Chapter 1194 - Fighting Chen Jiannan

“Come and take it.”


It was just four simple words, but they fully displayed Ye Zichen’s tyrannical dominance.


He stretched forth his right hand and put his left behind his back. His calm gaze contained undisguised disdain.


Chen Jiannan immediately replied, “Then I’ll just go ahead and help myself!”


In the blink of an eye, he reappeared a hundred meters closer.


Ye Zichen didn’t move an inch. He still stretched out his right hand and waited. He made no effort to suppress Chen Jiannan’s approach.


However, when Chen Jiannan was one hundred meters away, the roaring flame and thunder dragons hurtled towards him.


“Hmph.” Chen Jiannan’s sword went flying from his hands. It flashed with electricity, forming an impenetrable net overhead. When the blazing thunder dragons collided with it, it constricted, trapped them within. 


After capturing the dragons, Chen Jiannan sneered. Who cares how vast and imposing your aura is? In the face of an absolute gap in strength, you’re still nothing but a paper tiger.


“So, this is all you’ve got.”


To his surprise, the bound thunder fire dragons roared continuously even from within the net.


As they struggled, a frigid energy burst from their bodies, and soon, icy flames blazed along the lines of the net. In but a single breath of time, the entire electric net froze solid.


Next, it melted. 




The dragons burst free and flew towards Chen Jiannan, intent on swallowing him up.


As Chen Jiannan watched, he furrowed his. However, the flame thunder dragon’s attacks wouldn’t work now that he was on guard. The dragons’ icy breath only froze the hem of his clothes before he swung his sword and cut them in half. 


“Good work!” The other supremes could help but exclaim. Just now, they’d sweated nervously on Chen Jiannan’s behalf.


“That was it?” Chen Jiannan swung his sword, then recovered his usual arrogance. He sneered, his expression inquisitive. 


“You only destroyed one of them; why are you so excited?” Ye Zichen smiled calmly, then arched his brows at the heavens.


Dragons of thunder and fire still surged overhead, each with the limitless ferocity of a savage beast. They roared and charged towards Chen Jiannan. When he saw this, his expression grew somewhat serious.


He brushed his finger across his sword’s edge, behind a drop of blood essence, which flowed down the sword. When he clenched his blade once more, the sword swallowed up the blood essence, then glowed with unearthly light. The next moment, Chen Jiannan transformed into a beam of light and shot through the skies.


“How fast!” The other supremes saw nothing but a streak of white light, like a meteor, hurtling past the skybound thunder fire dragons. Some of the dragons fired beams of icy flames, others hurled explosive thunderbolts.


A moment later, the sky burst into multicolored light. Before long, the thunder fire dragons reached Chen Jiannan. A bolt of lightning landed on his body, sending him crashing down from the sky.


The moment Chen Jiannan hit the ground, the others heard him roar, “Secret Art, Thundercrack Sword Rain!” 


They watched in awe as around a dozen formations appeared in the sky, completely sealing the thunder fire dragons. Countless thunder swords rained from the formation, landing directly on the dragons.


“So, he had this up his sleeves!” As Yin Hu watched the thunderous rain, his expression turned grim. He’d never heard any news of this secret art, nor had he ever seen Chen Jiannan use it. It looked so strong, Yin Hu feared that if Chen Jiannan were using it against him, he wouldn’t be able to react in time and would suffer grievous injuries. 


The thunder rain passed through the thunder fire dragons, dissipating them.


Chen Jiannan crawled to his feet, his breathing ragged. The Thundercrack Sword Rain had always been his trump card; he’d been saving it for his battle with Yin Hu and Jackdaw in hopes of catching them off guard. 


But he’d had to choice but to use it early. If it were just one or two thunder fire dragons, Ye Zichen’s attack would have been no big deal; he could have dealt with it easily.


But just now, there were at least thirty of them. Without the Thundercrack Sword Rain, he feared he couldn’t possibly have escaped heavy injuries.


Although Chen Jiannan had used his trump card, he’d at least taken down all the dragons. The thunder fire dragons had to be Ye Zichen’s ultimate killing technique, right? Now that I dealt with them, he shouldn’t be able to make any more waves. As for Yin Hu and Jackdaw, I have other ways to handle them.


He rubbed his cheek; one of the thunder fire dragon’s breath attacks had landed on the left side of his face. A red smear appeared on his fingertip. The sight of it made Chen Jiannan’s expression even more vicious than before. 


“So, that’s all you’ve got.”


Even though Ye Zichen didn’t want to admit it, Chen Jiannan really was capable. 


He knew how strong the thunder fire dragons were better than anyone. After fusing with the ice flames, the dragons were now weaker than sky supreme experts.


Yet Chen Jiannan used a single secret art to dispatch all thirty of them.


He was strong.


“Not bad.” Ye Zichen nodded at Chen Jiannan approvingly. “With that secret art, you proved your status amongst sky supremes.”


Ye Zichen was talking like an elder complimenting a member of the younger generation. When Chen Jiannan heard that, his expression darkened even further. He narrowed his eyes, then responded in turn, “With your Thunder Fire Dragons, you proved your status amongst earth supremes. You’re fighting a ninth stage sky supreme; your talent is monstrous indeed.”


“The same to you.” Ye Zichen nodded.


As the other sky supremes listened in on their conversations, they felt a chill in their hearts.


If not for Chen Jianan’s reminder, they might have forgotten: Ye Zichen was just barely an earth supreme.


The gulf between an earth and sky supreme was insurmountable, yet Ye ZIchen had forced Chen Jiannan, a ninth-stage sky supreme, to use a secret art.


“Enough. Hand over the Yao-Sealing Pagoda like a good little boy.” Chen Jiannan took a medicinal pill as he drew nearer to Ye Zichen.


“Didn’t I say that it’s right here, and that if you want it, you have to come and take it?” said Ye Zichen with that same aloof smile. He placed the pagoda in his paml.


His confident smile made the surrounding sky supremes frown despite themselves. Does he have some other trump card up his sleeves?


People said that the Five Elements could freely intermix and transform into each other. Just now, Ye Zichen had only displayed thunder and fire.


Could it be that he’d gleaned new enlightenment into wind, rain, and lightning, or that he’d thought of new ways to fuse them?  

The other sky supremes wondered, but Chen Jiannan didn’t believe it.


In three years, achieving breakthroughs in the Dao of the Five Elements and learning to fuse thunder nad fire was no small feat. He refused to believe Ye Zichen had advanced in the other three elements as well. 


“Quit acting tough. If you can really fuse the other elements, I’ll leave you with the Yao-Sealing Pagoda, gather up my subordinates, and leave,” said Chen Jiannan with a disdainful snort.


“Come and take it.”


“Still acting mysterious?” Chen Jiannan didn’t buy it. He rushed towards Ye Zichen without hesitation, but before he took more than a few steps, he sensed a few dozen terrifying presences appear within the wastes.


At the same time, Ye Zichen chuckled. “Who told you…. That the Dao of the Five Elements was my trump card?”

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