Chapter 1183 - Ye Zichen, the Flunky

As soon as the Xuan-Yuan Sword entered his heads, Ye Zichen clearly sensed dozens of divine awarenesses lock onto him.


Ordinary people couldn’t even imagine the honor of becoming the center of so many supremes’ attention.


Of course, this “honor” came with suffocating pressure.


“Are these your enemies?” asked Xuan-Yuan Xiang. She looked over the crowd and frowned.


“We have no grudge against each other, but now….I’m afraid we do, and no small one, eiher. Ye Zichen clenched the Xuan-Yuan Sword, his nerves completely on edge.


He might have had some illusions before coming here, but now he knew for sure…..


They were all sky supremes!


He was still feeling self-satisfied over becoming an earth supreme, but now….


Could he still laugh now?


“Can we beat them?” asked Xuan-Yuan Xiang, but she immediately realized the question was foolish. She could sense Ye Zichen’s tension; if he could win, why would he be so nervous? “If not, let’s just run.”


“I agree.” As soon as he said that, he strapped the sword to his back and smiled at all three camps. “Thanks for your hard work, everyone.” 


However, his good manners got no response at all; they simply watched him coldly. Ye Zichen’s heart shook, but he only scratched his head and said, “You must be tired, so I won’t hold you only longer. That’s it for today, then. If you’re free later, let’s get together and have a drink. Bye for now!” 


He cupped his fist, smiled once more, then backed away. However, although none of them spoke to him, he soon realized that they’d sealed off all possible escape routes. 


He was surrounded on all sides. 


“You can go, but leave the Xuan-Yuan Sword behind.” Chen Jiannan hefted his divine sword. Its blade caught the moonlight and flashed with sharp, cold light.


“Aren’t you being a little demanding? This Xuan-Yuan Sword was mine to begin with; I just came here to reclaim my weapon. Why are you acting like this? You…. are you bandits?” Ye Zichen laughed drily, but that wasn’t all; even as he spoke to Chen Jiannan, he was stealthily observing to see which faction had the weakest defenses and where he had the highest odds of escape. 


“Quit the nonsense and hand it over,” roared Yin Yu.


“Look at you! What a temper! Wouldn’t you rather have a nice chat?” Ye Zichen let out an exasperated sigh as he looked around. The three factions had surrounded him completely. He hated to admit it, but just now, he’d investigated and…


He was afraid that there were no easy escape routes left.


These people were all too strong for him! With his earth-supreme-level strength, he couldn’t defeat a whole group of sky supremes, not even with the Xuan-Yuan Sword. This was especially true given that three of them were ninth-stage sky supremes; his odds of victory were minisule at best.


It didn’t seem like he could force his way through. Since that wouldn’t work, he’d have to come up with something else.


“Alright then, everyone,” he said, tentatively taking the Xuan-Yuan Sword from his back.” If you really want the Xuan-Yuan Sword that badly, I’ll give it to you to preserve my little life.”


Xuan-Yuan Xiang exploded in fury. “Are you really planning to give me away?” 


“Shut your mouth.” He narrowed his eyes and shrugged. “This sword has been with me for a long time. I have to say, I’m reluctant to give it up.”


“As for you, sword spirit, why are you so dumb? I’m just a small fry, while you’ve been the Upper Realms’ top divine weapon ever since ancient times. Don’t you think you’re lowering yourself by sticking around me? Now there are a whole bunch of experts around. Sticking with them will be better for your future prospects. Besides, the situation is already clear. I can’t take you with me, and if I try, I’m afraid they’ll kill me. I’ve always feared death, and you aren’t worth throwing my life away.”


Ye Zichen shook his head at her, his expression cowardly. It seemed like he was really prepared to abandon her. 


“Ye Zichen, just what do you take me for?” roared Xuan-Yuan Xiang.


“A weapon, of course. What else could you be?” Ye Zichen sneered back at her.




When she heard that, she reacted as if he’d been struck my divine lightning. She let out a foolish laugh as the light in her eyes dimmed. 


A weapon.

She hadn’t realized that in his eyes, she was nothing but a weapon. 


She’d followed him throughout his reincarnations, ever since the dragons first forged her, from the Yellow Emperor to Ye Zichen. She’d never once abandoned him or served a second master. The moment she first laid eyes on the Yellow Emperor, she knew she could only ever follow him.


A hundred years ago, Ye Zichen had fused his godhead with her.


On the brink of life and death, he’d asked her to use her very soul to help seal Denglong, and she hadn’t even hesitated to agree.


At the time, she’d only just fused with his godhead. No weapon had ever fused with a godhead before; she was the first of her kind. Even the God Emperor would value her highly. So long as she wished it, she could seek him out, win his favor, and live in luxury.


Yet she never had!

In her heart, there was only Ye Zichen, her master. His words…. Were divine mandates.


A hundred years later, the first thing she did after waking up was search for Ye Zichen, but now he was throwing her away to preserve his own life? Worse, he was about to hand her to this bunch of unknown lowlifes.


“You….” Xuan-Yuan Xiang couldn’t even speak. Her condensed, physical form just pointed at Ye Zichen, her eyes filled with disappointment.


“Big Sister Xiang, help me out just once more.” Despite her dejected look, Ye Zichen didn’t seem at all apologetic; he even shamelessly asked for more help.


His behavior infuriated quite a few of the onlookers; they couldn’t help but think to themselves, “This Ye Zichen is shameless trash!”

Xuan-Yuan Xing now seemed utterly disappointed, but when he said that…… 


She lost all hope for him.


“Fine,” she said with a burst of easy laughter. “No problem.”


She melted into the Xuan-Yuan sword once more. When Ye Zichen saw that, he grinned broadly.


“Alright, everyone. As you can see, I’ve already mentally prepared her. Now I’ll just leave the blade for you. So then…. May I leave now?”


“You may.” Although Chen Jiannan thought Ye ZIchen was despicable, his mission was to obtain the Xuan-Yuan Sword. He was in no mood to concern himself with Ye Zichen’s moral character.


From within the sword, Xuan-Yuan Xiang struggled to escape Ye Zichen’s grasp, but to everyone’s surprise, Ye Zichen tightened his grip.


He smiled meekly, then asked, “Before I leave, I have one final question… which of you should I give the sword to?”

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