted to attack, Jackdaw simply watched from the sidelines.


The gods and yao had called for diviners’ aid, but the demons hadn’t.


In short, although Jackdaw was a demon, his behavior was the most upright and honest of the bunch.


“Brother Ye, I don’t have much to say besides my subordinates have done you the least harm of all. I’m sure Brother Ye sees that too.” Jackdaw’s expression was grave. In truth, he wasn’t the type to explain himself to anyone.


If he ran into problems, he’d resolve them with his fists. That was Jackdaw’s favorite way of dealing with things. 


However, the man standing before him was a ruler. Solving this problem with his fists…. Was a madman’s dream!


“You’re right,” said Ye Zichen. “Everything you said is true; I saw it with my own eyes.”


“You’ve never once tried to attack me. If the demons or yao had acted like you, I would have let them go without a second thought. “Ye Zichen’s expression darkened. “If you want to blame something, blame the fact that you were born demons!”




If not for demons, he’d still be living a carefree, leisurely life back in the Modern Realm.


If not for demons, his college roommates would still be alive.


If not for demons, Xia Keke would never have died trying to save him.


If not for demons, everything would have been different. 


Demons were ambitious by nature. Hundreds of thousands of years ago, the demons fought the Great War of Demons and Gods to seize territory; they were invaders. Now, hundreds of thousands of years later, demons and gods had set aside their former grudges and were working towards joint prosperity.


However, they’d needed hundreds of thousands of years to reach that point.


Ye Zichen had lived for less than two hundred years. After all the demons had put him through, how could he not hate them?


Jackdaw and his fellow demons hadn’t hurt him at all over the past few years, but their fellow demons had hurt Ye Zichen far too deeply.


They were innocent.


But they still had to die!  

“My apologies. I’d love to spare you, but I can’t overcome my own heart.”


When Chi Mei heard Ye Zichen’s decision, she glanced at Uncle Liu, who walked towards the demons.


Jackdaw wanted to argue on their behalf; this was their final hope. However, before he got the chance….


“Spare them.” A woman in a black cloak stepped into the wastes. The thick cloak completely concealed her features, but when she was around a hundred meters away from Ye Zichen, she lifted her hood. “Please, let them go for my sake. Is that alright?”

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