Chapter 1193 - Ye Zichen’s Might, Post-Seclusion

“How despicable above you,” said Jackdaw in response to Chen Jiannan’s taunts; he made no effort to hide his disdain at all.


In order to force Ye Zichen out of the Yao-Sealing Pagoda, he was even willing to lower himself to threatening Ye Zichen’s friends and relatives. Even demons disdained these sorts of base methods.


Yes, demons were ruthless, warlike, and bloodthirsty. Yes, they were prone to theft and liked invading others’ territory.


Even so, they still had a bottom line. They weren’t like the gods, who were a group of sanctimonious hypocrites.


Chen Jiannan’s current behavior changed the yao and demons’ perception of the whole human race. 


Chen Jiannan completely disregarded Jackdaw’s taunts. “How is this despicable? If Ye Zichen hadn’t turtled up for three years, I wouldn’t have been pushed to take things this far. Besides, our goal has always been forcing him out of the pagoda… is it really worth fussing over my means?”


“Even now, you make it sound so righteous and reasonable. I really admire you, and the whole god race, too.” Jackdaw cupped his fist as he spoke. When the other human supremes heard that, their faces reddened.


Chen Jiannan’s methods really were contemptible.


Chen Jiannan acted as if he hadn’t heard anything at all. He simply gazed at the Pagoda. Time crawled by. Finally, a full hour had passed since Ye Zichen’s last transmission.


After this long wait, Chen Jiannan’s eyes flashed with sinister light.


“If you think this is enough to buy you more time, I humbly suggest you give up on that idea!” He held his sword to Xue Qi’s throat once more.


“If you want to live, hurry up and make Ye Zichen leave the Yao-Sealing Pagoda. You ought to be quite clear what happened to the last few hostages.” With that, he unsealed Xue Qi’s throat. This was intended to force Ye Zichen out, but to his surprise…..


“Brother Ye, don’t worry about us!” The moment he regained control of his vocal cords, Xue Qi shouted at the top of his longs. Although he didn’t know how strong his captors were, if they could force Ye Zichen into hiding, they were obviously too powerful for Ye Zichen to overcome.


Xue Qi didn’t want Ye Zichen to come to harm on their account. Stone and Xue Lan were still sealed, so of course, they hadn’t expressed their view on the matter. However, he was certain they both felt the same way.


On the off chance they didn’t, well, they could just go ahead and blame him!


“You’re seeking death!” Chen Jiannan hadn’t expected Xue Qi to say such a thing. His face turned ashen, and he swung his blade at his captive’s throat.




A sudden crack of lightning came crashing down. It landed directly on Chen Jiannan’s divine sword, forcing it aside. Instead of cutting Xue Qi’s throat, it merely sliced off a few hairs.


“I warned you that if you dared touch them, you’d suffer the consequences.” A furious roar reverberated through the crowd’s ears. The next moment, the sky darkened as divine might shook the heavens.


The sea transformed into a sea of lightning before their very eyes. Thunder crackled nonstop overhead, and countless bolts of lightning devoured and merged with each other. The electricity grew, forming roaring divine dragons that soared through the heavens.


Ye Zichen merely stood there, surrounded on all sides by yao, demons, and gods. Lightning flashed through his deep, impenetrable gaze, looking so real, it seemed almost tangible. Lightning snakes coiled around him even as they resonated with the sea of roaring lightning dragons above.


They didn’t know why, but even the surrounding sky immortals felt suppressed when they looked at him.


In the past, they could still exploit their superior cultivations to suppress Ye Zichen’s Dao of the Five Elements, but now, they felt that if they fought, they had a less than ten percent chance of victory.


That wasn’t the most terrifying thing, though. What scared them even more was that only three years had passed.


He underwent such a qualitative transformation in just three years. In that case, what level would he reach given more time?  

Of the supremes, some were pleased that Chen Jiannan had finally forced Ye Zichen out. If they just waited for him to come out on his own, who knew how long they’d be there? If Ye Zichen died inside, they might even accompany him for all eternity.


Everyone had a different reaction, including Chen Jiannan, Jackdaw, and Yin Hu.


Ye Zichen was no longer the Ye Zichen he’d been three years ago.


This was especially obvious when they looked at the sea of lightning. To Chen Jiannan, it was a real shock; the lightning sea was almost a tenth of the size of the Xiao Clan’s lightning pool. Had Ye Zichen really made a breakthrough in the thunder element in just three short years? 




Before he recovered from his shock, raging flames lit up in the sea of thunder.


The fire merged with the thunder, and soon, the crackling electric dragons blazed with ice-blue flames.


“He fused fire and thunder!” This time, Chen Jiannan wasn’t the only one shocked. Jackdaw was visibly stunned as well.


Thunder was the most difficult element to fuse with others. Just how monstrous is this Ye Zichen kid’s talent? To think he’d reach such a level in just three short years!


Also, that fire! That was obviously ice fire! That wouldn’t appear without a rather high level of comprehension.


Gradually, the black cloak covering Ye Zichen changed as well. It was no longer pure black; roaring thunder dragons appeared in the fabric. It was so lofty, it filled onlookers with reference. Furthermore, electricity condensed above his head, forming a crown. The pure aura of a king now permeated the wastes.


They couldn’t let a spark like Ye Zichen grow any longer.


“You made quite a bit of progress over the past three years,” said Chen Jiannan. After recovering from his shock, he was the first to break the deathly silence. If he let Ye Zichen continue his performance, it would deal a severe blow to his subordinates’ morale.


“I have you to thank for this, don’t I?” said Ye Zichen, who seemed like the incarnation of the god of thunder. With every word, heavenly lightning crackled overhead, and thunder rumbled through the supremes’ ears.


The thunder and lightning set the onlookers on edge. They’re hearts thudded in their chests; it was like an emperor had descended to earth!


“You said you’d wait it out with me, and now here you are, using my dear friends to force me out of the pagoda. Fine then. Now that I’m standing right in front of you, what do you have to say?”  

The composed confidence of his words started Chen Jiannan. However, he and his companions had all become sky supremes; their convictions weren’t so easy to shake!


“Do you really think you’re invincible just because you had a few little breakthroughs? Forget it; I’m in no mood to waste words with you. Hand over the Xuan-Yuan Sword and the Yao-Sealing Pagoda, and I can leave you with an intact corpse.”


“Hah….” Ye Zichen laughed in response, then opened his right hand, revealing the Yao-Sealing Pagoda. “Want it? Come and take it!”

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