Chapter 1185 - The Five Elements Appear

The word was like a divine mandate; wind followed immediately after. Countless gusts howled across the wastelands, fomring nine towering tornadoes. Each carried enough force to edestroy heaven and earth. As the winds swept across the earth, the mountains crumbled, and ancient trees snapped in half.


The winds were like countless, peerlessly sharp blades. When they landed on the gathering of supremes, they left shallow, bloody gashes.


“Not bad after all.” Chen Jiannan’s hand slid forward. As fast as the gusts were, given his abilities, they didn’t amount to anything at all. He stopped the wind with the back of his hand, but he did so intentionally; he wanted to see just how strong the wind blades were.

The results were already clear. They could bypass his defenses and cut open his flesh. He could see that Ye Zichen had only just become an earth supreme, so his battle arts were already praiseworthy.


However, to Ye Zichen, this was nothing worth writing home about.


These winds were on a higher level thanks to his recent enlightenment. They were many times stronger than before, but they could still only barely break his opponents’ skin. This result was far below his expectations.


Especially since that was just Chen Jiannan. When the wind blades struck Yin Hu and Jackdaw, they didn’t even leave a mark.


“This will be more troublesome than I thought.” Ye Zichen furrowed his brows and sighed inwardly. 


He focused his mind and sent Xuan-Yuan Xiang a transmission, “Big Sister Xiang, go hide in the Yao-Sealing Pagoda for a while.”


“Didn’t you say you were going to give me away?” she snorted. 


“Do you really think I’m that kind of person?” Ye Zichen didn’t quite know what to say. “Alright, quit throwing a tantrum. Hide in the pagoda while I play with these guys.”


He stored her and the sword inside the Yao-Sealing Pagoda. All the experts present had locked in on the sword, but it disappeared right before their very eyes. Their expressions soured. 


“Where on earth did you hide the Xuan-Yuan Sword!?”


“Go ahead and guess.” Ye Zichen pursed his lips, but the crowd only laughed wantonly in response.


“It doesn’t matter how well you hide it. It’ll reappear on its own as soon as you’re dead.”


“Then go ahead and try it.” Ye Zichen’s expression darkened, and he stomped hard against the ground.


The immense force immediately split the ground open, sending cracks snaking in all directions. He lifted his hands into the air, and the nine tornadoes gathered around him. Ye Zichen stood in the center of the winds, his robes and hair fluttering in the wind. 


His eyes flashed with sharp light. “Rain!”


A downpour started, and magical rain came pouring down in buckets, drenching everything within ten thousand square miles.”


“Magic rain?” The three top experts could sense that there was something unusual about it.


“This kid’s actually rather interesting.” Jackdaw reached out and touched a raindrop, but when it collided with his finger, it evaporated into mist.


“He’s proficient in rain and wind, two of the five elements. It seems he’s studying both daos at once, and that is comprehension is pretty good.”


“They’re just ordinary daos. He can’t exert much influence on the weather with just that,” snorted Chen Jiannan. 


As they chatted idly, the yao and humans had already started their attack. Only the demons, on Jackdaws orders, stood off to the sides awaiting further commands.


When Chen Jiannan saw this, he arched his brows. “Aren’t you interested in the Xuan-Yuan Sword?” 


“Quit talking nonsense. If I wasn’t interested, would I even be here?” Jackdaw’s words were as sharp as ever. He sneered. “I’m not just interested in ganging up on one person. Even if I win, it’ll only be because I had an unfair advantage.”


His words were obviously intended to accuse Chen Jiannan and Yin Hu of bullying Ye Zichen and exploiting their advantage in numbers.


However, Chen Jiannan only smiled in response to his righteous criticisms. In his heart, he couldn’t help but curse Jackdaw. Is there something wrong with your brain?


Nevermind the difference in numbers; Ye Zichen was an earth supreme, while even the weakest of their subordinates was still a sky supreme. The difference between earth and sky supremes was no small thing.


Ye Zichen never even considered summoning his subordinates from the Yao-Sealing Pagoda.


On the first layer, even the strongest of them were still only peak earth supremes, while their subordinates were all sky supremes. If he called them out, he’d just be sending them to their deaths. 


Besides, if he used the Dao of the Five Elements, he might be able to stall them for a while.


“Rain, condense! Form a dragon!” As soon as he gave his command, the rain really did gather together and form a dragon of pure water.


Ofcourse, it wasn’t just rain that could condense. Wind naturally could as well…


However, Ye Zichen still needed those nine tornadoes to restrict the sky supremes’ movements.


The water dragon roared. When it opened its mouth, it fired arrows of pressurized water at the supremes. Although this attack was on the same level as the wind blades, it was more condensed, so it was even sharper. The arrows pierced right through anyone below the third-stage sky-supreme level.


Although the water dragon wasquite effective, forming it required a vast, vast quantity of magic rain. There simply wasn’t enough to defeat such a large group of supremes.


At this point, Ye Zichen could no longer afford to hide his true strength. “Crack, o lightning! Rumble, o thunder! Blaze, o fire….!”


He’d summoned all five elements. It was like the apocolypse had come for the wastes. Winds howled, rain poured down, thunder rumbled relentlessly overhead, lightning flashed, and heavenly flames scorched the eath…..


“How is this possisble?” Yin Hu and Chen Jiannan exclaimed simultaneously. When they saw Ye Zichen summon all five elements, they froze in place.


“This is the Dao of the Five Elements!” Chen Jiannan, who’d turned his nose up at Ye Zichen’s mediocre daos earlier, was now so shocked he practically bit his tongue off. “After the Five Elements Great Emperor fell, he destroyed the Five Elements Dao Heart. No one has walked the path of the five elements since, but this kid manifested all five! Does he think he can retread the path of the five elements and recondense its dao heart?”


“That’s not all! From the look of things, the elements are complementing each other, and moreover, can freely transform into each other. I’m afraid he’s already reached small success in all five.” 


Yin Hu furrowed his brows. Despite himself, he felt a surge of admiration for Ye Zichen.


Everyone else here was walking a path others had already tread for them. With a Dao Heart to guide their way forward, there was no need to fumble around in the dark. But Ye Zichen was different; he had to find his own Dao and carve his own path. His path would be thousands, no, tens of thousands of times as treacherous as theirs!


Still, no matter how much he admired Ye Zichen, he absolutely had to seize the Xuan-Yuan Sword. 


Yin Hu twisted his neck and stepped forth. At the same time, his gaze landed on Chen Jiannan and Jackdaw. “All of us know just how threatening the Dao of the Five Elements is. They can’t possibly seize the Xuan-Yuan Sword on their own. Let’s quit watching the show and attack!”


“You two go on ahead.” Jackdaw shrugged. “I personally refuse to gang up on him.”


Yan Hu didn’t respond. Instead, he looked at Chen Jiannan, who nodded, drew his sword, and cut the thunderstorm overhead in half.

“It looks like I’ll have to do this myself.”


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