Chapter 1190 - Even a Diviner Can’t Do It

“It’s too late to cry about it now. They’re already here!”


When he sensed the two overpowering auras, Jackdaw shrugged and smiled indifferently. At the same time, he rose to his feet and bowed at the two new arrivals.


Although he didn’t take anyone else seriously, not even diviners, he still had to maintain the bare minimum level of etiquette. 


The rest of the supremes followed suit and bowed in greeting.


Before long, three figures stepped out of the sky. One was Chen Jiannan of the god race. The others were the diviner-level experts he and Yin Hu had invited from their respective realms.


“It’s already been tens of thousands of years since I last visited a lower realm,” said the god race diviner. He stepped forth and landed directly in front of the gathered supremes.


Yin Hu stepped forward to greet the yao diviner as well. Once the two experts landed, their gazes landed on Jackdaw.


 When they sensed the diviners’ gazes, the other demon supremes lowered their heads. 


“You must be Jackdaw,” said the god race diviner.


“Indeed I am,” said Jackdaw, meeting his gaze with a smile. 


The diviner noted his expression, nodded, and laughed, “I hadn’t expected the demons to send you. Why isn’t Han Shi here?”


“Brother Chen and Brother Yin already invited the two of you, and your strength is comparable to my father’s. If can break through, there’s no need to invite him. If you can’t, he can’t either. That’s why I decided not to trouble him,” chuckled Jackdaw.


“Your reasoning is awfully strange. It’s been a hundred thousand years since I saw your father. I thought I’d get to see him here. It’s a pity…… when you return to the Demon Realm, please say hello on my behalf.”


“I’ll be sure to remember.”


The god race diviner stopped exchanging pleasantries with Jackdaw. He’d only said all that out of respect for his father, Han Shi.


He smiled at Jackdaw once more, then turned to Chen Jiannan and said, “Where is it?”


Chen Jiannan had already explained that Ye Zichen had turtled up in the Yao-Sealing Pagoda. Of course…. He didn’t say it was the Yao-Sealing Pagoda. In his explanation, it became an immortal residence with shockingly powerful defenses. 


Chen Jiannan immediately took a few steps forward, spread out his immortal awareness, and locked onto the speck of dust. 


“Right here.” 


The god race diviner easily located and locked onto the speck of dust. He thoroughly examined it, then pointed.


A bolt of lightning fired from the tip of his finger, blasting a deep pit in the earth, but the speck of dust remaind intact and unharmed.


They hadn’t expected this result. Chen Jiannan and the other supremes looked on in bewildermeent. Even Jackdaw’s face revealed undisguised shock.


At the diviner level, cultivators could casually manipulate the Laws and Heaven’s will. This meant their destructive power exceeded sky supremes by an order of magnitude.


While they were en route, Jackdaw was certain that they could break through the pagoda’s defenses, but to his surprise….


It took no damage whatsoever. 


Despite his failure to break through the pagoda’s defenses, the diviner didn’t seem agitated or hurried in the slightest. On the contrary; hee seemede to expect this result. 


He suddenly lowered his hand and turned to the yao race diviner. “Brother Bai, you try.” 


The yao diviner was short, but he looked strong. He rubbed his nose, approached the speck of dust, and attacked with a bang.


The dust just sat there, entirely unharmed. The yao diviner shook his head and walked off to the side. “I can’t! The Yao-Sealing Pagoda’s defenses are shocking, as expected. Neither of us can break through them.”

“Brother Bai, you can tell it’s the Yao-Sealing Pagoda too?” the god race diviner archede his brows.


The yao diviner nodded calmly. “I can, yes. Only the Yao-Sealing Pagoda can both support life and transform into a speck of dust.”


“That’s right.” The god race diviner sighed. “I actually only agreed to come here to verify whether this was the pagoda or not. It seems like it was, after all.”


The two diviners conversed without any regard for the supremes, but when the supreme heard the name “Yao-Sealing Pagoda” they were visibly overcome with shock. 


The Yao-Sealing Pagoda.

Was this the Five Elements Great Emperor’s Yao-Sealing Pagoda? 


Before they recovered from their surprise, the two diviners finished their conversation. The god diviner beckoned Chen Jiannan over and said, “We’re heading back.” 


“But you just got here!” exclaimed Chen Jiannan. “You’re leaving already?”


“We discussed this with the Master of the Laws earlier; they only let us descend on the condition that we could each only unleash one attack. We’ve already tried, so we can’t linger here any longeer. Besides, that’s the Yao-Sealing Pagoda. Even if we stayed, we couldn’t possibly break through it,” said the diviner.


“Then….could we invite a ruler?” 


“What are you thinking?” barked the diviner. He frowned. “Do you think rulers have it that easy?”


“The Laws keep close tabs on every existence beyond the diviner level. As diviners, we could only come here as a special, one-time favor from the Laws, yet now you want to invite a ruler?”


“Then what should we do now?” Chen Jiannan furrowed his brows. He’d already wasted three years waiting for Ye Zichen exit the pagoda. He hadn’t cultivated at all; he was too focused on his target. He couldn’t go on like this.


“That’s up to you,” said the diviner. He patted Chen Jiannan on the shoulder. “This is a glorious opportunity for you. That divine artifact is the Yao-Sealing Pagoda! Even the God Emperor values it highly. If you offer it up to the God Emperor….”


The diviner left the rest unsaid. In the end, he simply gave Chen Jiannan one final ambiguous look, then he and the yao diviner disappeared from the wastes.


“So, it really was the Five Elements Great Emperor’s Yao-Sealing Pagoda.” Chen Jiannan’s heart blazed. No divine artifact was as important to the God Emperor’s as the Five Elements Great Emperor’s Yao-Sealing Pagoda. 


It was just like the god race diviner said; this was his great fortune. At least, it would be if he seized this opportunity.


But now the problem was that Ye Zichen absolutely refused to leave the pagoda.


“We have to think of a way to force him out of the pagoda,” muttered Chen Jiannan.


His eyes darted back and forth, then lit up a vicious, sinister light. “Guan Yu.”

“Big Brother Jiannan,” said the woman as she drew near. She was a seventh-stage sky supreme.


Chen Jiannan narrowed his eyes, walked up to her, and whispered in her ear. Once he left, he saw her frowning back at him. “Big Brother Jiannan, before our departure, Master ordered us not to have any contact with the people of the lower realms whatsoever. What you’re suggesting isn’t just ‘contact.’ You want to use them for force him out….. This… if Master finds out, he’ll be furious!”


“Master isn’t here, so he doesn’t fully understand the situation,” snorted Chen Jiannan. “He sent us here, but he had no idea we’d run into this situation. Do as I say! If you run into problems, I’ll take the blame!”

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